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  1. nomis

    JHS Pulp n' Peel Comp

    I use the V3 and I love it! It sounds nice and punchy and the blend control is really handy!
  2. What danny said! I have played both and always go back to tech 21!
  3. Hi all, (please point me in the right direction if this has already been covered!) I'm considering a big ol' overhaul on my rig. I currently use a AD200 and orange 410 with couple of pedals for drive (big muff, three way sansamp and tone hammer pedal). For smaller gigs, I sometimes don't bother with the amp and go through straight through the PA VIA the tone hammer. I'm looking for something that I can get some pretty versatile sounds through that doesn't weigh a tonne and I can use direct without a cab if needed so I can shed some pedals - and that's where I have spied the darkglass. In principle, I think its perfect for what I want however a lot of the demos seem to be active pickups and metal! I play things right across the board so I don't want to pigeonhole myself with an amp that can only do one thing. I play a 59 (RI) P bass and the vintage MT side of the amp seems to appeal to me (I don't have a good reason for that!) Soooo, now I have got round the houses, who uses one and do you play non-djent? EDIT: I realise I didn't actually say which product I was asking about! Either the 500 or 900w amp.
  4. This may seem like a silly question - how is this for gigging in terms of volume?
  5. Ooooh love a good rig rundown! [b]Basses[/b] Fender 50's P-Bass - Fiesta red with a couple of upgrades (mojo Harness and p-ups & Schaller bridge) MM Stingray (2004) 3EQ in natural - no upgrades [b]Pedals[/b] TC - Polytune Mini JHS - Pulp n Peel Walrus Audio - Julia MXR - Bass Octave Deluxe EHX - Bass Big Muff Caroline Guitar Co - Kilobyte Delay Tech 21 - Sans amp Programmable 3ch Aguilar - Tone Hammer Power - Cioks Schizophrenic Board - Pedaltrain Jr [b]Amp[/b] Orange AD200b MK3 Orange 4x10 For practice - pedal board straight into interface with headphones. [b]Cable[/b] Pedal Board - George L Guitar Cables - Sommer Spirit XL w/ Neutrik Ends
  6. [quote name='dood' timestamp='1488211918' post='3246832'] What Jack says [/quote] Thanks fellas!
  7. [quote name='dood' timestamp='1487765614' post='3242536'] The BxK and Vintage models are two different types of drive and there are a number of 'updates' shall we say for each model. For example Vintage Microtubes - Vintage Deluxe - Vintage Deluxe II - Vintage Ultra. Each in turn have an enhanced feature set, but essentially start with a similar voice. It's similar for the BxK range too. The B3K doesn't have the full EQ section that the B7K does and the Ultra version is the latest update of the B7K, if that makes sense. Like the MXR M80, if you turn off the drive section, the EQ (preamp) sections of the B7K, Deluxe and Ultra versions are all still running. You'll only switch that off if you disengage the pedal completely. Having a B7KU and a VM would probably be a really nice mix, though I'd be tempted to put a B3K in front of the Vintage Ultra, simply because I would kinda set the VMU to be my 'amp on the edge of break up' all of the time, then use the B3K or similar to push it over the edge. Ultimately, I've not tried both ways round and the only way for knowing what works for you is to try it out. I know that's not going to be easy unless you can get to somewhere like Bass Direct and try out all four! [/quote] Maybe I have entirely mis-interpreted what you have said here but can you engage and disengage the drive section of the B7K whilst leaving the EQ running via the single foot switch?
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. Thanks for the advice guys. Would love to come to the bass bash but I live right up north in the toon so its a little far for me! There's nowhere up here really to try different things out. I played through a friends mini mark and traver 2x10 yesterday and it sounded great. Took my sans amp really well and didn't need to mess around too much with the settings! For all the TTE users, how does it compare to the mini mark?
  10. Hello everyone! It's been a while since I have posted here. Just looking for some advice around a new bass amp. I currently have an ad200mk3 which is really nice but it's right heavy! I want something a little lighter and maybe solid state (maybe). Kind of like the warm vintage tone. A friend suggested a mark bass tte501 which looks ok. Anything else anyone could recomend?
  11. another George L User in the house
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