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  1. and this comes at a weight of how many kilos.. ?
  2. I have exactly the same head, and an identical cab in 2x10 configuration. It was the series that made the success of MarkBass on the global market as one of the best bass amp out there. Very warm and pleasant sounding, to my ears.
  3. oh my goodness, that's the real thing. Would you consider giving it away for free to me? edit to add: I promise I'll make good use of it and if I at all manage I'll also have it signed by Richard in person one day.
  4. so sweeeeeet, why can't I have anything I fall in love with..
  5. Yep but that's quite normal, seen the same on other basses that were born fretless was courious about the neck wood? it's a bit dark to consider standard maple, but probably this information as well is missing right?
  6. thanks! Guess not, but I try anyway: any clue on pu and electronics brand/model.. ?
  7. Do you know what is the scale of the bass, and the weight?
  8. Hi Beedster, have you got the current specs of the bass? It's been epoxied right? What's the weight of the baby?
  9. Thanks Raslee, It's a lot of bass for the money! Will find a good home Cheers Luca
  10. Used in like new conditions, bought for fun and experiment and now willing to taste something different or get some money for some other experiment. No marks or scratches, used for maybe 2 lives and 5-6 times total out of home (lacking a real situation where this could fit well). Gig bag and strap included. Would love to trade for an acoustic guitar, even higher value + cash your way. Can ship worldwide. Here are the specs and website from Cort https://www.cortguitars.com/product/item.php?it_id=111#tab_Specifications CONSTRUCTION Dovetail Neck Joint CUTAWAY Venetian Cutaway BODY Acoustic Bass Deep Body Depth (110x135mm) TOP Solid Spruce Top BACK & SIDES African Mahogany(Okoume) NECK Mahogany(Palaquium) BINDING Multi binding FRETBOARD Ovangkol SCALE 864mm (34") Scale INLAY Dot Inlay BRIDGE Ovangkol PICKUPS Fishman Sonicore Pickup ELECTRONICS Fishman Isys Plus Preamp STRINGS D'Addario YB-PBB 170 Strings BRACING Advanced Scalloped X-Bracing
  11. I like this a lot honestly, I might withdraw this as well if I change my mind. Only reason for selling is that I'd be very fancy for a real jb from the 60s, or eventually a Fodera, and I should try to raise some funds as life is expensive these days
  12. Up for sale is this Oly white V4 Jazz from the good Mike. Everything as spec'd by Mike: alder body in Oly white finish, slim reinforced maple neck with lined ebony board (original from manufacture, not modified afterwards) and matching headstock, Lindy Fralin Vintage single coil PUs. It was originally wired vol, vol, tone, but I felt more comfortable with vol, balance, tone. White pearloid pickguard is the original but I'll sell it with the additional mighty Mike tortoise one seen in the pics. Will be equipped with the original ultralite hipshot, the lollipop ones were bought after for the look. Definitely light, haven't weighted it yet but must certainly be nicely below 4kg, and very well balanced. The bass sound great and is in immaculate condition, couldn't find scratches or ding even under angled light. Original hardcase (special edition for this bass, as I was told from the local Lull dealer) is included. Can post it if needed, bass is located in Italy (Salsomaggiore is near Parma). Any question I'm here. Not specifically looking for trades and I would consider trade value slightly higher probably, but if you have something to propose go ahead, in the worst case I'll gently decline. And now the porn part of the discussion:
  13. The bass is real and Jacoland is a luthier very close to where I live. I really find that specific bass is horrible, but I do confirm the work of Jacoland is serious and the bass has been certainly paid a fair bunch of money as it is custom made. Not sure if it was paid more or less than the price requested at this time.
  14. Hehe, thanks @deepbass5 and @owen, that's really a nice cab, just want to try out something new before I set with 10-12 cabs that I will never let go any more
  15. Hi @ped, The FW version of this cab (ie this one) has no tweeter. I don't have the tweeter even in the GK combo, I simply don't feel the need for it, but if you know you like or need that feature the cab may probably fall short on clarity for you? I don't feel the cab like dark, but it may depend on taste..? Thanks Luca Edit after thinking a bit more on this point, and considering the answer might help a lot of eventually interested people that probably haven't had the chance to try the cab personally: what the cab might be lacking for someone is the fact that the highs have no big sparkle. Trying to described a sound is always difficult so please be patient with my description of the thing: let's say that if you like the millerish sound you will get all the beef but you might miss some detail in the highs. That kind of bassist however would probably use this cab paired with a second one on top I assume, which would probably solve the "problem".
  16. Price drop to 400 euro (350£ roughly) Hi guys, here we go with a cab that doesn't show up very often: ACME Low-B 112 FW (flat wound), 8ohm version. Up for sale at 370£ - 400 Euro Perfect working order and very good-to-perfect visual conditions (just light evidences of careful use). Used only for Jazz, Acid Jazz and light funky venues as second cab of the small old Gallien Combo MB 150, both with double bass and with electric bass, and possibly once or twice with the MB500 fusion head but never overloaded or stressed in any way. I heard comments about ACMEs in general being limited on the volume side but I've never experienced issues, even if the Gallien drives it at 150W only. I anyway don't need serious punch or loudness to be honest (in small clubs and at the rehearsal I use the combo alone). I'm putting it here for sale as I'd like to change and taste something new, I've been quite happy with the cab and I'd consider trading it with a light and easy to handle 1x10 or 1x12 that I would use the same way (I would also happily consider the FR version of the same cab or another ACME cab). If you have something you want to propose just throw a message my way, worst I'll say is no thanks. Cab is locted in Italy, very close to Parma and Piacenza. WIll definitely consider shipping it worldwide at buyer's cost. Of course if you're passing by you're welcome to give it a try, never refused to offer wine and parmisan while testing rigs. Paypal accepted. Here's the link to the webise and the specs of the model: ACME website ACME LOW-B 112 FW Specs Frequency response: 41Hz to 4 kHz +/-3 dB. -6 dB at 31 Hz Power Handling: 350 Watts RMS continuous Recommended Power: 300-400 watts Sensitivity: 91.1 dB 1 watt/1 meter Impedance: Available in 4 or 8 ohms Dimensions: 23"H x 15.75"W x 16.5"D Peso: 37 lbs - 16,8 kg Anything else, just ask. thanks Luca
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