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  1. [quote name='Lo.' post='1154627' date='Mar 8 2011, 10:02 PM']It was the utterly unfamous Ed Brown on this album. Good stuff! ETA: Don't forget Minnie broke the rules with "Lovin You" - no bass player. Meh.[/quote] OK, thanks! Ed Brown it was then...(who?? ) Very tasty bass line from the Brownster though! And, she kind of broke the rules of the time with the lyrics on IML too. 'Will you come inside me'... Say no more Min!
  2. Been listening to this beautiful song again after many years (guaranteed lay, every time BTW!! ) and the bass line has really caught my ear. It sounds like Chuck Rainey but since I don't have any sleeve notes I can't be sure. Anyone in the know? CB
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  4. Joe, good to see you back in the world of bass and here on BC! I used to have correspondence lessons with you back in the late 80's / early 90's. The most valuable lesson you gave - and it still makes me shiver now - was learning all the note positions on the fretboard and then recording them chromatically from E, without mistakes or pausing, at 60bpm. Incredible! If you never learn anything else in your playing life, learn this exercise! Great website too, thanks! David
  5. BUMP... Here are some more pics of my actual bass, taken from Bass Direct's website. Demonstrates the gorgeous colour and finish. [url="http://www.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/Vigier_Stock_Arpege_V.html"]http://www.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_sp...k_Arpege_V.html[/url]
  6. Had a couple of requests for sound clips but as I don't have much in the way of recording facilities at home you're best to check out You Tube where you can see Pascal Mulot demonstrating the 4 string Arpege series 4 (in French...!) here; [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ca5sTDlpFTI"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ca5sTDlpFTI[/url] Also, he's a better player than I could ever dream of becoming...and the bass he's playing is exactly the same colour as mine!! Bonne chance mes amis!!
  7. PRICE DROP! £1,500 cash (no trades) A virtually pristine Vigier 5 for half the price of a new one...
  8. Back from holiday BUMP! Still for sale if anyone's interested?
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  10. Now-on-Ebay type of bump! Anyone who fancies a try you're more than welcome to drop by!
  11. Played the 78P at the Gallery today... Nice neck profile - especially for those of us with smallish hands - which feels less chunky than a Stingray neck. I think Alex said it's a "B" neck profile? Anyway everything works, the neck is straight with a nice action, no noticeable dead spots or fret buzz above the 12th and it sounds great. The finish has a lovely creamy hue and the chrome work is in really good nick, especially the tuners. It's got a few dings and scratches but hey, it's in great condition for a 32-year old! Just got to sell me bl**dy Vigier now... Ebay anyone?...
  12. [quote name='Machines' post='911363' date='Jul 31 2010, 05:16 PM']I played this bass before you did .[/quote] Ah, but I was the one who bought it tho! And my dad's bigger than your dad! Come on people, it's Monday! Make a great start to your week, buy this bass!
  13. Bumpety-bump for a beautiful hand-built 5er! Virtually brand new condition but for a grand under brand new price!
  14. OK, hate to do this but it just ain't getting used much anymore! Not since the band changed the set list... I bought this new from Bass Direct in January 2009. It's the current Series 4 model with the Glockenlang dual pre-amp providing separate EQ for each pickup. It's got a burgundy finished alder body with subtle flamed maple facings front and back and a maple bolt-on neck with the patented Vigier 90/10 system - carbon fibre reinforcing, so no truss rod! Weight is nice n light for a fiver at 9lbs. Switching between this and a Sadowsky 4 is no problem. Neck is slim shallow D-shape, 18mm spacing at the bridge (I think) with a nice low action. Anyway, here's the official blurb; Body: Alder with maple front and back facings Neck: Seven-piece maple and graphite (90/10 construction) Fingerboard: Phenowood Pickups: Vigier custom split-coil x 2 Electronics: Vigier 3-band EQ (designed by Glockenlang) Controls: Volume, pickup pan, neck/bridge bass (stacked), neck/ bridge mid (stacked), neck/bridge treble (stacked) Nut Width: 42.5mm Neck Join: Bolt-on, five-bolt attachment Scale Length: 33.8 inches Frets: 24 Weight: 4.5kg (9lbs) I've used this on every gig since new but it's in immaculate condition with no dings or significant scratches. Comes with a custom Vigier-embossed Hiscox Lite-Flite case. Currently strung with DR Fatbeams (40s). Great range of tones from a tight honky Jazz bass sound to full, fat P-bass thump. Slap sound is really nice - sounds like a Jazz/Status hybrid to my ears. PRICE DROP: £1,500 cash (no trades please) These babies come in at between £2,800 and £3,100 brand new so snap yourself a virtually pristine one for half price! Collection preferred but will consider courier (UK / mainland EU) at buyers expense. Merci!
