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  1. JimBobTTD

    John East U-Retro in a PJ

    Thank you for your answer - it kind of matches my initial feelings. In fact, I have a slight hunch that I even tried a U-Retro in my P-bass body to check and the cavity was not deep enough, but I am unsure whether this happened or not. A modified P-Retro - a PJ-Retro, dare I say - would be rather good if it means that the bass's output matches my Jazz with the J-Retro in. The outputs of the two basses are so different that I find that it would be impractical to take both to a gig as my pedalboard and amp need fiddling with before I am ready to go. What I do not like about the P-Retro is the battery solution. If you show up to a gig and it is dead, you are rather stumped unless you flick it over to passive. With a standard battery solution, you just roll your eyes at your stupidity and pop a fresh battery in the bass.
  2. Has anyone done this? I have a P bass with a J pickup at the bridge, so it is a PJ Precision rather than another kind of bass with a P and J pickup in it. The UNI PRE 3 Knob looks good, as does the older U-Retro. But does it fit in the cavity? Whilst I could ask John East himself, I would likely be waiting for one to show up on the secondhand market. So it seems right not to bother him with this.
  3. JimBobTTD

    Buncha peds

    The Knightfall went to me! I also have the Blueberry OD and will be comparing them. If the Knightfall does not live up to expectations, I’ll contact the good people in this thread to alert them when I put up the ad.
  4. I have had the GK MB Fusion 500 since 2014 or thereabouts. It replaced the GK 700RB and I have not regretted it at all. I use it with a TKS 212 and I love the sound it makes. Sorry...I cannot see your signature. I think I turned them all off when we changed to the new BC software.
  5. If I were after an amp, it would be this one or the D800+. But the realisation that I only ever use my amp in the rehearsal place makes me think that an amp is of much less importance now than before. All my gigs are direct to the mixer (and godawful monitoring...but that is another thread!) with only a few having house backline included.
  6. JimBobTTD

    In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    Of course! I think I need to have a lie down. Thank you for the continued advice. I shall report back here how it all goes.
  7. JimBobTTD

    In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    Sorry to noob up the thread...tips for a mixer so I can mix my bass DI with a condenser microphone so I can send the signal up the Behringer P2? I just need those two channels and an XLR output.
  8. JimBobTTD

    In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    Understood. Thanks! I'll look at the Behringer P2 again.
  9. JimBobTTD

    In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    Ooh...someone local is selling a lightly used LD Systems MEIOne for the same price as the Behringer P2. Worth it, or one to avoid?
  10. JimBobTTD

    In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    The band is only as loud as the soundguy will allow...which is not all that loud, truth be told. I normally go straight to the desk via the house's DI, but if I get an amp, it is whatever the house backline is. A 15" Hughes & Kettner last time, but I one had a Peavey monster with 6x10" cab on quite a large stage. That was the only time I heard myself properly!
  11. JimBobTTD

    In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    I see...thanks. This would explain why the soundguy cannot increase the volume of my bass. The board: compressor, overdrive and chorus (with X-over so only on the higher register) always on. Distortion. Preamp always on (with bass around 9-12 o'clock, mids at 3 o'clock). Thumpinator to remove the lowest of low frequencies. I don't think that my sound is boomy sludge. I hear myself clearly enough in the soundcheck, but it is not loud enough. Yes, I meant the wireless jobby. Thanks for the tip...I shall look into a wired solution to see if it solves the problem. No point shelling out for wireless gear if it does not actually help!
  12. JimBobTTD

    In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    Thank you, EBS_Freak. I was a bit unclear, I now see. The venue's soundguy takes care of the mix and the monitors. I always ask for more bass, often asking for more mids in my bass sound rather than more volume. As for the house amp, I try to cut the bass, boost the low mids and leave the treble flat. But more often than not, there is no house amp and I go straight to the desk. The house usually has their own DI, so I end up with a cable from my pedalboard (which has a DI on it!) to their DI. My pedalboard is EQed to have lots of mids, relatively flat bass. The FOH sound tends to be good, though, with the crowd happy and able to hear the bass clearly. It's the on-stage sound that is poor and muddy. I shall look into the ZS10s and a condenser mic - thanks for the tips. Any suggestions for an IEM system? I mean that box that sends the signal to the receiver into which the ZS10s would be plugged.
  13. JimBobTTD

    In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    I have had a good read of most of the thread's early and later pages but not found the info I am after...apologies if it has been addressed before. There is a lot of info about IEMs themselves, but I could not find much about systems. Here is my problem: I cannot hear myself when I gig. Some gigs are better than others, I'll admit, but we had one a few months back where I could not hear a single note I was playing. The last gig I mostly "felt" the bass rather than hearing it. It is making me not enjoy myself. Is it the sound guy? Maybe. It might even be me. My bandmates can often hear me very well, but I cannot. Sound check tends to be acceptable but not brilliant, but it worsens when the gig starts. I have tried moving around, but space is limited and it has not helped me. Are IEMs the solution? But, to make it more difficult: We play multi-band nights, mostly, so I cannot get an XLR from the desk. I could mic up a monitor, though. I play mostly through the house's backline (with a DI out from the amp) or DI to the desk; I have not gigged with my own amp since 2015. We do not gig all that often, but things are heating up a bit. But music is my main hobby and I hate how I don't enjoy it as much as I should or did once. Hence, I do not want to spend too much cash, but I don't mind spending some...if that is clear! Any tips?
  14. JimBobTTD

    Patch cables. What do you use ?

    Aha...they would explain it. I can’t blame them. I was asked a million times in my last job to provide test access for people doing comparisons, quality checks etc etc. Most were not really serious about it.
  15. JimBobTTD

    Patch cables. What do you use ?

    Thank you, @danny-79 The MXR cables i use are on neither list but they serve me well. 6" long, flat plugs.