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  1. It really, really is! Cheers! Relatively plain replacements, alas. A Fender Mustang PJ, a Squier Jaguar SS (though I've modded the tits off of that), and a couple of Telecaster style partscasters for a summer project. Ideally I'd keep the Shuker but it just doesn't seem right, that thing deserves to be played!!!!
  2. Open to offers on this before it goes on evilbay after the weekend!
  3. After a short scale Fender or Squier please! Appearance unimportant as long as neck is fine. Cheers!
  4. FOR SALE - SHUKER CUSTOM EXPLORER - £900 FIRM - **OFFERS** Built for me in 2009/10 by Jon Shuker, this would be over £2k if commissioned now. Also included is the Flightcase Warehouse custom flightcase for it, which is built like a tank. Here's the spec: 4-string Set neck 34" scale Maple neck Rosewood fretboard Jumbo fretwire White side LEDs Two way truss rod Carbon fibre reinforcement Jazz neck profile, 38.5mm nut Brass nut Mahogany body Rear-routed Individual bridge units Passive - vol, vol, tone Translucent red gloss Flame maple facing and headstock Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder Precision pickup Seymour Duncan STK-J2 Jazz pickup Flightcase Warehouse Bass Guitar Flightcase: Type: Hinged Lid Material: 7mm hexa board Foam: Lined in 10mm high density foam Heavy duty Penn Elcom fittings Egg box foam in Lid There's a bit of rust on the latch handles, but the latches themselves work just fine. The bridge on this is pushed further back than that of a Gibson Explorer, with the entire 34" scale moved so there's absolutely zero neck dive and it isn't the same cumbersome beast the Gibson is. Neck is to Jazz Bass specs. Couple of dings as you can see in the photos - the worst one on the bottom corner near the jack plate (ironically caused by the flightcase - tight backstage area and I turned round too quick, d'oh), a little one on the top corner, one on the end of the headstock, and some light belt buckle rash on the back. Tarnishing of the finish on the bridge pieces and the knobs, but everything works just fine and dandy. It's been gigged plenty, always lived in the flightcase, cleaned and set up regularly. Collection from Sheffield ideally, or I can meet/deliver by arrangement, or can courier at buyers cost. Selling (very reluctantly!) as I'm swapping over to short scale basses on doctor's orders following surgery!
  5. Thanks for the T-16 love I'm really really proud of this one, simply cos I don't know if anyone else has done an analogue octave that small before! Personally I think it's just the best thing since sliced bread, but I may be a tad biased so lets wait and see how it stands the test of time! I'm going to try and get some more videos sorted, including one from Andy and hopefully Si too if he's game, but if anyone has any questions feel free to add them on here and I'll get back to you ASAP
  6. Thanks for organising this, it's always nice to meet people in the real world given I mainly speak to people online, and thanks for the kind feedback about my gear Really glad I could make it after having to duck out last minute last year!!
  7. [quote name='cana.dan' timestamp='1429730796' post='2754436'] I really want a Knightfall 66. Also, I don't want to bother Tom with this, but what's the difference between a 66 and Dual Knightfall? [/quote] It is not a bother in the least matey A Dual Knightfall is simply two Knightfalls in the same box, one after the other, with north-mounted jacks. This essentially gives you clean, A, B, and A+B in a similar width footprint to a single Knightfall once jacks are inserted. The Knightfall 66 is one modified Knightfall with switchable Gain and Level knobs (via the second footswitch) inside a filtered blend loop. So you only get one channel at a time, but they share common Tone controls so the idea is you get a consistency between the two channels - very useful and usable in a band setting for when you want the same but more. Hope that helps!
  8. If people were interested I'd cross the Pennines with a Cog-loaded pedalboard. Happy to attend without the board too if that's breaking forum rules or anything!
  9. Genuinely flattered reading through here, thanks chaps :-)
  10. Have a chat with Michael Aitken of Aitken Audio :-)
  11. [quote name='Sibob' timestamp='1422874681' post='2677692'] [font="helvetica, arial, sans-serif"][color="#282828"]This might break the internet if created! . I'd buy one in an instant. If someone had the inclination, rehousing an OC2 and a POG, with only the controls for the POGs up octave could be doable. Wouldn't be small though.[/color][/font] [/quote] You've piqued my interest with this! I'm half daring myself to have a pop at some point, in either 1590C or 1590XX. I imagine the cost of the POG will be the main barrier to this being reasonably priced though...
  12. One solution would be an A/B/Y box with radio switching - ie a footswitch for each mode and only one footswitch needs to be pressed to select any of the three modes. Failing that, a normal A/B/Y box seems to be a good choice here, but still lots of tap dancing to do to combine the Freeze too. I would imagine something envelope controlled would be a bit of a pain. Interested to see how you get on though :-)
  13. I had to pull out of the last one alas so have got this one blanked out in the diary! I'll bring my custom Shuker and, if it's not against any rules and people want me to, a whole heap of Cog Effects gear. 1. Si600 - GK MB500 Fusion, GK MB212 (house rig), Fender P V. 2: Roland Rock - Avalon U5, Crown power amp, BF STwin. W&T Ergon and 78P if I get the refin done in time. Some pedals. 3. tauzero - perm a few from Sei Original, Status Series 1, Antoniotsai, Dean 10-string, Warwick Thumb, Mrs Zero. 4. Dread Bass - Lefties - ACG 6 and 7 string Recurve S Types, ACG Krell Fretless If Ready, Alembic Epic, Warwick Fortress, Letts 6. Aguilar rig if needed. 5. seashell - MIM Fender P 6. Prime_BASS - whatever bass is the flavour at the time, ACG 33" graft J type. 7. Len Derby - Yamaha Bex semi acoustic, Roland micocube battery powered practise/busking combo 8. Bottle - Modded Ibanez GSR-180, some pedals, Line-6 Combo and the 1x12 + Amp rack 9. Marillionred - Warwick Streamer $$5, Warwick Dolphin SN5, Letts fretless 5, Michael Kelly Acoustic 5, Warwick LWA1000, Barefaced Big Baby 2 - and some headphones. 10. Jabba_the_gut - some of the stuff below....if it's finished in time. 11. GrammeFriday - MTD 535-24 fretless, MTD Kingston AG5, TC RH750, RS210 and/or RS212. 12. Kev - Wal MK2, Warwick SSII and some pedals. 13. Bradwell - MIJ Jazz, Ibanez GSR 206, Eden WT800 + D210/D212 XLT cabs 14. Mojo - Yamaha BB414, TC Electronic BG250-115 15. Norris - Stagg EUB, Ric 4003, Gibson Thunderbird ... and if restored in time I'll bring my Aria SB-1000 16. TG Flatline - Shuker Explorer, pedals
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