  15. Certainly do! He played bass on Glenn Jones' fine album Finesse, around '84 I think. I was still noodling around on my old classical guitar, detuned and with 2 strings missing...! The album featured Wayne playing a cool slow slapped part on "You're The Only One I Love" - t'was one of the songs that drove me to buy my first real bass. I think the album was also produced by Wardell Potts Jr (the drummer on most of Shalamar's best known albums) and also had some input from a certain Leon F Sylvers. Can't go wrong there... RIP Mr Brathwaite and thank you. [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aO-L_Bgjoqg"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aO-L_Bgjoqg[/url]
  16. [quote name='fuzzylogic' post='867101' date='Jun 14 2010, 03:23 PM']what does the db750 sound like run through the aggie 4x10 cab ( is that a gs410 ). does the cab reproduce sound without colouring it too much. does it have a tight bottom end. yes the band is very loud. the drummer is always wincing anyway.i think the guy who does the vocals and sets up the p.a. ( in other words frontman etc etc etc ) is a bit deaf ! infact being pissed doesn't help either lol.[/quote] Both my cabs are GS series. I've never considered the DB's sound coloured through these cabs at all. Just very clear, defined and yes - a tight bottom end! Through the GS410 on its own I flick the bass boost switch and maybe crank the master a tad but I don't need to touch the EQ at all. Like most 4x10's the sound does seem more focussed and 'directional'.
  17. [quote name='fuzzylogic' post='865061' date='Jun 12 2010, 11:53 AM']hiya fellow bass chatters. i have just bought an aguilar db750 and an epifani ul410 rated 4ohms ( coupled by a klotz speakon lead of around 2 feet ) .i gigged it last night but was surprised that i had to turn the gain up to half and the master to just over half to get the required volume for the band i am playing in.we sometimes play a fair bit louder than last night and i didn't expect to turn the amp master to over half considering its 750 watts @ 4ohms rating. the bass dial was set at 12, mids at between 2 and 3 and treble at 3. also when the bass, middle and treble are all turned fully anti clockwise there is no volume.is all what i have descibed normal or am i worrying too much.i would be grateful for any advice on the operating characteristics of this wonderful sounding amp to put my mind at ease there is no fault. loving this amp thanks daz[/quote] Just to add my experience... I put my DB750 through either an 8 ohm Aggie 4x10 or both the 4x10 and an 8 ohm Aggie 1x15 depending on venue. I play in a 6-piece band with a full sound from keys, guitar, drums and 2 vocalists to compete against. With an active bass, even just using the 4x10 I set the gain at 10.30 (!!) and the master volume just past 9 o'clock and have no volume problems. I leave the amp's bass, mid and treble flat (i.e. 12 o'clock) and flick on the bass boost switch if I'm using the 4x10 on its own. Maybe you're just in a VERY loud band!! CB
  18. John is open to just about any alterations to standard Jaydee shapes n sizes, so you can play about with your design as much as you wish. Also, it'll be ages until he starts the actual build process, so you've got a while yet if you do change your mind on anything! For my custom GA24 (see the picture OTPJ posted earlier in this thread) I took the basic GA body shape but had the horns sharpened a la Classic. I always preferred the size and shape of the GA body but wasn't too keen on its blunted horns. John also re-shaped the headstock to something completely the opposite of the classic Jaydee forked design. He'll also custom size any of the standard body shapes (if you're a bit on the slight side!) So, keep thinking about what you want - it doesn't have to be committed to stone just yet! Good luck with the wait my friend - mine took 16 months! It's bl**dy agonising but well worth it!
  19. [quote name='Beedster' post='779777' date='Mar 19 2010, 01:54 PM']I'd like to be, are they looking for any more bands? C[/quote] I think the running order is pretty much finalised now but there's always the chance that someone could drop out, I guess! I'll PM you the promoter's number - might be worth a call? CB
  20. My band (Big G's) has been asked to do a 30 minute slot during this fund-raising gig for the victims of the Haiti earthquake. We'll be doing a selection of soul and funk covers from 7.30-8.00 to liven things up for the evening session. Any other Basschatters on the bill? CB
  21. [quote name='PauBass' post='768833' date='Mar 9 2010, 08:27 AM']I might be buying a Streamer Stage II 5 strings, I'm very tempted, and I wanted to ask you how much do they sell for...What's a fair price for a used one? No hardcase included, just a gig bag. Cheers [/quote] If it's an 11-year old natural maple beauty with red Sims LEDs and an original Bass Centre gig bag then I'd say 8-900 quid would be a fair price... Just a wild guess...but there's an outside chance it might match this description??
  22. Hey - you still looking to sell/trade? I sent you a private message on saturday, still unanswered. Let me know Cheers! CB
  23. One that always screws my ears up is the awful screeching horn note towards the end of Move On Up by Curtis Mayfield. AAAAAGGHH! For vocals, Jacko always sounds flat to me when he sings "ooh ooh baybee" just between the first chorus and second verse of I Want You Back. Dunno, maybe it's just me ears...!
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