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  1. That sounds like a plan!! Thing is, it sometimes takes ages to find a band that fires you and if you can,t wait then you are knackered as things don,t always work the way we want them to. Thats where 'Gear Aquisition Syndrome' comes in... :-)
  2. 8 WEEKS! and you,re thinking of throwing in the towel!!! Jesus! I waited nine years to find a band worth getting involved again.
  3. [quote name='SickPuppy' post='705517' date='Jan 8 2010, 02:21 PM']Hey everyone I don't know who followed or watched his videos on YouTube but this man was just a pleasure to know and watch, he sadly passed away on 5th Jan from a heart attack check out some of his playing.. [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CvRVJUt3r0Q"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CvRVJUt3r0Q[/url] - Rush's Natural Science [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DpoWBZ1973A"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DpoWBZ1973A[/url] - Megadeth's Peace Sells Words fail me right now so sorry for the bleak post..[/quote] I,d not heard of him til you posted this but just watched the rush YT vid and was saddend that someone so young and talented could be lost.
  4. [quote name='steantval' post='704769' date='Jan 7 2010, 09:03 PM']Hi, Played at the Voodoo Lounge three times with our band Stealer............superb venue. Michael and the staff are all great folks and their soundman Noodles is very good. Let me know what the number of punters were like on the gig night?[/quote] Hi there! I think some are going to be put off by the extreme weather but we,ll just have to wait and see how it turns out.
  5. Hi all. Just a quick heads up for anyone in the peterborough area, we will be playing two 45 min sets from 9pm this friday at the Voodoo Lounge at Mama Liz,s music venue and we have a rather excellent acoustic artist support from 'Cliff Hazzard' so get there early to catch him onstage as well. Doors open 7pm 3 kwid entry. Peace. Wiz.
  6. [quote name='Xzantes' post='693934' date='Dec 26 2009, 07:39 PM']The ibanez is doin ok Wizbat but it's only a fall back, i wanna try other basses and see what fully takes me, I'v heard alot of praise with jon Shuker so i might have a see what hes like and the beauties he makes ^_^[/quote] Jon was able to produce exactly what I wanted and I absolutly love the result, I can,t praise him up enough.
  7. If you are getting on well with your Ibanez then maybe you should track down Leo Crabtree the artist rep for ibanez.
  8. The pin solution is the best option.
  9. wizbat

    Ampeg help

    [quote name='JTUK' post='692958' date='Dec 24 2009, 02:06 PM']Have to say that I have used many Ampeg units but they were hired in so may have had a few miles on them. I think the Amps are better but the cabs I'd give a miss. If people say the newer models are better then ok, their info might be more upto date, but traditionally you needed 2 cabs or a 8x10 as the power was very poor pre speaker...300watts for an 8x10 is not good by any stretch, so a modern 4x10 should be delivering 600watts RMS easily with decent chassis' today, by my thinking. If you want a decent cab.. and some might say the BEST 4x10 around, then the above poster has a BERG 4 x10 which might be worth a think about. Just my 2p...[/quote] The ampeg 8x10 has a power handling of 800 watts rms.
  10. Nice one Tom! Bring it over some time, I,ll fire up the ampegs.
  11. I think it,s quite normal to use two or more distortion/overdrive pedals if you want varying sounds that involve that effect, I use a sansamp GT2 and a EHX big muff, the GT2 for a gritty overdrive and the muff for a fat fuzzy sound.
  12. [quote name='Protium' post='683224' date='Dec 13 2009, 06:56 PM']Mark King must be pretty good then, he's up to level 42 [/quote] :-D One for the famous quotes thread!!
  13. [quote name='Golchen' post='674758' date='Dec 5 2009, 09:40 AM']I assume that's Roachford as in the single 'cuddly toy'?? I absolutely loved that single when it came out, but I bought the album (vinyl!) and didn't connect to anything else on it at the time. Can't even remember how the rest of it sounded now. If I had a record player available I'd give it a spin right now![/quote] Actually got the cd in front of me while reading your answer.. no way, kathleen, family man, the whole album is great!! Just putting it on the stereo now...
  14. andy,s a top bloke! used to rehearse at the studio I worked at. great singer too!.
  15. Spotify,s good! We,re on there!! :-)
  16. [quote name='Hit&Run' post='662914' date='Nov 23 2009, 05:10 PM']+1[/quote] Ditto
  17. I,ve had this around for a couple of years and it,s been out of the box once, I,m going to put it on the bay for £300 but if anyone wants this from here I,ll take £275, It,s boxed and comes with an expression pedal and all papers, CD Rom etc. See Pics below.. Postage to uk should be no more than £15. :-)
  18. Thing is did they remember member member what a womble womble womble they were! :-D
  19. [quote name='OldGit' post='627018' date='Oct 15 2009, 02:51 PM']Wow should be done for August Bank Holiday then [/quote] 2011 ? :-)
  20. [quote name='peted' post='587279' date='Sep 2 2009, 10:02 AM']Thanks for the vote of confidence. This bass has a lot more 'firsts' for me other than the fanned frets - 6 strings, 18V pre-amp, EMGs, Singlecut shape. All features that I've tried and liked in shops or friends basses, but never in basses I've owned myself. I'm planning for this bass to keep me locked away practicing for a very long time.[/quote] That bass looks great and if my six stringed necks are anything to go by you,ll love playing it.
  21. I never heard of them til late last year.. then my guitarist mentioned that Alex Lifeson loved them.. and then I bought a ticket to see them earlier this year whilst buying asia tickets online, decided not to make any effort to see or hear what they are about to make seeing them for the first time a bit more fun. Saw them on friday.. I have a new favourite band... If you,ve not heard them then do yourself a great favour and go see.. Got a copy of 'The Incident' yesterday and still haven,t stopped playing it. As for 'time flies'.. Aahhhhh!!!...
  22. ther,s also a deep impact pedal in hysteria tho trying to get the damn thing to track as well as record is another thing.
  23. Hi! Nope ,no build thread,, partly because everybody else has one and also because I didn,t want Jon getting any hassle from the Ric gestapo while they were being built. You,re bang on with the backup idea, I just didn,t see the point of having a dream bass and then after breaking a string having to play the rest of the set with a different backup instrument, I play with a pick and tend to really get dug in so string breakages are a common thing for me tho I must say that the Newtone strings are really taking some punishment and still going strong. It was Jons suggestion to use the quilted maple top and I kind of challenged him to get them looking the same but I never expected him to get it so good. They are tuned the same F# to G and tho they feel and sound identical as each piece for each guitar was cut from the same wood, every time I tune them before a gig I tend to pick the one that seems happiest if that makes any sense.
  24. [quote name='Jobiebass' post='574588' date='Aug 19 2009, 07:02 PM']I played spot the difference with these... I lost. did you get 2 identical basses made or am I missing something? BTW, BEAUTIFUL![/quote] Cheers! Yup! They are a matched pair, even jon doesn,t know how to tell them apart. They are signed under the scratchplates and numbered 1 and 2, they have dual jack plugs like rics but one is for output without leds down the neck lit up and the other with the leds on.
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