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  1. Man if you were closer I'd snap your hands off for this. I actually love these little Ashdown combos. Alas, I have no car. If you're ever making a trip to the Shires let me know! Cai
  2. I used to run Delano J/MM on my sandberg and I had a Humanbase Roxy 5 with the Delano Oval Humbucker, I cant ever see me using a different brand of pickups! Cant remember what pre-amp was in the Roxy though!
  3. [quote name='jassbass' timestamp='1438244615' post='2832766'] Pmd again.thanx [/quote] And responded, thank you
  4. CRAZY £500 PAYPAY PRICE-DROP BUMP! [quote name='AREA' timestamp='1437959160' post='2830393'] "Nightshift-in-Hospital-Bump" [/quote]
  5. [quote name='AREA' timestamp='1437856230' post='2829602'] I can tell, this is a phenomenal Bass and Cai is a real Gent. A Pleasure to deal with. Hurry up for this great Bass. @Cai. Bad to hear. No Insurance for the stolen Gear? Good Luck with the Sale, Buddy. [/quote] [quote name='silverfoxnik' timestamp='1437856792' post='2829608'] +1 Seems like an amazing bass on the YouTube clips.. And sorry to hear your news... best of luck with the sale! [/quote] Thanks! Yeah she's a beauty, trust me, if the robbery hadn't of affected my photography business this bass would NOT be leaving me, it's bloody perfect for me But unfortunately I had no insurance on the camera gear and it desperately needs replacing before my next big photoshoot (hence this going for such a stupidly low price!). If anyone is interest she's set at 3.0mm action on the 12th fret and weighs in at 4.2kg
  6. [quote name='alyctes' timestamp='1437305848' post='2824946'] I can't see your pics? I can see there are five, and their names, but that's all. [/quote] Sorry, resolved! Thank you
  7. Stupidly cheap price for such a high quality bass, I had one of these for years, Never let me down and out matched a lot of higher end basses in terms of sound and playability! good luck with the sale!
  8. Oh man [size=4] W&T Never really appealed to me (I know they're good basses just not normally to my styling) but this is just sublime. I'm going to have to admit it... that is one of the single nicest looking basses I've ever seen. Thanks for the pictures, that really is a work of art. Cai[/size]
  9. Ok guys and girls I have a B3 and BP80 I definitely don't need both. The BP80 has served me well and is in full working order, I don't have the manuel (I did have a spare print out but cant seem to find it currently) but Digitech still have the PDF [url="http://www.digitech.com/en/products/bp80"]HERE[/url] [color=#222222][size=4]£[/size][/color][color=#222222][size=4]40 seems a good price and for a fiver more I'll post it in UK only.[/size][/color] Will come with the power supply Payment in person or Paypal (gift only) I will pop some pictures up tonight. Check my feedback forum (signature) I have done a fair bit of trading buying and selling here. Thanks Cai EDIT: £30 if collected before the 30th!
  10. Gorgeous bass, incredible price. If I had the money this would be coming home with me. You genuinely can't beat this for the price! Cai
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