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  1. I didn't expect my pic to be so small, apologies.
  2. [attachment=229852:Untitled.jpg] There ya go.
  3. [quote name='Dandelion' timestamp='1376664283' post='2177658'] Oldgits Shuker with the almost phalic top horn & Tinmans bass which looked like a koala. [/quote] Why thank'ee kind sir. Mine is also made by the master craftsman that is Jon Shuker.
  4. Tinman

    Status Quo

    This is why I love the Quo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zx-9b13wsXQ
  5. I like that, nice one and I think the lead sound was spot on for the track.
  6. [quote name='dudewheresmybass' timestamp='1371490647' post='2114534'] Fair enough. My mistake- the squared off wings put me in mind of the hurricane [/quote] Sorry mate, I didn't mean that to come across as snotty or nerdy. It's just that, I used to work on BBMF and watched that aircraft being built virtually from scratch
  7. [quote name='dudewheresmybass' timestamp='1371459774' post='2114032'] The hurricane flying over before they started was just the icing on the cake! [/quote] It was a BBMF Spitfire, TE311
  8. [quote name='Rich' timestamp='1370897940' post='2107245'] No, i think you'll find mine is, [i]actually[/i] [/quote] [quote name='bassicinstinct' timestamp='1370944553' post='2107682'] You're all wrong!! "Tis mine that's best I tells thee!! [/quote] You're wrong, so there
  9. Nope....mine is definitely the best
  10. [quote name='PauBass' timestamp='1367020863' post='2060484'] You are right sir, I can also confirm it...I know one of the Fender guys that went around to collet the stock. [/quote] Thanks PauBass, I didn't think my mate would deliberately feed me crap
  11. Unfair how? I was just quoting what I was told by someone who knows a lot more than I.
  12. A couple of messages I recieved from a friend of mine who is in the instrument retail business (with ref to guitars) .....snip....but I wouldn't be paying a deposit or for goods that need a warrenty with DV247 at the moment.....remember the Sound Control issues?......snip ....snip.....Fender went and removed all the stock and closed the account - tells a story....snip
  13. I can't answer your question I'm afraid but you could maybe look at the Line 6 G series systems. I have a G30 and the specs say it goes down to 10Hz and I've never had any problems playing drop D. Pete
  14. [quote name='shizznit' timestamp='1364049689' post='2021343'] I had 3 Eggles in the late 90's. A Berlin Pro, LA Pro and LA Standard. I used those before I could afford a PRS and the build quality, tone and comfort was on par with the PRS guitars I bought. Looking back, I should have probably stuck with the Eggles as I felt I spent more money on the PRS's without much gain. Lovely guitars and the 2nd hand market for them these days is surprisingly good value for money. Patrick Eggle made a couple of bad business decisions during the peak of their success which soon led to a stop in production. It was nice to see the brand back in business a few years ago, but I still feel a bit gutted that they are only focussing on acoustic instruments now. [/quote] Patrick Eggle himself is making acoustic guitars under the name of 'Patrick James Eggle' As far as I know, electric instruments are still being made by the firm 'Patrick Eggle Guitars'. Although, it's hard to tell as their website never seems to change.
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