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  1. I appreciate the input. You're provably right about computer software support, that is a worry. Do you have much of an opinion on boss or zoom multi effects? If line 6 are likely to stop support then I'm less inclined to use their gear.
  2. I've found one for a good deal and I'm intrigued but info I've found seems to point to it being problematic on windows 10, and not necessarily the best for live playing due to idle white noise. Ive just come back to bass after a long break and was looking for a multi effects to play with. Worth my time or should I get something newer?
  3. That's all really good advice! I work from tabs as well and will look for some fun stuff to play. Honestly this is the most comfortable bass I've ever played! I'm really excited to get playing properly again. Looks like I might be starting a project with my friend
  4. Hey all! I'm super excited to be playing bass again after exclusively playing guitar for 13 years. I was a bassist in my teens and had a recent musical epiphany where I realised that bass was my real passion. I'm currently relearning songs I used to play, as well as finding some new ones. Ive just got my bass, an ibanez sr505 and I'm in love, it plays brilliantly. I'd love some song suggestions to learn, I mainly play rock/metal/funk and would love to find some gold 5 string tracks. In order to keep myself motivated too, I have plans to record and start a YouTube channel as a hobby. Also, any suggestions of bands I should check out thare relatively heavy and feature bass prominently?
  5. Yeah I stumbled across that, but I'm bearing in mind that it's much cheaper than it was new, and that I need a lightweight setup, it seems a good option for my needs. I would love a bigger, better ashdown head but with my back being shot it puts me off hauling large amps.
  6. Ah that's an awesome option! Sadly that's a bit far from me, gutted Ive seen a wharfedale 210 new for 89 quid which would be a good option I think as well. Might see if that chap is willing to post...
  7. Thanks for the response! I realise it isn't the biggest or best, but I plan to DI it if I ever get to gigging again so I'm not too concerned about the wattage for now as I'm mostly playing at home and recording covers. Ive seen a couple of 8ohm cabs for sale so will just have to figure that side out and get something small Thanks for the advice! I just wish my back was better because I've seen some killer deals on the bigger ashdown heads.
  8. I can't find much at all about these online but I'm after a small, lightweight setup and figure this might work well with a decent cab. They seem to be fairly uncommon to come by but I have the chance to pick one up for 120 notes. I'm mainly concerned with versatility and tone, as it will mainly be for playing at home. Only other options I've seen are a bh250 or a rumble 200 head, but I like the ashdown stuff so trying to find out about this head!
  9. That's a good call. I can't find much on the ashdown sadly. I like their bigger amps so figured that might be a good fit. I mostly worry about versatility because I play a wide range of stuff but mainly rock/metal. Tc electronic seem cool but I've seen people say their tone print stuff is pretty hit and miss.
  10. Thanks for the advice. You're probably right with what you've said. I'm looking at head options atm but I'm a bit conflicted. I can get an ashdown pi bass 240, fender rumble 200 or tc bh250 in my price range. Which would be ideal?
  11. So I've come across a couple more options! Found an ampeg 210 450w combo for 150, or a bugger bxd12 for 120. Fender stuff is cool! Ive found a 200 watt head for 150, but struggling to find a suitable cab.
  12. Hi all Ive recently switched back from guitar to bass as I missed it. It's been some time since I've needed a bass amp and I'm a little lost as to what I should go for. I'm on a fairly low budget as I'm a uni student, so looking second hand predominantly. Here's what I need it for: Bedroom playing/recording (looking to record some covers to get back into the swing of things) Potential gigging in small local venues (max 100 people) when I find a band Portability! I have lower back problems so looking to keep things easy to transport. Versatility - I play a lot of rock and metal, plus some punk and funk Options I've identified - Combos - peavey max 200w 1x12, tc electronic bg250 1x15 Heads - fender rumble 200, ashdown pi bass 240, tc electronic bh250, tc electronic bq500. I'm looking for something to cover all bases for now as I'm just getting back into it. Would love to hear your thoughts!
  13. Hi mate, is this still available? I'd be pretty interested.
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