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  1. Whole rig now withdrawn from sale. Decided to keep it for now...for fear of making a huge mistake in an under-powered kind of way! Thanks for everyone's interest. Might think about listing the GS115 separately, if there's any interest...
  2. [quote name='JMT3781' post='757377' date='Feb 25 2010, 06:08 PM']PM'd[/quote] All PMs replied to.
  3. And replied! Whole rig still available. Some interest in bits n pieces... [quote name='JJPJ' post='752631' date='Feb 21 2010, 11:13 AM']PM'ed[/quote]
  4. Thursday morning bump for a fantastic rig!! Gonna upload some better pics later tonight...
  5. Ha! I'm not going to lower the price Higgie, sorry to disappoint! As already stated, this is a hell of a rig in excellent condition and at a realistically good price Some interest in the DB and 410...
  6. [quote name='johnzgerman' post='744078' date='Feb 13 2010, 03:50 PM']sell the mini?[/quote] I can get all this, plus 3 tool cases and 2 basses, into the back of a VW Polo... Some interest in bits 'n pieces but hey, there's a complete dream rig right there! (pains me to sell it but at least I can say I've owned one!)
  7. Pic of whole rig now uploaded. Basses NOT INCLUDED OR FOR SALE!!! This is the only one I could find at short notice but I'll happily take more for any prospective buyers.
  8. OK, reluctantly up for sale is my gorgeous rig! Everything was bought together just over 2 years ago from the Bass Merchant. We have; [b]Aguilar DB 750:[/b] 750 watts at 4 ohms and 975 watts at 2 ohms. Three 12AX7s, one 12AU7, tube-driven treble, mid, and bass controls, effect send and return, tuner out. Gator 4U roller-rack - with extending handle - included in the sale. [b]£1,000[/b] [b]GS410 and GS115 8 ohm cabs:[/b] both complete with proper Aggie-branded neoprene covers (approx. £50 each new) and detachable castors. [b]£500 each[/b] This rig will handle almost almost any live situation you can think of. I've used it at both big and small gigs, where I've just used one of the cabs. The EQ is simple to use (in fact I just keep it flat...) and the tone is to die for! The rig has been gigged regularly but everything is in first-class condition, bar the usual scuffing to the cabs' corner protectors. The DB750 has been housed in the Gator roller-rack since new and is unmarked. Ideally I'd like to sell as a complete rig since it's all perfectly matched and I need to buy a complete rig to replace this. Total rig cost when new was over £3,200. [b]PRICE (for whole rig): £2,000 [/b](collection only)...and I'll throw-in the Korg DTR2000 as well! [b]I will upload some pix tonight.[/b] Please PM me with any serious offers. Thanks! David
  9. Cool! Have to try and get me some tix! Aah, "Ooh La La La" - t'was our first dance at our wedding!! No-one else knew the bl**dy song but we didn't care. Me n Mrs Captain Bassman have always been big Lady Tee fans. She does look fab in that vid, in fact I think that was her hottest period for looks. I think she's been dodging a few salads in recent years though but the voice still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up! Anyway, back on the subject of groove, so many of her songs - both early and later - have great bass parts. Thinking Naked to the World, Just Us Two, Portuguese Love, Square Biz...
  10. Mmmm, ain't nuttin' sexier than a lady bass-player!! What's that bass the Taste of Honey chick is playing? Some kind of custom job? Looks like the b*stard son a Warwick Dolphin and a Vox!! Molan - are you saying Lady Tee's coming to town again soon? I last saw her live at Hammersmith in 1990. Awesome gig - she made grown men cry, just her and a piano...
  11. [quote name='Higgie' post='692018' date='Dec 23 2009, 02:33 AM']Ok so my notation skills aren't perfect, I found it really hard to replicate the feel in the score, but as far as I can tell the notes are right, so you should be able to match them to the song and nail the feel by your self! This is all I could knock up since my last post, and is from when the bass enters, up to the first chorus Hope it helps, may finish it off tomorrow if I get time![/quote] Thanks very much! Very kind of you. Be good if you do get time to finish it but if someone is able to scan a copy of BP mag's version then it would save you a lot of time and trouble! Cheers!
  12. Been asked to learn this haunting tune. Bass by Mr Palladino I believe?? Most of the fills sound like variations of a basic theme but I'm lazy - and short on precious practice time, what with 2 demanding young kiddies - so I'm wondering if anyone has a transcription? Thanks and a Happy Christmas to all fellow Bc'ers!
  13. That's not MK! It's that Robert Llewellyn chap off of that How's It Made show! Or Scrapheap Challenge (in days gone by)?...
  14. NICE!!! I had one of these in metallic electric blue with black hardware (serial number 215, or summink like that). Bought it new from the Soho Sound House back in about 1990, I think. Couldn't afford a full-blown Series II at the time. Lovely basses. A tad heavy compared with the Series II but all the right Status tones were in there. All for just under 900 quid...and with a proper hard case to boot! Good purchase sir! May you be very happy together!
