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  1. Warmoth Jazz Deluxe V - 60s/70s Style

    Not since the last post, no. Hooking up the preamp means drilling a couple of holes in the bell plate for the switches. No big deal, but this also means getting out my workbench (in the cellar, behind loads of stuff) and drilling holes...I cannot be lifting things just yet after my arm operation at the end of January, so it might all have to wait a few weeks longer until I can hold a drill!
  2. Warmoth Jazz Deluxe V - 60s/70s Style

    This is progressing very slowly. I have most of the parts on the bass now. Left to do: - Drill holes in the bell plate for the East preamp - Hook up the preamp - Fix the battery box (it is in, but not wired up). I shall need to decide whether to go for 9 or 18v - Set up I have flatwounds on it and I can play it as it is. The sound is very round, which bodes well. Pics etc when the bass is ready. Not long now!
  3. PMs

    It worked now, Ped.
  4. PMs

    When I try, I get this:
  5. Budget wireless system recommendations

    Line6 G30. I bought one years back and it has served me very well. I cannot recommend it enough.
  6. SOLD - iPhone 6S Plus 64GB unlocked Space Grey

    I’ll take it off you if Tom passes on it.
  7. Professional refinish

    I have had a couple of necks and a body finished in nitro by Retro169, based in Newquay. I have only sent him unpainted stuff. It is finished in nitro and, although it is his speciality, does not necessarily have to have relic work done to it (the three pieces I had done had no relic work done). Good communication, good prices, good quality of work.
  8. [SOLD] TKS Engineering 1126 - Tweed

    That is quite the looker...if I weren’t in Sweden - where these are made! - I’d have this off you. Have a bump on me
  9. We're off - 1x15 DIY

    Hurrah! Glad it all worked out. It looks slick!
  10. @ped - what was it you wanted to know? You might have better luck talking to Customs & Excise. If nothing else, they can point you to the right part of their incomprehensible website so you can find out what it is you need to know.
  11. Maruszczyk's

    Oh my word...that has to be the prettiest thing I have seen in years!
  12. We're off - 1x15 DIY

  13. Warmoth Jazz Deluxe V - 60s/70s Style

    Aha...I rather like the neck. I chose a 1.75” width one though. Not too chunky at all for me. I measured my Ibanez and worked out that the Warmoth one was about the same size.
  14. Feedback for intime-nick

    I bought a Micro Thumpinator off Nick who packaged it well, sent it internationally for me and kept an eye on the tracking. All well. I would gladly buy from him again.
  15. New '55 style P-Bass build

    This looks lovely. Slightly off-topic...what is the white five-string in the pic above? The scratchplate is sex on toast!