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  1. Thanks Tony. Please note that I am not waiting to replace the TE head though.
  2. Except that it's size (not weight or portability) I am trying to reduce. I have a very small house!
  3. Are you interested in any trades? Pedals, for example?
  4. I wasn't previously familiar with Barefaced. I think I need to find out more about them.
  5. Thanks folks, some great suggestions there - thanks. In answer to the questions - this is for medium-sized venues with PA for all backline and on-stage monitor mix. Funnily enough I've found that the bigger venues need less backline volume than pub gigs. Nevertheless I guess I need at least to match the volume levels delivered through the TA 1x15". I'm after a punchier tone and had been considering swapping the TE 1x15" for a 2x10". But I'm also after a smaller size (moreso than lighter weight) - and wonder whether I might get an acceptable solution from a modern 2x8" or even 4x5". - Nick.
  6. Hi folks, I'm looking for some advice. I'm impressed by some of the modern compact class-D amp head and cabinet combinations now available (e.g from Mark Bass and Trace Elliott). If I were starting out now - that's definitely what I'd be checking out. Instead I have a 30-year old Trace Elliott Twin Valve head coupled with a very heavy 1x15" cabinet. I love it. But it is a hefty solution. My question is this: I think I am too wedded to the amp to change it - but am wondering if I could at least pick a smaller cabinet. Maybe something like the 4x5" (or 8x5") from PJB or any number of other compact units form Trace or Mark Bass or suchlike. Has anyone tried this sort of thing? Grateful for the benefit of people's experiences. - Nick.
  7. I've done some "at home" (low volume) testing (I shalln't be going into the rehearsal rooms until the new year). I am happy to post my initial conclusion is that this thing is fantastic! Great overdrives, distortions and fuzz (and a boost/cut) - and all programmable. Best bit? Loads of bass!!!! I think this is everything I need in one (albeit big) box. Highly recommended.
  8. I guess I shall find out how it sounds shortly. I will try to remember to report back!
  9. Aha! Thanks. I can see the value - our guitarist works like that too. My setup - and my brain - work slightly differently. I have (currently) 8 different sounds from my board - which I select by name - not sequence. For each of those sounds, the ES-8 can specify any pedal patch (on the appropriate MIDI channel for that device) so it works well for me.
  10. I actually don't know what that means! 🙄 I have other midi controllable pedals - each is on a separate channel. For each sound I need, I send the patch number from the ES-8 to the appropriate channel (as well as handling all the routing for the pedals, of course).
  11. I was planning to do all the programming on the pedal - saving about 10 patches - then using the ES-8 to select them.
  12. I've just placed an order for one of these for my board. I am hoping to use it to replace my drive (Fulltone Bassdrive Mosfet) and fuzz (Wattson Super Fuzz) pedals. The heart of the board is a Boss ES-8 so I am hoping that I can save suitable presets so that I can dial-up the tones at a click of a switch. Has anyone here used one of these? I'd be grateful for opinions! - Nick.
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