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North West Bass Bash

This Sunday!

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  1. FleaBass!

    My punk green model is Audibly impressive but looks like a 70's fashion show.
  2. Basses owned ( is one you want amongst these? )

    Always wanted a Stingray!
  3. thinking of getting a flea bass!

    anyone got any info on the fleabass?
  4. Muse effects?

    thanks man big help. i heard that he uses an electric guitar big muff pedal?
  5. Muse effects?

    Iv tried distortion and overdrive but they dont seem to be quite right.
  6. Ibanez SR 520 or ESP Surveyor

    A good qaulity ibanez always has a slim neck. My BTB200 has this also!
  7. Hi there

    Hi m8. Welcome to BassChat.
  8. 4 string fans!!!

    welcome fellow 4 string fans!
  9. Worlds most expensive bass!!!

    its the kind of thing 50 cent would have if he played bass!
  10. Worlds most expensive bass!!!

    The Ritter Royal Flora Aurum, as it’s called, has a body carved from a rare, solid piece of maple while the nut is carved from 10,000-year-old mammoth ivory. The fingerboard is decorated with a floral inlay pattern made of 24-karat gold. There’s even a black diamond set in platinum decorating each leaf. Even the bridge, tuner buttons and knobs are cast in gold. The knobs on this luxurious bass hold an additional embellishment—they’re both topped with brilliant-cut diamonds (3.3 carats total). The Flora Aurum is a work in progress and is on hold for one lucky buyer. The most expensive bass guitar in the world is valued at $100,000
  11. Its really anoying when you try and keep your equipment in good condition.
  12. Are BC Rich Basses just for Metal?

    its not ugly! I know i said i like stingrays but they are way out of my price range. But this is also nice and only £400.
  13. Saying Hi

    Hi fellow newbie. I to am mainly a living room player. Nothing like playing along to your ipod to whatever you feel like playing. kool.
  14. Are BC Rich Basses just for Metal?

    Im looking to buy the signiture BC Rich Warlock Vortex. It looks great and is something i can afford. But i cant find any reviews! Also i dont want that metalic metal tone used by such bassists as Robert Trujillo.
  15. What is your favorite bass?

    Well, at the moment I play my Ibanez BTB200 4 string. It has great active electronics but its the best thing i can afford. Oh well.