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  1. I’ve not had much experience w active instruments so I approach it as if it was a passive. I almost exclusively use a compressor at the front of my chain to bring the signal up and squash TF out of it. I don’t care too much for dynamics as it suits my lazy sloppy way of playing lol
  2. Selling anything is just a total nightmare. Hence the decline in SH sales and the increase of disposable mentality. Sad but it’s true imo
  3. Welcome and I would suggest having a look in the trade/sale sub of this forum. As they are ex bassist basses they would have been set up and “played in” so you’ll get a better experience imo. Straight out of the box you will have to adjust and play it in. You would probably benefit from a low action and perhaps short scale so you can play longer without fatigue which means faster level up 😬 good lick with your quest in the low end (see wat I did there) 👌🏻
  4. Super cool. Hats off to you for this 👌🏻
  5. After nearly two years, I finally caved in a pulled the trigger on it. I am super excited. Shame it doesn’t track lower than A on the bass but that’s okay. I will throw guitar and some synth through it. Synth through a synth? Yeth.
  6. Wait until you feel better. It will affect your playing/enjoyment.
  7. Tc bh250 compact head and DI into the house PA. for monitor perhaps some IEMs out of the main mix. That’s the most compact set up I can think of
  8. EADG but the A is most important because it is first in alpabet
  9. Reinforced tape. Couple of layers of it.
  10. Who said anything about getting it up on stage? Just leave it by the bar, turn the trace amp to 4 and hit those notes hard so it breaks all the pint glasses and makes the bartender puke 🤮
  11. Slap some castors on the trace stack. That or buy a sack truck 😎👌🏻
  12. Is there even a chart or Pepsi chart for music anymore? Or is it really THAT disposable now?
  13. Lmao I was going to suggest headphones 🎧😂
  14. The word is on the street that the fire in your heart is out
  15. Sounds dumb but why not just learn the bass line or pattern and apply it to your own playing? I learnt how to octave by watching a bass cover of Duran Duran - girls on film. I was curious how it looked on the fretboard and when I watched the video I was like ahhh I see what you did there. So I practised it. Just the chorus. Got that down and could play it over and over. I loaded up the song into virtualDJ and set it to loop on the chorus and played along to it until I nailed it. Forgotten how to play it now but I still know how to octave. Rock and roll blues stuff yeah same thing if you’re playing 12 bar blues. You get bored of root notes so eventually you work out the scales and recycle the same shape or note grouping on each string or to the appropriate fret. For funk not that I’m any good at it whatsoever, probably worth learning a couple of tracks and picking out the key elements that you feel are funkaaaay 😬
  16. I can make a racket on the drums but to play it properly no. Lmao
  17. Early muse or muse now? (I don’t know what they sound like now but I know what they look like and what their current product looks like)
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