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  1. I know Chapel from old. My aunt was married to Bert Hoyes who owned that store before he passed. She still lives there and so do her 2 kids, my cousins. My grandparents also moved up there from Romford with 7 kids back in the 50’s and my mum remembers when the flood hit. I spent many (happy?) childhood days in Chapel visiting the rallies and chucking brown coins into the slot machines and riding the bumper cars! Sorry to hijack the thread! Back on topic - wonderful Wals you have there!
  2. Did you buy them in Stow’s Stores by any chance?... 🙃
  3. Ok so versatile can mean different things to different people, of course! 😄 Treble back a quarter, mid at centre detente, bass up a quarter, 5-way switch in the middle (amp EQ generally flat, room depending) does it 99% of the time for pretty much every song in our set, as far as out front sound is concerned. Punches through out front and sounds full and clear for the rest of the band. Leave everything as is, flick the 5-way back towards the bridge for the classic MM single H honk (or faux Jazz bridge sound), or flick it full towards the neck for a very passable P bass with the tone at half. Roll the mids off, crank the bass a bit more and 5-way at neck position = very passable P with tone off. No other bass I’ve owned or currently own can do this as effectively in a live context. All in my opinion and experience of course. i love my Stingray! ❤️❤️
  4. In my view and experience, after owning a few MMs and Fenders, the HH MMs are possibly the most versatile basses out there. I’ve owed mid-80’s and early 2000’s single H 4 strings and now my current main squeeze which is a 20th anniversary SR5 HH. Purchased over a 20 year period and all have been beautifully built and finished. I’m afraid to say I can’t say the same of the various Fender Jazzes I’ve owned. Whilst prices have increased in recent years I think they’re still cracking basses at a reasonable price point. You are still getting quality, absolutely no doubt. For those questioning versatility with ‘that sound’ in a live band context and fitting in the mix, get hold of a HH. You won’t be disappointed...
  5. I have the HH version of this with rosewood board. By far the best playing and best sounding 5 string I’ve had. A cracking all-rounder and not just limited to ‘that’ MM sound. My band mates always comment on how clear and full it sounds in the mix at gigs. Should’ve gone by now at this price! Come on people, I have absolutely no need for a second one...do I?? 😳
  6. I haven’t done a NYE gig for about 6 years now. Personal choice as the kids grow older and want to stay up late on NYE with their friends in our adult friendship group. The usual dep guy we use always stands in for me, so no issues for the rest of the band. To be honest I’ve not really missed it at all, which is strange, as we gig regularly and I enjoy playing. Probably because we spend NYE with friends in our village so walking (staggering...) distance from home rather than an hour’s drive home at 2-3am! At some point I’ll probably step back into it I guess.
  7. I should have infinitesimal watts then by rights. It's my surname! Mods, kindly arrange!! ??
  8. I've been gigging regularly for over 25 years and only got around to buying proper dB reducing ear protection around 4 years ago. Not because of the onset of tinnitus but because, for a while, we had a guitarist who couldn't find his volume knob... (familiar anyone??). I found gigging with him very uncomfortable so took immediate action. Then in January 2015 I had a 'mild' bout of labyrinthitis that kept me off work for 2 weeks. Resulting from that I was left with the feeling of a permanently blocked and ringing left ear for about a month. The blocked feeling eventually went away but not the constant ringing. Anyway, to cut a long story short, after an MRI scan and hearing test it was confirmed that the labyrinthitis had resulted in damage to the vestibular nerve and permanent loss of top-end hearing in my left ear. Most days I just forget about it but like others here have said, when all is quiet it's right there, ringing away!! So for me I managed to avoid hearing damage from gigging only to get it from something completely unconnected. And - Sod's Law - in my left ear when I have almost always (due to drummers' preference) stood to the left of the kit. Ho hum...
  9. Short scale series 2 built in 1982 and with a partial refurb from the Mothership back in 2010. The wood finish is original though and is the lovely satin lacquer that Alembic used to use before going all glossy. Acquired from Stefano (Steno) on this forum, credit to him for the pics.
  10. [quote name='jazzyvee' timestamp='1481379572' post='3191872'] That looks like a series II that was in Station music a couple of years or so ago. Superb bass I love the burl maple and obviously it sounds amazing! [/quote] Correct, it is that very one. I bought it in 2014 in absolutely brand new condition with original case, case candy, power supply and power cable but it was actually built in 2000 for Station Music in Germany. Like Jazzyvee's beauty she is on the Alembic website in the 'custom archive' section.
  11. Here's my gorgeous Series 2. She's burl maple with a 3/4 size point body shape and chrome hardware - Fire & Ice! http://basschat.co.uk/uploads/monthly_07_2014/post-2303-0-38714700-1404486473.jpg
  12. Thanks for the helpful tip Jazzyvee, it's always much easier to work things in small manageable chunks! I've had a fair good play around with the knobs (oo er!) and found a few places I like but, as you say, it's remembering how to get from one to the other that's the tricky part. Especially when you're so used the the more 'basic' bass, mid and treble arrangement. There seems to be a lot of helpful hints and tips over at the Alembic forum and some really nice chaps there instantly willing to help us newbies to the 'bic world. I've used it on one gig to date and got a few great compliments, especially from our PA man who couldn't believe the sheer depth of the sound. I play through a TC RH head and Bergantino cabs live and agree that, through my small BG250 home practice combo, the sound really lacks. You really do need a decent rig to get the full whack of sounds out of these basses. Next up I'll have to get me another TC head, then I can go stereo! She's one of those basses where you keep going back to lift the lid on the case just to look at it!
  13. Good spot Jazzy, t'is exactly the one that Station Music had! Great guys there, especially Lothar who actually custom ordered this particular bass from Alembic. A bit over priced but I'd had my eye on it for over a year and eventually managed to strike a good enough deal with Lothar, once I'd saved enough pennies... Yup, first Alembic and yet to be used in anger but very impressed with it through my BG250 practice amp. Filter-based EQ takes some fiddling with and getting used to so I'll not be taking it on gigs for a little while... Beautiful build quality and quite light for a 'bic due to the down-sized body and Series chambering. 20 years in the wanting, waiting, searching and saving so this baby ain't going nowhere!!
  14. I haven't posted on BC for ages but couldn't resist sharing this beauty with y'all, having taken delivery just last week. She's a full-blown Series 2, 34" scale with a 3/4 size body (much more in proportion than the regular point body size, me thinks), burl maple back and front with chrome hardware, no LEDs. Mmmmmm..!!!! [attachment=166160:IMG_0340.JPG] [attachment=166161:IMG_0339.JPG]
  15. Cab now sold! Thanks for all the interest and enquiries.
  16. Up for grabs is my 3 year old Aggie GS115 (400w / 8 ohm version). The cab has been gigged regularly over the years but apart from the usual scuffs on the corner protectors is in really good condition. Comes with detachable castors and official Aguilar neoprene padded cover. Weight is about 50 pounds, I think, but still easily carried up and down stairs. Ideal for boosting your rig when needed on larger gigs, for stand alone use - it's one of the most flexible and clear sounding 115s I've heard, even used on it's own - or for studio use. These cabs are discontinued but sold for £700 new. This now needs to go so I'm pricing it competitively at [b]£180[/b] (collection only. I'm based in Surrey). Many thanks, David [attachment=102763:P6190078.JPG][attachment=102761:P6190082.JPG][attachment=102759:P6190080.JPG][attachment=102760:P6190081.JPG][attachment=102762:P6190083.JPG]
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