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  1. The Shuker 6s are mine and yes I used to haul around tons of gear :-D I really recommend speaking to jon if you want one made
  2. I hope that while things are being looked at there might be some way of preventing the pages to keep refreshing to the top every time I close a window as It makes trawling thru threads a real chore and I usually give up after a while..
  3. all on egay now.. been on here long enough..
  4. The blue effects racks a keeper but im open to offers on the john henrys flightcased one
  5. Mundimornin bump.. cmon folks. bargains to be had all american made.. no dodgy eastern junk
  6. Weekendibump... im open to offers on this gear.. lest it goes on sh*tebay
  7. Boink....like a bump but springier...
  8. Revised prices on the ampeg gear
  9. As far as i recall its four ohm .
  10. And all this stuff is usa made...
  11. All cabs come with free can of crazy glue...
  12. Well its here waitin for you.... all fluffy an 4x10ish
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