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  1. Saw Devin Townsend on Saturday night. Absolutely spectacular!
  2. He seemed fine on Saturday and they’re back on full touring schedule.
  3. Supported The Exploited on Saturday night in Belfast. Absolutely fantastic night, they were totally on fire! Big brawl broke out at one point which was a shame and the PA packed in briefly but otherwise amazing stuff. Felt like I was 15 again when Wattie signed my original copy of Punk’s Not Dead!
  4. The Exploited in Belfast, Saturday night. We were one of the support bands, which was nice 😁
  5. Machine Head last Thursday in Belfast. Absolutely epic night.
  6. I’ve got the best results from blending a clean and a dirty track. I use an ABY pedal and send one direct to interface and the other through a Sparrow preamp. Low pass the clean and then blend the dirt to taste. I might stick an IR on the clean as well for more character.
  7. Some great suggestions here. Quite a few I’ve not previously heard: I will check them all out when I get the time.
  8. JJ Burnell for me. His bass sound blew me away when I was a kid and really convinced me that this was the instrument for me. That's why I use Rotosound strings (as well as Ashdown amps).
  9. I have a GSR200 which I love but the battery compartment is a faff. You need to take 2 screws out to change the battery which, in the normal course of events is fine but if I need a quick change it’s a pain in the derrière. Does anyone know of a simple replacement that’s easier to use? Or should I just get rid of the screws and hold it on with a bit of duck tape? Thanks.
  10. Some excellent answers here. Another favourite of mine is Warhead by the UK Subs.
  11. Lucretia (my reflection). It’s so simple, never varies but just drives the song so hard! Love it. Gimme your favourites!
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