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  1. https://www.thomann.de/gb/skb_scfb4_uni_soft_case_ebass.htm I used this one for about a year until the nylon tore at the base of the strap.
  2. Mog

    Muziker ?

    Just came across their site. Has anyone ordered from them before? Prices seem decent
  3. Not in the Southeast. Martin Nolan in Dublin or Cyril Ryan in Galway. Cyril is a genius
  4. I cannot listen to that guy for more than 3 minutes at any one time. Youtube is a Privilege, not a right. I've had "Producers" say something similar to me in studios, usually because they refer back to clickbait articles and vlogs such as the above. In each case I refer them back to the client. I'm hired by the artist not the Producer/Engineer.
  5. Its factory wiring alright. Warwick will put their name to anything these days. From what I can tell it needs to go to the output jack. Doesn't make any sense to go elsewhere.
  6. I'm usually running the desk so its regularly along the lines of "The kick wasn't clipping during soundcheck" "He definitely moved the mic on that guitar amp" "If he needs more monitor why not turn down the guitar amp and let the PA do its job" "Is there anyone here I know who'll run to the Bar for me"
  7. Very nice bass mate. They pop up a fair bit here in Ireland. The best I've seen had had a plain black plate.
  8. The main advantage is pissing off narrow minded bassists.....................
  9. IME you are better off with an OD/Distortion that doesn't have too much low end. It can easily get buried in the mix. I've found that some guitar distortions can be better for a heavily distorted sound. Have you tried a Zvex Mastotron before? The impedance sweep helps tame active pickups. I'd definitely recommend it.
  10. I've had a good few over the years. All Streamers. The only one I have left is the original model Standard which was a 2000 build. Its has outshone any of the GPS basses I've played. Overall I've never had too many issues with them but their customer service is absolutely dreadful. If I was to go back to them I'd be looking at an early to mid 90's model. For me they've turned into the BMW of the bass world.
  11. I'd play it safe and go with 8ohms so mate. Great gear. You'll enjoy it.
  12. Im using a LH500 and Hydrive Cabs. Its a great combination in fairness but I dont know if it will fill enough space. I guess I'm thinking that I need an old school tone with a modern twist. The Terror is a great head but it only does "That" sound.
  13. 😂 In fairness I cant fault the guys. All good. I guess what Im trying to do is fill the gap between the Guitard and The Keys. My "normal" gigging rig is a Spector into a Hartke/Sansamp. Think Godsmack+Alice In Chains+Pantera. Its definitely too High Gain for the new band even without the PSA.
  14. I string my 6 string with 25 - 130's so they are out there. Warwick Red Label are dirt cheap if you fancy a shot with something in that gauge.
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