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  1. and this comes at a weight of how many kilos.. ?
  2. I have exactly the same head, and an identical cab in 2x10 configuration. It was the series that made the success of MarkBass on the global market as one of the best bass amp out there. Very warm and pleasant sounding, to my ears.
  3. oh my goodness, that's the real thing. Would you consider giving it away for free to me? edit to add: I promise I'll make good use of it and if I at all manage I'll also have it signed by Richard in person one day.
  4. so sweeeeeet, why can't I have anything I fall in love with..
  5. Yep but that's quite normal, seen the same on other basses that were born fretless was courious about the neck wood? it's a bit dark to consider standard maple, but probably this information as well is missing right?
  6. thanks! Guess not, but I try anyway: any clue on pu and electronics brand/model.. ?
  7. Do you know what is the scale of the bass, and the weight?
  8. Hi Beedster, have you got the current specs of the bass? It's been epoxied right? What's the weight of the baby?
  9. Thanks Raslee, It's a lot of bass for the money! Will find a good home Cheers Luca
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