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  1. Cheers Dan I saw this plus our band lock up is in Bilston! But I’ve decided to go back to lightweight gear so purchased a GK MB 212 today. Should be good for rehearsals and backline when we can all get back out in the road
  2. Hey dudes. I’m looking for a new back line and have been shopping around while looking at different options. But have to keep an eye on the $$$. Is anyone selling any trace gear? I may be interested. Cheers
  3. Yep could do. It’s an option. Just thinking of the best way to get decent on stage monitoring that’s simple to take care of when our engineer isn’t with us.
  4. I did but I’m selling it on. It’s very good but doesn’t have enough grunt for me personally. I’ve used it for monitoring on a couple of live stream shows and it performed well but I want to get something that hits a bit harder for a tour that is booked for the autumn. So gonna list the QSC
  5. Dudes. Does anyone have experience with running a modeller to FOH (I use Helix) while sending a signal to a power amp/bass cab for backline? If so what power amp would you recommend to pair with a Barefaced Super Twin?
  6. Thanks but need something that is solid for gigging backline
  7. Putting the feelers out to see if anyone is interested in trading a compact bass amp or cab for an immaculate QSC12.2. it’s been used for a handful of rehearsals so basically as new. Comes with the QSC tote bad included. What you got in exchange in dudes.
  8. Breaking down my rack. All items fully working without any issue. Been kept in rack. A few marks that you would expect on the metal casings but generally all in excellent condition. 1) Furman PL-8CE Power Conditioner. Like new, used half a dozen times. £180 2) Toneworks Korg DTR-1 Digital Guitar Tuner Chromatic Strobe Rack Mount £55 SOLD 3) Sansamp RPM Pre Amp £215 4) Sansamp RBI Pre Amp £215 5) DBX 166XL Compressor £65 If anyone is interested in the full set up I'll throw in the gator 6u rack also.
  9. Swapped out from my limited edition Tony Franklin P bass. Price includes postage.
  10. I tried 735 and 745 but felt the qsc had the best sound overall. The 745 is probably louder but I think the tone may get lost in the overall on-stage mix. The QSC seemed to have more mid-punch
  11. I just got from PMT in Birmingham and tried out several powered speakers. Yamaha, RCF, ALTO, QSC. The QSC 12.2 was hands down winner for me. Nice mids which will cut through on stage and seems like plenty of power.
  12. Do you think it would be good for bass or is it a guitar cab?
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