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  1. JimBobTTD

    Warmoth Jazz Deluxe V - 60s/70s Style

    I agree with you agreeing with Norris. I think Dolando's "if you were really careful" sealed it for me...I am careful, but I do not want to do anything that will risk damaging the body, so I do not think I can be careful enough.
  2. JimBobTTD

    Ammoon mini pedalboard

    The bag looks like it would last two or three gigs before the straps broke. It looks a bit cheap and nasty, truth be told. I would, like Mattbass97 suggested, get a Pedaltrain. They seem to be [becoming] the standard, and for good reason.
  3. JimBobTTD

    Warmoth Jazz Deluxe V - 60s/70s Style

    Many thanks, Dolando. I cannot find anywhere local that does 22mm Forstner bits so I have ordered some off eBay. It looks like the project will be done at the end of August, give or take.
  4. JimBobTTD

    Warmoth Jazz Deluxe V - 60s/70s Style

    Done. Much like with people, there is a but. I foolishly ordered the hole in the side for the socket at 19mm instead of 22mm, so I cannot use the passive tone on the East preamp. Any ideas how to enlarge this hole without ruining anything?
  5. JimBobTTD

    ‘72 style P Bass Kit Build finally FINISHED!!!

    It looks great! Nicely done indeed. The matched headstock - which I don’t like - looks good and I quite like it.
  6. JimBobTTD

    ‘72 style P Bass Kit Build finally FINISHED!!!

    That looks well tasty. I am not a fan of matching headstocks.
  7. JimBobTTD

    Ibanez 5-string neck - Spector 5-string neck

    I am a massive fan of Ibanez basses, especially their necks. When I shifted away from Ibanez to Warmoth (an expensive move based solely on a desire for a more vintage-looking instrument) I chose the Warmoth specs to be as close to Ibanez as possible...45mm at the nut, 17mm spacing etc. Whilst my 1990s SR1205 and SR1206 basses are mostly gathering dust, I feel nothing but joy when I play them. The SR1206 might leave me one day, but the SR1205 will likely stay with me until the grave!
  8. JimBobTTD

    What's going to happen to CDs ?

    It is all a ruse. You don't need books, CDs, hifi system, magazines, videos, DVDs or TV...all you need is your laptop and a subscription to lots of things at only £9.99 per month each. Oh, and cloud storage for all your backups at £9.99 a month for when your laptop breaks. "Why am I so poor?" the junior office worker mused, listening to Spotify though bluetooth headphones on his iPhone X while clicking away at his laptop. His £4.20 large coffee with cream from Starbucks cooled next to him.
  9. JimBobTTD

    To fretless or not?

    I adore my fretless 5er. I had a spare Warmoth body and so I bought a fretless neck for it. I went for a lined fretless. It is my main practice bass. I have taken it to rehearsals a few times and loved it. I have not been brave enough to gig it. This has proven to be a good thing, as I can seldom hear myself well enough to have it when gigging and, occasionally, I cannot see much on stage so I would probably have made a right pig's ear of it. I think that the main thing that the fretless has done for me is to open up a new level of appreciation for bass. Fretless playing is like a pair of faded jeans in a sea of new jeans...everyone has jeans, but nobody has a pair quite the same as your pair.
  10. JimBobTTD

    Warmoth Jazz Deluxe V - 60s/70s Style

    Not since the last post, no. Hooking up the preamp means drilling a couple of holes in the bell plate for the switches. No big deal, but this also means getting out my workbench (in the cellar, behind loads of stuff) and drilling holes...I cannot be lifting things just yet after my arm operation at the end of January, so it might all have to wait a few weeks longer until I can hold a drill!
  11. JimBobTTD

    Warmoth Jazz Deluxe V - 60s/70s Style

    This is progressing very slowly. I have most of the parts on the bass now. Left to do: - Drill holes in the bell plate for the East preamp - Hook up the preamp - Fix the battery box (it is in, but not wired up). I shall need to decide whether to go for 9 or 18v - Set up I have flatwounds on it and I can play it as it is. The sound is very round, which bodes well. Pics etc when the bass is ready. Not long now!
  12. JimBobTTD


    It worked now, Ped.
  13. JimBobTTD


    When I try, I get this:
  14. JimBobTTD

    Budget wireless system recommendations

    Line6 G30. I bought one years back and it has served me very well. I cannot recommend it enough.
  15. JimBobTTD

    SOLD - iPhone 6S Plus 64GB unlocked Space Grey

    I’ll take it off you if Tom passes on it.