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  1. Price dropped! £170 delivered!
  2. JimBobTTD

    Mesa Boogie Subway Bass DI-Preamp

    If I shift my Darkglass Vintage Deluxe, I'll gladly take this off you.
  3. JimBobTTD

    Mesa Boogie Subway Bass DI-Preamp

    The preamp to rule them all? These things seldom appear secondhand because everyone keeps them. I am sorely tempted...
  4. JimBobTTD

    Tell me about preamps

    I keep looking at the Subway Pre. It ticks a lot of boxes. They have an acoustic preamp with a few more features; I might hang on until Namm to see if they launch a bass version of it. If not, the Subway will probably be joining the fold.
  5. JimBobTTD

    Loud mesa head advice

    Too loud or not, that rig looks lovely.
  6. I’ll cover the postage! £175 delivered!
  7. JimBobTTD

    Gibson ES-355

    I’m still super keen on an ebony ES-355. Gibson. With an ebony fingerboard. I don’t care that it costs £2k more than an ES-335 and £3,500 more than an Epiphone. It is not going to happen for years.
  8. JimBobTTD

    Show us your rig!

    Great stuff. Thanks!
  9. JimBobTTD

    Show us your rig!

    That looks mighty tasty, @jacko Any chance of a pic of the pedalboard, too?
  10. It isn’t getting the use it should. Overdrive, EQ, DI. Works perfectly. Made in Finland by Rick. It has had some Velcro on the base at some point Postage is £10. I'll cover postage costs within Europe. Bank transfer or Paypal Friends & Family please. £175 NOW £170
  11. JimBobTTD


    I experienced this at a rehearsal place years back - it was a dodgy mixer board. I went wireless after that. I figured that I will never be able to trust anywhere, so removing myself from the circuit was the only thing to do. Also, my wife insisted on it.
  12. JimBobTTD

    Metallica's ...And Justice For All remastered

    I preordered the deluxe box version on Amazon seconds after starting the thread. It will take weeks. And I shall need to buy a record player!
  13. JimBobTTD

    Earbud recommendations up to about 30 quid

    Soundmagic E10 for me. They replaced a pair of Sennheiser they broke after a year. I found the E10s so comfortable that I bought a Bluetooth version for times when I need to be wireless.
  14. Sadly, the version of Dyers Eve that has been put on YouTube sounds very much like the one on the album, so we can expect that it will not suddenly be a basstastic LP. Still, I feel giddy like a little boy. This was the album that got me hooked on Metallica, and it was Metallica that made me pick up the guitar and bass. More info: https://www.guitarworld.com/news/metallica-announce-definitive-and-justice-for-all-reissue