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  1. Hi all, I have my Diago power supply and a few George L's for sale. [b][u]DIAGO POWER - £50[/u][/b] Great power supply, daisy chains up to 6 pedals (9v) I know you can also get adapters to supply slightly high voltage pedals too - Although I never went down this route. Nothing wrong with it, yours for £50 [b][u]GEORGE L PATCH CABLES - SOLD[/u][/b] [b][u]​[/u][/b]Great solder less cables, I have 5 in total. two of which are slightly thicker in cable, and all cables differ in sizes slightly, attachment will show them better. Lengths are: - Large Patch - 38cm - Large Patch - 30cm - Small patch - 14cm - Small Patch - 14cm - Small Patch - 10cm Best, Mike.
  2. Both cabs are also ER versions.. sorry missed that on the original post!
  3. Sansamp is now sold!
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    Hi all, Couple of effects pedals up for grabs. More will be up over the next couple days. [b][u]ELECTRO HARMONIX BASS MICRO SYNTH - SOLD[/u][/b] Excellent pedal, you all know the variation of capable sounds. If not think Moog... Older version of the pedal, has a couple of scratches and is missing the top of the knob that controls the square wave parameter. Comes with power adapter. [b][u]KORG PITCHBLACK CROMATIC TUNER - SOLD[/u][/b] Cromatic tuner pedal, Good condition, couple scratches on the top. [b][u]TECH 21 SANSAMP PARADRIVER[/u] - SOLD[/b] ​Tech 21 sans amp para-driver version, V1. Lower price than usual as the on/off toggle switch needs looking at and it's also missing the battery cover underneath. Works just like it should and in good condition otherwise. Best, Mike,
  5. Hi all, Up for grabs is a brand new *Un-used* Shure KSM9. - [b]NOW £420[/b] Literally straight out of the box, Had one before although it took too many knocks and sent into Shure. They sent me a brand new one in return. I would keep this but I'm mixing pretty loud rock which has meant this is taking a back seat thanks to stage volumes. This is perfect for studio / home recording sessions, lower stage volume vocalists, singer songwriters etc... Sounds really crisp, gives excellent detail and clarity on vocals out in FOH. Also has a switch inside the capsule to change it form Cardioid / Super Cardioid. All in all really lovely microphone! Best, Mike.
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