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  1. I tried 735 and 745 but felt the qsc had the best sound overall. The 745 is probably louder but I think the tone may get lost in the overall on-stage mix. The QSC seemed to have more mid-punch
  2. I just got from PMT in Birmingham and tried out several powered speakers. Yamaha, RCF, ALTO, QSC. The QSC 12.2 was hands down winner for me. Nice mids which will cut through on stage and seems like plenty of power.
  3. Do you think it would be good for bass or is it a guitar cab?
  4. Awesome. I’m south Birmingham
  5. Dudes. I’ve been following this for a while now. I’m ready to start seriously looking at a powered wedge for stage monitoring. As I now seem to be playing larger stages I have recent moved to IEMs but would also like the option of a speaker on stage, both as an option for me and the others in the band. I don’t use helix or similar but I run 2 rack mounted Sansamps. Do you think a QSC would be a suitable solution for what I’m looking for? Im thinking I would go to FOH from the sansamp with another 1/4inch jack to the powered wedge.
  6. Stunning Yamaha SPX 90 II Reverb / Effects. Excellent condition. Fully tested and ready to go. Some very minor markings to the case where it has been put in and out of the rack. The front panel is in excellent condition and lights up perfectly. This gives the most amazing 80s vintage sound to your bass! Comes with original packaging and box. The Yamaha SPX90 is the first rackmount FX unit to achieve world dominance. Prior to the SPX90, racks contained nothing but expensive gear that did one or two effects but, post-SPX, everyone could afford a multi-fx unit – so everyone bought one The SPX was, and still is, a great little fx unit. It has a selection of very usable plates & halls plus gated reverb, early reflection reverb programs and delays. It also has a number of fairly basic pitch change presets plus panning, vibrato, parametric EQ and a compressor. Of these, the reverbs (halls, plates, rooms) are the most useful. But the best bit of the SPX90 is the wide selection of chorus / flanger / phaser effects on offer, particularly Symphonic Symphonic is a great, deep chorus effect like a Dimension D on steroids. It can be subtle, like a Dimension D, or tweaked to create an over-the-top chorus with lots of pitch changing. It’s great for widening synth basses, warming up the low end of tracks, adding movement to a Rhodes patch or thickening acoustic guitars If you don’t like Symphonic, there are Phaser, Flanger, Tremelo and other time-based effects, all of which are easily editable Firing up an SPX90 some thirty years later it’s intriguing to find that it sounds as good as ever, with a warm, wide sound full of character. Early outboard gear and effects are much in demand at the moment and – on the evidence of the SPX90 – it’s easy to see why
  7. Shock-protected Flight Case rack. Excellent condition with little use. Spotlessly clean. - 9mm black laminated plywood construction. - 1" (25mm) thick foam cushion layer offers maximum protection. - Front and rear rack strip. - Heavy duty butterfly clasps secure lids. - 4 x riveted ball corners on each lid. - Foam lined lids to protect equipment front and rear. - Sprung handles with foam grasp. - 4 x heavy duty castors (2 braked) bolted to thick wheelboard. I live near Jcn 2 M42, but can meet within a reasonable distance of B487BP.
  8. Dropping the price of this dudes.... Now £495 Classic, powerful Trace Elliot 350w GP12 SMX amp head. Truly fabulous sound. Clean, driving power. It sounds epic! UV light works perfectly. All in good working order. I'll be sad to see this go but needs a new owner to give it the justice it deserves. I live near Jcn 2 M42, but can meet within a reasonable distance of B487BP.
  9. Dudes, I have a Tony Franklin Precision Bass which has the PJ configuration. I am considering putting in a Seymour Duncan QP as the neck pick up as I want a harder hitting sound. Is it possible to swap on the neck pick up and leave the bridge pick up as supplied? Are there any downsides to doing that? Cheers. Here's a pick of my bass for reference
  10. Hi dudes. Does anyone have any experience using UM 30s in a live stage environment? I’m making my first moves into IEM. Cheers.
  11. I need the cash to fund another purchase so need to sell this baby!
  12. Put it this way. My go-to bass is my Tony Franklin Fender P/J which I adore, but cost me over £1,600. The Fernandes has been my back up and whilst there is obviously a difference it’s less than you’d think. It plays amazingly well and sounds really killer
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