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  1. Steve Ignorant with Paranoid Visions this month. It has at least been rescheduled for next year.
  2. This is the first tune off our forthcoming debut ep. Hope you like it! Would love some feedback if you can spare the time
  3. This is me with my old band. It was bloody good fun. Pure punk madness 😁
  4. Well, it’s been 4 years in the making but my band Plague Doctors finally hit the recording studio last weekend. We have 8 tunes fully ready to go but only managed to get 4 completed at the weekend. This may not sound like much but this is not the type of music I’m normally associated with and it has gone through so many iterations and re-writes it’s ridiculous. It started as an experiment with myself on bass and my mate on vocals, backed up by programmed drums and synths. It always felt like something was missing and when we got our old bandmate to play guitar the puzzle was complete. This is a very personal project for me and the lyrics reflect that. It’s dark and it’s heavy and I’m kinda proud of it. Once we have agreed the final mixes I’ll post links: I would love to hear your opinions!
  5. On a completely unrelated topic, I flipping love the sweary filter on this site 😂😂
  6. Our singer was the de facto BL. It was him who invited me in in the first place and he and I appeared to be on the same page and discussing the future re recordings, gigs and so on. That’s why the call was such a shock! Sod it, my own project that I’ve been working on with a close mate for a few years is finally getting where we want it to be and we’re going into the studio in a couple of weeks so I’ll have plenty to keep me going. Onwards and upwards 😎
  7. Nah, too late. I told them to flip off already 😎
  8. Looking back, yes there were but I didn’t recognise it at the time. Never bothered with a new band photo for one and they had the other guy dep on a gig I was unavailable for. Just wee things but I was having too much fun at the time to notice. With hindsight, I think I may have unknowingly signed on as a temporary replacement whilst the other guy got his stinky poo together. You live and (hopefully) learn! Such a shame cos they were a brilliant band to play with.
  9. To be fair: no. I did think about that but then I listened to a few live recordings and can guarantee that’s not the case.
  10. Thanks for the supportive comments. Made me feel a lot better!
  11. I did see this and I remember thinking, stinky poo, that really sucks, why do people treat their so-called band mates like that.
  12. So, got a call 3 nights before Christmas. Sorry Steve , the guitarist wants the old bass player back. Says he’ll quit otherwise. Bearing in mind the other guy quit and I’ve thrown myself in, I feel a little hard done by. flipin raging.
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