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  1. charlie_groove

    My new album

    Hello bass fellas!!! I'm here to introduce my 4th studio album as a soloist. It's called From The Vault and it's already available on most of the music platforms. Touring and my participation in other projects had reduced my time to concentrate on my instrumental music, and finally I got it. I’m very excited because this album, From The Vault, is a challenge in my career. In this record, where I have set it up as a one-man-show, I carry out all the possible musical tasks without the participation of external personnel: I play bass, percussion, guitars and programming, composition, arrangements, production, mixing and mastering; all in my recording studio blackbird.cat. I have only received help in the section of photography (danbalboa.com) and photo/design (Noelia Balboa – blakcbird.cat). It has been an incredible learning process in my facet as a music producer. I had previously produced both my own and others’ projects, but this has been different. Producing yourself is always special, but without any external musical participation, it is a real challenge. I put here the link to Spotify in case you are curious: And the link to iTunes Music just in case you want to buy it: https://itunes.apple.com/es/album/from-the-vault/1434829296 I am very proud of the result and all the pre-release work for this record. I think that my essence as a composer is still evident in this record and I hope you like it as much as the previous ones. Now it’s time to play these songs live, with an incredible band including some of the best musicians from the Barcelona Jazz scene. See you on stage! PD: I'm proud to announce an all new charliemoreno.com website, where you can check everything about my career. Subscribe to the newsletter and download for free the tune Song For Chuck from my latest album.
  2. Hello lowfrequenced bros. i'm Charlie Moreno, a bass player from Spain (Canary Island born, Barcelona citizen). Just stopping by to say hi and share with you one video I found. Egotastic: It's me playing. But I think that is pretty decent so I wanted to share it with you guys. This song is going to be part of my 4th upcoming album (out 26th september), a "bass oriented" record. It was recorded live in an bass event, no cheat, no tricks. The title ion the song is "Catch me if you can". Hope you enjoy. Feedback appreciated!!!
  3. charlie_groove

    MTD 535

    Beautiful instrument, I love it!!!
  4. charlie_groove

    FS Warwick Streamer Stage I Custom Shop (now 1900£)

    Thanks for your kind words bro!!!
  5. charlie_groove

    FS Warwick Streamer Stage I Custom Shop (now 1900£)

    Hello my friend, yes it is still available.
  6. charlie_groove

    FS Warwick Streamer Stage I Custom Shop (now 1900£)

    The price of this bass is unbeatable and right now I'm not thinking on trading it, unless someone consider trading a USA MTD 535-24 or 534-24 plus money from my side.
  7. charlie_groove

    FS Warwick Streamer Stage I Custom Shop (now 1900£)

    Hi Dave, I have to say I'm really surprised too. I was selling three of my Warwicks and I thought this was the one that was going to be sold first. Good looking and even better sounding bass... well, I guess you never know... Thanks for the comment bro!
  8. charlie_groove

    FS Warwick Streamer Stage I Custom Shop (now 1900£)

    This is your chance to get a Custom Shop Warwick for half the price!!! A unique instrument with an incredible sound and playability. Let's go!!!
  9. charlie_groove

    FS Warwick Streamer Stage I Custom Shop (now 1900£)

    New price 2000£ + shipping from Spain.
  10. charlie_groove


    Totally agree, incredible artist. And a marvelous bass player too!!!
  11. charlie_groove

    Any good shops in Barcelona?

    It's not that bad around here. It's as bad as London, Paris or New York. If you are reasonably careful nothing should happen to you. Barcelona is a nice place to be, don't let them fool you. Right now there is a campaign to discredit Barcelona because of political matters, but let me tell you, this is a quiet place to visit and enjoy. And I've been living here for 11 years, I'm not even catalonian, I'm from the Canary Islands so I don't have any special interest on you coming here, but there are so many lies running about Catalonia and specially Barcelona these days. stinky poo happens everywhere sometime, but don't miss the chance to know this beautiful city.
  12. charlie_groove

    Any good shops in Barcelona?

    Hello, I live in Barcelona and there is only one bass focused shop. It is Tanne Bass Corner http://tannebasscorner.com. They have some second hand stuff too. Cheers, CM
  13. charlie_groove

    Charlie Moreno - Powafunk

    Thank you for watching and listening Ped ...and Sybil. Happy new year!!!
  14. charlie_groove

    Charlie Moreno - Powafunk

    By the way, I'm going to share with you the rest of the official an unofficial videos by Powafunk on Youtube. Hope you enjoy and tell me your thoughts
  15. charlie_groove

    FS Warwick Streamer Stage I Custom Shop (now 1900£)

    Thanks a lot for your kind words Dave. It's really a pro instrument. And it's fairly unique. Happy new year!!!