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  1. Hmm. In the couple of interviews I have seen with the chap, I can understand. He seems very driven and very passionate. Their music is excellent. I shall keep an eye and ear out for what the other members do.
  2. I’m far from an expert on multi systems. The Line6 products I have had - four or five - have been the only ones I have had. I have been massively impressed with what Line6 makes. Truth be told, I think I’m out of the multi game. They are not for me. So my opinions on them are probably best avoided!
  3. I would look for a more modern version...one that is likely to be supported for a couple more years. I tried an X3 and it did not work with a Mac. I ended up with an HD500X. It was still on the Line6 website at the time, so I assume it will be supported for a while longer. A Pod XT Pro I had became a real burden when I could no longer connect it to my Mac. Admittedly, the real common theme here is Apple. But I see it as Line6 not supporting older products. I think the Pod XT will be usable only by itself - and that is fiddly - after a Windows update or two. Your call and caveat emptor and all that, but I would avoid older multifx that require computer connection.
  4. With my BBBOD, yes! Love that pedal. Nonetheless, interested in this YYZ pedal. How does it differ from a standard Sansamp? Can you define the sound...any YouTube videos which come close to the sound you are getting? Which era of Geddy is it most like?
  5. My battle to get my bandmates on IEMs is starting to reach the end of the beginning. We have a Behringer X18 (I think that's its number) which has 6 programmable monitor feeds. I use the iPhone app; it is ok, but not exactly wonderful, either. I found that the mute button on my feed was, by default, on, and not easy to tap to switch off. Before now, I have had a DI out from my pedalboard to a mixer and a mic for the room. It worked, but it was long from good; but, finally, I could hear myself properly. But once we started to record rehearsals - also good for finding a new singer, which we are doing again - and once I got the XR18 set up properly, and once I got the damn mute switched off the Behringer app thing...wow! At last, all the instruments were clear and nicely piped into my ears. It was a glorious moment and one that reinvigorated my rehearsals. Of course, my reaction when it all suddenly started to work and sound good...well, let's just say it caused the others to realise that IEMs might be a good thing, after all. I must need to work on a bit of "if it is too loud, you're too old" line of thinking that is still left.
  6. Apologies if this seems silly...what is stopping someone else downloading the app and messing with the mixes when you’re playing live?
  7. I’m in Stockholm. Even though I have been here since 2002, I still struggle with Skånsk.
  8. Good God...is that what they’re saying? It’s one of those things that I have heard a million times but not really understood and never asked anyone. I got that it was a salutation, of course. Well...after a while. I just thought that the number of people called Måns was a lot higher than it was!
  9. Yup. Take yourself out of any kind of electrical circuit and avoid the problem. I did this after some rather painful shocks from microphones in a rehearsal studio years ago. I have been using a Line 6 G30 since and have been enjoying not being shocked and also the freedom of not having a cable tethering me.
  10. A jobbie that makes the output volume completely level, so when you stomp on various boxes, your level does not drastically change. I’d buy that in a heartbeat. I have tried with compressors, but to no avail If this already exists, let me know!
  11. Bought off here for a rather low sum, so passing it on for what I paid for it (I think!). Velcro on the bottom (spiky side) and the original box. Sounds grand but we are not getting on as well as I had hoped. I am keeping my Bearfoot for low-gain overdrive and I’m carrying on my search for something more brutal. NOTE PLEASE: I shall be able to post this at some point between Friday 12th July and Monday 15th when I am in the UK on a short trip, but not before or after. If nobody has nabbed this by end of play Wednesday 10th July, it will be withdrawn and I shall sell it locally (in Stockholm).
  12. The board looks like this: With the velcro attached. I can't be removing that and replacing it with the "right" side - it would never look decent. I'll just change the stuff on the pedals. Truth be told, the glue on the velcro on some of them is coming off anyway.
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