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  1. Yup. Take yourself out of any kind of electrical circuit and avoid the problem. I did this after some rather painful shocks from microphones in a rehearsal studio years ago. I have been using a Line 6 G30 since and have been enjoying not being shocked and also the freedom of not having a cable tethering me.
  2. A jobbie that makes the output volume completely level, so when you stomp on various boxes, your level does not drastically change. I’d buy that in a heartbeat. I have tried with compressors, but to no avail If this already exists, let me know!
  3. Bought off here for a rather low sum, so passing it on for what I paid for it (I think!). Velcro on the bottom (spiky side) and the original box. Sounds grand but we are not getting on as well as I had hoped. I am keeping my Bearfoot for low-gain overdrive and I’m carrying on my search for something more brutal. NOTE PLEASE: I shall be able to post this at some point between Friday 12th July and Monday 15th when I am in the UK on a short trip, but not before or after. If nobody has nabbed this by end of play Wednesday 10th July, it will be withdrawn and I shall sell it locally (in Stockholm).
  4. The board looks like this: With the velcro attached. I can't be removing that and replacing it with the "right" side - it would never look decent. I'll just change the stuff on the pedals. Truth be told, the glue on the velcro on some of them is coming off anyway.
  5. The spiky side (the hook?) is factory-fitted on to the board.
  6. Thanks for the suggestion. This is the only way I can think of, but, like you said, it would likely be wobbly and not all that good. Time to bite the bullet, perhaps. The thing is...if I find this board too large and want to change down, I shall probably have to do it all over again!
  7. I have changed up from a Pedaltrain Metro 16 to a T-Rex Tone Trunk as I wanted something a bit larger. I was waiting for a Metro 24 to come up locally for sale, but then this Tone Trunk came up with the power supply at a low price and I snapped it up. However, the Tone Trunk comes with the spiky side of the velcro on it, and all nicely glued etc...a fitted velcro mat, if you will. Taking it off and changing it would be daft. So my only option is to change the velcro on the bottom of my pedals to the "hairy" side. [There was a thread about which side should be on pedals a while back...you can see which way I think!] So, ladies and gentlemen, before I start removing velcro from my pedals and putting on hairy velcro (if I even have any...), is there a better way to do it? A smarter way of reversing the velcro?
  8. Buy it. Take out all the electronics and replace them with expensive ones. Have it defretted. Then realise the true meaning of "don't need" and "can't play" with the added sting of it no longer being a bargain. That's what I would do!
  9. Line 6 G30 for me. I have had it since 2010/2011and have used it for every band rehearsal and gig since. It is attached to my Levy strap in a proper Levy holder, which might explain why the clip has not broken on mine whereas lots of other people have not been as fortunate. The guitarist in my band bought a different system even though I had said to buy a Line 6. It caused untold grief and he went back to cable after a couple of months.
  10. I was in Trondheim in early June - a lovely part of the country. I have been in Oslo a few times, but only on short business trips. I have never gigged there, but I wanted to chime in about how expensive it is there. This cannot really be ignored. Now, bear in mind that I live in Sweden...not exactly known for being a cheap destination. On this last trip, my colleague and I stayed in an AirBnB and had to sort our own breakfast (despite the BnB part of the name...). A 1.5 litre carton of milk and a small pack of Corn Flakes was twice what I would pay for it in Stockholm which, my visitors say, is about 25% more than what it would cost in London. Be warned!
  11. Thanks, Les. I am looking at cheaper wireless systems for the band. I don't think I can persuade them to go with something pricey as they have not really understood the value of in-ears yet. The KSZ10s are good as far as I can tell. I have not actually tried to use normal earphones, but I would imagine that they would be terrible. The KSZ10s hold the sound well without distortion and are comfortable to wear for long(ish) periods of time. I can see why they are recommended so much.
  12. Does it give good bass response? I am trying to work out what the real difference is between all of them. You can, by and large, name a price and there is a system that costs that amount!
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