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  1. [quote name='CamdenRob' timestamp='1417013920' post='2616097'] My gear is unlikely to get nicked whilst I'm playing it, I need cover for the times it's vulnerable. [/quote] Ditto, but I've decided it's never particularly vulnerable. Mrs FF comes to all my gigs, so gear is never unattended while loading in or out. Even so, we've often nipped out for a bite to eat after sound checking, but it depends on the venue and if the other band members are hanging around - basically, size up the particular circumstances. Doesn't mean I won't get caught out eventually but so far so good and for gear worth well under £1000 (I'm assuming no one is going to steal cabs from a stage) I reckon I'm in-pocket after all these years.
  2. Yes, good luck to them, but it's a tough way to scrape a living.
  3. I thought the Simpsons was a comedy kids programme. Didn't realise they did music documentaries
  4. 1. How long have you been playing your instrument? 25+ years 2. Do you use an electronic tuner? If yes which model? Yes, various, plug in ones and built into my TC BH250 amp 3. Do you tune by ear or electronic tuner? Electronic tuner and then a quick check by ear 4. If by ear how do you go about? Just to check strings are relatively tuned after using the tuner on each string. 5. Are you always 100% happy with your tuning? / if not Yes. No one seems to complain 6. Why are you not happy with your tuning? N/a 7. What disturbs you about the electronic tuner Nothing 8. Do you know how to tune by ear? Yes, as affordable electronic tuners weren't around when I started playing. I have previously used a tuning fork! 9. What is your preferred tuning method? Electronic tuner.
  5. Yep, nothing like [i]using[/i] the system to your own advantage instead of moaning or trying to change it
  6. I wear clothes that I feel comfortable in. Psychologically, the degree of comfort depends on the circumstances. Blue jeans and tee shirt would be fine for a Quo covers band but not so good for a Kiss tribute band. Then there's the issue of whether the band is there to put on a 'show' or to play music. On other words, no real rules and it all depends on likes, dislikes and circumstances.
  7. Ah, that old advertising saying - 'half of all advertising is a complete waste of time and money. The problem is that no one knows which half'.
  8. I'm using a Soundcraft M12 with a Hercules 16-12FW audio interface. A bit long in the tooth now, but enough for me to learn with.
  9. There will always be exceptions of course, but the internet has changed the way we can buy things and people are voting with their wallets. It was the same with supermarkets. The fact is that it's a lot more convenient to do all your shopping under one roof than traipse up and down a high street in the rain going into half a dozen different shops and carrying increasingly heavy bags between each one before heading back to the car that you've paid for the privilege of parking half a mile away from the shops. Things change and generally only for the better, because people won't put up with something worse for very long.
  10. Nice setup ( he drooled ) I've got an old 12 channel audio interface and have wondered about using it for live recordings using the direct outs of my soundcraft (analogue) desk. I've always assumed that live recording is mainly about ensuring a good level on each instrument and not worrying about the mix at that stage. Obviously the performance has to be mixed, but the multitrack recording should be taken from the pre fade/eq side of things and then eq'd and mixed down later. Is this correct, or should I be thinking about trying to do a recording mix at the same time as the FoH mix? What is the standard practice for such things? ( or maybe there isn't one?)
  11. "Crazy distorted interference sounds" seems a bit more serious than any might-be-expected mains hum, so Dad could be right about there being an actual fault somewhere. Can you test the speakers in some other way? maybe using an iPod or similar and a short input cable. Then perhaps direct into PC. Basically try to isolate the problem to a specific part of the chain if possible. It might help if you can power everything from a single mains socket . . . Assuming there is a mains/hum/earth loop problem.
  12. There was nothing wrong with Norm's bass mix when I saw The Blockheads last week
  13. [quote name='KingBollock' timestamp='1416845136' post='2614186'] As I understand it (I have never tried it personally) fibre optic cables aren't difficult to work with, but is the cable they use a common type or specially made? Are they tinkerable? Will you be able to eventually buy separate plugs and cables for them? Or will the warranty be good enough that you don't have to worry about doing your own repairs? [/quote] Depends on the type of fibre. Because of the short distances involved I'm guessing they won't be using single mode fibre, so no need for very specialised and expensive connector tooling. Multimode fibre and connectors are less critical, but even so they are complete overkill for a short distance audio bandwidth application so perhaps they are using some sort of plastic fibre similar to those 'TosLink' connections on Hifi systems. I wonder how they compare to short cable links into a DI box?
  14. Shocked in a good way I guess? Thing is though, with all the tone shaping controls available to the average basis these days, the real test is not a simple A-B swap between fibre and cable but between two complete rigs set up to give the best tone. And yes, 'best tone' will be subjective but the acid test will be to achieve two indistinguishable tones. So yes, I can imagine a fibre link would have different characteristics to a screened cable (or indeed a wireless link) but that's not really the only issue here.
  15. [quote name='JTUK' timestamp='1416830488' post='2613928'] That is the deal at that level... and my friend knew the London guys were onto the gig so it was often a case of who got there first. He also knew there was NO WAY they were getting the gig as he knew the players. I don't know how they dealt with the other guys who were mid travel... but those are the risks you take. My friend was at a trade show in Manchester so as soon as the word went out...everyone got in gear. The London guys must have known the urgency as they decide to get the plane upto Scotland.. [/quote] Fair enough if everyone knew the deal, but it sounds a bit of a desperate business. Still, kudos to your friend for 'stealing' the gig - he must have certainly impressed!
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