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  1. A couple of weeks ago now but this was our first proper, paid, in a pub gig. It was epic!
  2. Nice! Next time I’ve got some spare cash I might just take a punt on it.
  3. IMHO, you need 2 core sounds: one dirty and one clean. Add more dirt or modulation with preset pedals. That's it.
  4. Excellent, look forward to your in-depth review lol
  5. I stumbled on this recently. Seems to be a direct clone of the Darkglass at around half the price. Anyone tried one or had real world experience? http://www.demon-fx.com/index.php?c=show&id=33
  6. One blurry pic of me with my old band, the other shows what I actually look like lol
  7. I filled it with good wood glue and clamped it. But the clamp was crap and slipped without me realising and the gap didn’t tighten up properly but set about a mm apart in places. Solid as a rock but not right, which probably was the reason I had to set the E saddle so far back for intonation. Adds to the mojo lol.
  8. It lay ignored and unloved for years and it was a mess. So I took everything apart not knowing if it would even be playable when I put it back together because there was a big crack through the headstock. So I thought I’d get medieval with it and set it on fire, cleaned all the electrics and fixed the crack as best I could. Plays better now than it ever did! Still a bit neck divey but a good leather strap sorted that.
  9. I have an Concord 1 that I've owned from 1982. It's been through the wars as you can see but it still plays really well. Solid as a rock, really punchy sound.
  10. I take your point. Thankfully I've not had this happen to my gear but if it did I would be royally whizzed.
  11. I’ve only ever played multi band gigs and gear share was always agreed in advance. I think the best way (as I think has already been suggested) is for every band on the bill to bring an item of backline. To me, that means everyone is invested fully in the gig and makes for a more enjoyable event. I don’t have boutique gear though, it’s all second hand, hard working and sturdy as a sturdy thing.
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