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  1. I really like this one from the gig we played the other week
  2. Mine are 45 65 85 105 135 175 made by Newtone
  3. I can thoroughly recommend newtone strings, since I've had my shukers, I've tried a whole bunch of ideas with strings and they've been fantastic, now that I,m pretty settled on my guages and construction they have my specs on file and all I have to do is call up and say how many sets and they take care of the rest.
  4. I have the maple/gold sr1205 and until my shukers came along it was my number1 bass, it's retired now but I'd never sell it.
  5. Wow that ones got enough to suck the valves out and pebbledash the wall with them! I was thinking more along the lines of this.. [url="http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/19-rack-mount-cooling-fans-120-mm-fans-/300567234242?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item45fb3406c2"]http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/19-rack-mount-coolin...=item45fb3406c2[/url] tho i,m using only one fan in the centre for mine that twin one will keep the amp happy in even the hottest club.
  6. Congratulations on getting an awesome amp mate, take the wise advice and use 4 ohm cabs and enjoy! It,s worth getting a rack mounted fan at the rear to aid cooling and make sure the left side of the amp where the internal fan lives get plenty of ventilation as these cookies run hot. Great amps! I have 2 :-D
  7. My mate has a 1974 fender precision in what I assume to be a bergundy/dark cherry color, he's owned it for over 25 years and for the last twenty odd years it has just sat in its case in a wardrobe. I,m picking it up from him this weekend to give it a set up and some new strings then I can post some pics, it has hardly any fretwear and has had emg pichups fitted at some time before he owned it so the originals are long gone, other than that it is all original. any ideas as to how much to stick it up in the for sale forum?
  8. [quote name='FayeAutumn' post='1246859' date='May 27 2011, 11:42 AM']'Portico' loosly translates as 'door' or 'portal'. 'Bless You' sounds more like an exclaimation after someone sneezes. Portico is a much better name for a band.[/quote] Thats about it :-)
  9. Oh well, if it was a fretted etc etc .....
  10. I was joking! Y'know?, it was a fretless and you had it fretted so then I said.... oh well have another bump
  11. If this was fretless I,d ve bitten yer hand off :-D Have a bump from me
  12. Back in the eighties I played with a gospel band called 'Bless you' til we all persuaded the singer ,whos band it was to change it to 'portico'. we played greenbelt arts fest a couple of times and did some prison gigs that were interesting to say the least as the audience were not allowed to move whilst we were playing and were surrounded by guards at all times, in response to waynes earlier post, that was weirder than the gigis where the audience were dancing around.
  13. Jons workmanship is second to none, he has an amazing eye for detail and will build exactly what you want, as for retail values, what is the point of having a custum bass built for you and then selling it? take your time deciding what your sound and style really needs, research all the different woods ,hardware etc make the right choices and you will not want to sell them ever. As for aftersales service, jon recently spent a whole afternoon and following morning setting up and fettling my basses for me with no complaints as they are a matched pair and I,m a bit anal when it comes to getting them set up right . :-)
  14. to label boutique basses as middy and honky is silly as they're just as diverse in sounds as any other bass, just as saying all precisions just sound thump thump thump!,and there are passive boutique basses as well as active.
  15. wizbat

    Daion basses

    I still have my Daion les paul copy.
  16. Well thats it really, my mates getting married and needs a good rock covers band for the evening in a castle( eirith). If anyone can do this can you pm me. ta
  17. I used to have one of these... great amp, sold it back in about 89,, wish I still had it but thats how it goes..
  18. If you can't get sorted, I have a 4000ds you can borrow if you can collect from spalding.
  19. Macdaddy, That bass is superb!!!
  20. Hasn't anyone noticed that there aren't any strings on the the lead guitar?
  21. Good stuff Jon! I particularly liked red and black part 2 Great intro and some cool time sigs.
  22. He plays it on the wal 4 string for sure! drop d tuning, I watched him from the front row a couple of times now. I love the band.
  23. [quote name='PaulE' post='1099171' date='Jan 22 2011, 10:59 PM']this is £90 brand new, why would someone buy it for £120. its worth like £60 used.[/quote] Really! go find one..
  24. This sounds obvious to me, every one needs two basses, your main bass and a backup in case of string breakage or some other failure, having two musicman basses means that you can keep your sound the same if you have to chnge from one to the other BUT having one with a piezo pickup so you can dial ina different tone to fit some other songs is great so whats the problem? keep them both! sounds like you have a nice sensible gigging setup..
  25. I use Newtone tapered strings, can't fault em. They'll make them to your particular specs or you can order a set off the shelf, they keep their tone for ages and so far I've yet to break one and I really do give 'em some abuse.
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