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  1. [quote name='pantherairsoft' post='576920' date='Aug 21 2009, 05:46 PM']It is a Synth pedal. Creates sounds similar to the EHX Bass Micro Synth, including the octave, fuzz etc... Bonus with this is it has presets (9) I think, so you can use multiple sounds, and switch between them (including scrolling through while playing ready to select the next preset) using the foot switches. So I guess like having 9 Micro synths in a row... Plus they didn't manufacture it for all that long so it was quite collectable anyway... plus its the only good pedal they made :-)[/quote] Had one, thought it was overrated, now got a unibass, much more useable.
  2. I wondered where this thread went!. Most people have already seen and heard about these but here they are again.
  3. I used to have similar problems with mine, I now use a boss volume pedal and run a separate signal to the tuner from the pedal tho you could use a splitter box and do the same thing.
  4. wizbat

    Lime Shark

    Lime Shark will be playing two sets this evening in the garden of the Angel Inn, Yarwell near peterborough. All bass chatters welcome. Free entry to all. :-)
  5. [quote name='Schnozzalee' post='562226' date='Aug 6 2009, 08:27 PM']The Judas Priest guys have just started using these, I saw them play em like 5 months ago or so. Incredible sound, can cover anything.[/quote] They used to use gr700 guitars.
  6. wizbat

    Lime Shark

    Still lots more gigs listed on the Live page.
  7. wizbat

    Dummy Pedal

    [quote name='Al Heeley' post='556768' date='Jul 31 2009, 07:58 AM'] Want me to build you one of these?[/quote] Goodness! So I guess it,s a fuzz box, so what else does it do?
  8. I simply see gear as more tools to do my job as for my e-penis well fi it,s not up to scratch then never mind. I thought I,d seen that pedal befre tho, wouldn,t mind trying it myself.
  9. [quote name='WarPig' post='550348' date='Jul 24 2009, 04:13 PM'] That looks interesting. Mo' info please?[/quote] If I,m not mistaken doesn,t a certain mr Vai have one of those??.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  11. wizbat

    Lime Shark

    We,ll be in norwich this thursday at the Brickmakers. :-)
  12. I,ve used the TC 2290 and can say that it is everything jensenman says it is, I had one back in the early ninteis and wish I still had it, tho the five loops wouldn,t be enough on their own, with my gcx I,d have 13 loops!! Multiple pedal heaven!!!
  13. This is easy! Own two. :-)
  14. Here are some recent pics of my GCX rig after fitting an additional shelf for more pedal space.
  15. I love this pic, I borrowed a couple of extra cabs from those nice people at ampeg for a video shoot we did last year and tho the shot never made it to the video, every time I see this pic I can,t help but smile.. I wish I had a chance at using this setup at a gig!!
  16. wizbat

    Lime Shark

    As the title says, We have quite a few gigs listed for this year and if you can make it along to any please come up and say hi. peace. Wiz.
  17. wizbat


    the behringer virtualizer pro effects rack unit has one, plus lots of other fun stuff and they are quite cheap too, I paid around 60 kwid for mine.
  18. This took ages to find and I,m not sure how to post a link but if you look in 'amps and cabinets' on page 64 and look at page 6 of 'what,s in your rack' you,ll find it. If anyone knows how to move this to the build diary to find it easier please do, as I type this I,m in the process of updating the rig and will post the new pics when it,s finished.
  19. I use ground control, love it to bits, does everything. It will control all my midi effects and can switch up to eight pedals with each switcher unit you have hooked up to it. the small board like mine can operate two switcher units giving you control of 16 pedals and the large board can handle up to four switcher units. they can also be used to switch in and out various amps if you wish to use multiple preamps etc and all presets can be named and seen clearly on the nice big green led display. I use mine with all pedal selections for each song programmed in succesion so i can go from intro to main thru to middle eight or chorus etc depending on what sounds i want in each song and as I often use groups of pedals together for certain sections as well as effects from various processors it means all my effects can be changed with one touch operation. There is a diary of my original first build of my GCX rig on here somewhere.
  20. I use carbon fibre picks made back in the eighties by a company called Hi modulus, sadly they are no longer made tho I did buy them in huge quantitys and still have a couple of dozen of them left today that are used for recording and gigging and I use the jim dunlop cheapy copies that they now call the reefer pick for everything else. 1mm thick, can,t stand floppy picks.
  21. wizbat

    I'm off to NZ.

    [attachment=26185:Port_Hil...yttleton.jpg] Not bad, eh? [/quote] Cripes ! what a view!! I,d like the island in the left side of the pic, then again anywhere would do!!.
  22. wizbat

    RIP R,5,R,5...

    A great loss. +1 to all above.
  23. I just saw those six stringed rickish things myself!! For what it's worth I just bought one of their 5 stringed acoustic basses but the b string is much quieter than the other four when used thru an amp so I,m returning it, after emailing them about the fault on thursday when I recieved it they replied on friday and it is being picked up by UPS on monday and my money refunded, so they seem a pretty decent lot to risk a few quid if you feel so inclined.
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