  15. [quote name='doctor_of_the_bass' post='643518' date='Nov 2 2009, 04:03 PM']You mean the `brand new Viggy not from the 80s with full carbon neck Viggy which I've had for many many years club'!!! Its lovely Dave! In fact, I'm tempted to buy another one but fretted (it will be in around 3 years time once I've saved up enough dosh).[/quote] Of course m8y, meant to say Viggy Series 4 club!
  16. Bladdy noice Nick!! Welcome to the Viggy club! I love the separate pick-up EQ on mine too, very versatile. Enjoy my friend!!
  17. [quote name='jake_tenfloors' post='627874' date='Oct 16 2009, 01:45 PM']Hey, Looking for some slow songs with some good bass playing. Got more than enough quick and funky stuff to listen to so just wondering what slow songs you really enjoy playing?? Cheers, Jake[/quote] If you mean ballady-type things then my faves are; Portuguese Love / Out On A Limb (Teena Marie) Romance / Why Are You Leaving (Level 42) Chloe (Elton John) Deep Waters (Incognito) There's loads more but I've got a busted head today and can't think straight! Laters... CB
  18. [quote name='tredders' post='624235' date='Oct 12 2009, 06:32 PM']To add to the list of more obscure tracks with nice bass lines above: - David Watts[/quote] That's me!!!!! Anyone else priveleged enough to have a song named after them?? (I'm assuming there are no Eleanor Rigby's on BC...). And t'was written by Ray Davies in the year I was born! Sorry to hijack the thread, but couldn't resist! Seriously fantastic bass player our Mr Foxton. A complete inspiration to me when I first started playing too. Although I could never get the hang of using one of those plecky thingamyjigs... Maximum rispec!!
  19. Damn, b*gger, sod it!!! Got a last minute call-up for a dep gig tonite so I can't come now! S'pose I should be happy to be out gigging but I was really looking forward to the bash and meeting all you guys. I missed last year's bash cos of a gig too. This damn hobby of mine keeps getting in the way of Bass Bashes!!! Anyway, sorry I can't be there but hope you all have a great day. See y'all next year! CB
  20. Mark me down as "possible" - I'm 75% certain to have a gig so will have to pack my rig into the car anyway. If so I will bring; Aggie DB750 (unless there's too much amp-age already!) + Aggie cabs Vigier Arpege 5 (new series 4 model) And one of the following 4 stringers - Sadowsky UV70 Metro / Jaydee GA24 custom / GB IV (early Spitfire from 1999) Laters... CB
  21. OK, I've been toying with a strange idea for the last few months... I'm a naturally right-handed player but of late have been getting really curious about how I would get on playing a left-handed bass. Not a LH bass strung upside-down and played right-handed but a "real" LH bass! The reason for this curiosity is; a) I seem to have the ability to do some things fairly well with both hands (alright you at the back, no more sniggering!!). I'm thinking raquet sports, darts, etc...not writing though. I'm not ambidextrous - I believe that means being able to do things equally well with both hands. when listening to my iPod I can "pluck" along to the bass parts quite well with my LH fingers. Slap technique with my LH thumb also seems OK and a lot tighter than my RH thumb. Given that I'd have to concentrate more on technique, accuracy, articulation etc. I'm wondering if this might benefit my natural RH playing to any degree? Dunno how exactly but maybe it would "re-wire" my brain by removing any complacency it might have developed over the years of playing RH. Hey, there's also the possibility that it might unleash some latent technical wizardry in being able to fret better and faster with my RH!!! Could open up a new career!! I'm thinking it might be fun to buy a cheapo LH bass and have a go! Anyone ever tried this?
  22. [quote name='AndyTravis' post='598534' date='Sep 14 2009, 07:01 PM']As far as i can figure, series 1 is the same shape as mine, series 2 are narrower and have a scoop between the fingerboard and neck pickup, and series 3 are a smaller version of the series 1... Johnbobs custom on the first page is ridiculous, I keep staring at it. These really are fantastic basses, and i've got rough sketches already drawn up for my custom - I've had a few interesting ideas for headstock facings etc. I just need to figure out what to sell to fund it...haha.[/quote] Hey Andy, They are indeed fantastic basses! My custom GA24 is the cocobolo one with the Pangborn-esque headstock on the Custom Specials page of the Jaydee website...and it's my current avatar. Like Nick's Session, mine has the coil tap switches so it's a lot more versatile. It's a tighter sound overall than the Classic/MK series models but I can get everything from trebly slap to a fantastic growly Jazz tone to a P-bass thump with very little tweaking. In fact, it also manages a very passable impression of a Stingray too, dunno how...! Body-wise, the GA24 is between the Series I and Series III - about 14.5 inches across - and slightly shorter in length. A good alternative for thos of us who're slightly on ths short side! John's a great guy - he'll accommodate any design ideas you have (like my 'blasphemous' headstock, for Jaydee purists!) and give his valuable opinion of what might or might not work. Anyway don't worry about the funding bit, get on and order one! Mine was 16 months from order to delivery - plenty of time for you to save up!!! Best, David
  23. [quote name='Beedster' post='580031' date='Aug 25 2009, 11:37 AM']We just gotta hope the real perpetrator doesn't reply and say "It was me" [/quote] Maybe it was the OP?... ...looking for compliments!
  24. I'm out. 6,787 possibles left...? I feel a monster thread coming on!
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