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  1. I just got a Boss TU 1000 All I can say is wow, I also have a korg rack tuner but this things the mutts nuts.
  2. The ric forum have been chuntering about it.
  3. Anyone seen this....http://cgi.ebay.de/VINTAGE-RARE-70-S-BASS-/260718312034?pt=Gitarren&hash=item3cb405ba62
  4. wizbat


    You'll love it! Jon's the best
  5. my sr 1205 is a thru neck, pity the new ones aren't.
  6. I'll probably come along to this as it's fairly local to me.
  7. Good track and a great vid, well done!
  8. [quote name='apa' post='1045494' date='Dec 2 2010, 07:17 PM']I'll say what we're all thinking shall I? 50+ of us all send it the spec for our 'dream bass'. We go to one of these poor innocent and simple business men in the far east and tell them we are a prospective new international company looking to see how good they are and here is a list of samples as a tester. All done to the highest spec at £50 a throw. Now what could possibly go wrong with that plan?? Whos in? :-D A[/quote] I,m in, Mines an electra copy like silddxs but with six strings!!
  9. [quote name='steantval' post='1045412' date='Dec 2 2010, 06:07 PM']Proper voices like Annie Lennox, Chrissie Hind, Christine McVie, Alison Moyet, Dusty Springfield etc, take a lot of beating.[/quote] Check out Vonda Shepherd.
  10. Congratulations on such a fine job and thanks for reminding me what a great bassline that is.
  11. These are great cabs, I bought one then another then it all went terribly wrong... [url="http://www.limeshark.com/images/gallery/gallery_large/image23.jpg"]http://www.limeshark.com/images/gallery/ga...rge/image23.jpg[/url]
  12. I use a rack mounted fan behind each of my heads, you should also make sure that the head has sufficient space for airflow around it, does the amp have it,s own fan? If so work out where the air can be drawn in and where can it escape.
  13. I,m surprised this hasn,t gone yet!! I,ve been thinking of buying one myself that an old friend has.
  14. This isn,t silly, at least not in my confused world!! :-) My band are playing a gig in peterboro in a couple of weeks and my guitarist has suggested me using my ampeg gear alongside by GK stuff.... I thought this a good idea so I,ll be using my GK 700 rb II 2x10 combo sitting on the 4x10 rbh cab that I use with it. It,ll be next to two ampeg 8x10s driven by my pair of svt2pros. With a little luck I think I,ll be able to hear myself..
  15. [quote name='dood' post='837457' date='May 14 2010, 06:15 PM']I've fixed it for you ma man![/quote] Thanx man! :-D
  16. Weird! My post ended up in the quote box!! you can tell I don,t post much!!
  17. [quote name='shiekaa' post='835609' date='May 12 2010, 07:47 PM']I'm looking to get a flight case for my SVT2-PRO Head and am trying to look at my options. I've narrowed it down to; - needing space for ventilation due to the intake through the left of the head - needing wheels (anyone who has one knows how heavy that son of a bitch is) - probably needing shockmounting for two reasons 1. for the ventilation it would give! 2. wanting the best protection for an expensive head! The problem I have is I'm not sure whether to go for 4U and take rubber mounts off or 6U for extra ventilation I'd really appreciate any advice people could give me on where to get a flightcase, If I'm missing out any information and whatever else people have to say![/quote] Hi! Side ventilation for these amps is a must and adding a fan at the rear to draw away heat will ensure that they don,t let you down by overheating. Mine are housed in a shock mounted rack where the inner rack is surrounded by foam in a larger outer case, there are holes cut in the side of the inner rack adjacent to the amp air intake on the left that line up with sections of the foam that has been cut out forming channels for air to be drawn from the front of the rack and then there are rack fans at the rear. If you do go for an skb type rack case then make sure that the recessed handle of the rack doesn,t foul the amps air intake or it,ll cook. :-) Cheers, Sam
  18. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  19. Hehe! that sounds like 'counterparts'!!
  20. Hehe! Ever watched spinal tap playing 'Big Bottoms'? :-)
  21. I have wizard pickups in my shuker customs and they are superb! can,t recommend them enough!!!
  22. You can use individual pedals and still have the flexibility of a pedalboard layout like an all in one effects unit, just get Ground Control or something similar or the gigrig stuff. Switching systems for individual effects.
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