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    Barcelona, Spain
  1. FS Warwick Streamer Stage I Custom Shop (now 2100£)

    New price 2100£ + shipping from Spain.
  2. Prince.

    Totally agree, incredible artist. And a marvelous bass player too!!!
  3. Any good shops in Barcelona?

    It's not that bad around here. It's as bad as London, Paris or New York. If you are reasonably careful nothing should happen to you. Barcelona is a nice place to be, don't let them fool you. Right now there is a campaign to discredit Barcelona because of political matters, but let me tell you, this is a quiet place to visit and enjoy. And I've been living here for 11 years, I'm not even catalonian, I'm from the Canary Islands so I don't have any special interest on you coming here, but there are so many lies running about Catalonia and specially Barcelona these days. stinky poo happens everywhere sometime, but don't miss the chance to know this beautiful city.
  4. Any good shops in Barcelona?

    Hello, I live in Barcelona and there is only one bass focused shop. It is Tanne Bass Corner http://tannebasscorner.com. They have some second hand stuff too. Cheers, CM
  5. Musicman Classic Sabre

    Hello, I'm looking for a Musicman Classic Sabre bass with maple fingerboard, preferred finishes sunburst or natural, but I would consider others. The only finish I would reject is black. Thanks!
  6. Charlie Moreno - Powafunk

    Thank you for watching and listening Ped ...and Sybil. Happy new year!!!
  7. Charlie Moreno - Powafunk

    By the way, I'm going to share with you the rest of the official an unofficial videos by Powafunk on Youtube. Hope you enjoy and tell me your thoughts
  8. FS Warwick Streamer Stage I Custom Shop (now 2100£)

    Thanks a lot for your kind words Dave. It's really a pro instrument. And it's fairly unique. Happy new year!!!
  9. FS Warwick Streamer Stage I Custom Shop (now 2100£)

    I would trade this beauty for a MM Classic Sabre maple fingerboard + money difference.
  10. *Sold* Warwick Streamer CV4 German Pro Series

  11. *SOLD* Warwick Streamer Stage II 5 strings - price drop!

    Christmas price drop!!! Now £2150 plus shipping. I would trade it for a MM Classic Sabre maple fingerboard + money difference.
  12. *Sold* Warwick Streamer CV4 German Pro Series