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  1. Bargain BB235 for £160 posted: https://www.facebook.com/groups/167660810099231/permalink/1348191492046151/?sale_post_id=1348191492046151
  2. Sounds like it would do that, with the added bonus of the compressor and individual EQs for clean and dirty! I'm not bowled over by Orange's solid state drive sounds from these demos though.
  3. In that case an Orange Juice would fit the bill, although there are quite a few similar pedals from the same range - the Golden Face one is a Marshall and I've heard it also sounds good on bass: https://www.joyoaudio.co.uk/joyo-guitar-effect-pedals/jf-300-mini-pedals/
  4. If you do decide to get an Orange Juice again, shoot me a PM - I have one that has only been used 5 minutes from new! You lump fuzz/OD together, but they are rather different. For a thick heavy fuzz I would recommend the COG Tarkin and the SFX Micro Fuzz (now seemingly out of production, but email Max at SFX or post a wanted ad on here).
  5. I very much doubt it'll be £350 either, most companies have a habit of using a 1:1 exchange ratio for £ and $! I wish they'd waited until they'd fleshed out their digital FX offerings a bit more to cover the gaps, rather than rush this to market with things missing. They could make a killer envelope filter with their Toneprint tech if they put their minds to it! And they already have the Spectradrive and Helix Phaser, so why are those effects missing? Hopefully some of this stuff is on the roadmap.
  6. It's not what I wanted, but it's what I expected given their current lineup! So no overdrive/distortion/fuzz, no phaser and no filters. My board is pretty much filter, drive and phaser, so this would be about as much use as a chocolate teapot.
  7. ^ There's a Wal I wouldn't mind owning, they normally look like coffee tables!
  8. I think the behemoth is a home made job, looks like a wooden box with a roadworn black paint job! Rehoused Ashdown pedal perhaps?!
  9. Miles better! The small red one is an Aguilar Octamizer, and I think I was right about the others!
  10. Poor photo! Is there a better one at the original source perhaps? No idea what the behemoth is on the floor next to the board... The white pedal looks like a TC Polytune. Then... maybe a Digitech Ricochet but probably not. Then some kind of red EHX pedal, maybe a MicroPOG? Last pedal... the Emma Discombobulator v1 is orange and has that knob layout, could be that!
  11. I have to agree, I have TI's on my single pickup Sandberg Basic, which is very Ray-like! Joe Dart plays flats on a Musicman, I'm sure he agrees also!
  12. The OP is trying to free up some cash by selling the P... So you'd be better off spending that £150 on a used Squier VM P rather than an East preamp!
  13. You still need to Velcro a steel plate onto the bottom pedal, so I don’t see the point. Plus the gaps between rails are too wide for mini pedals or those in landscape orientation...
  14. They're not massively loud unless you're using a lot of speaker area. But they don't pair well with the cabs they were designed to go with! If you plug a Micro VR into a pair of SVT210AV cabs it clips horribly like it's on the verge of exploding, even at milder volume levels. Big thread on Talkbass about it, as an owner of a pair of the cabs I took the plunge several years on hoping they might have sorted it, but had to return the amp.
  15. Obviously I've never compared them in the flesh, but the American Performer is a 'budget' line compared to the usual American Fenders which cost a good 50% more. No idea where the G&L sits but would've thought it closer in build quality and therefore price of the American Professional range. They all cheaper than Musicman basses though!
  16. US Fender P basses are around £1600, with which these are competing. But they're overpriced too! Fender prices have shot up more in the last 10 years than most other products in existence.
  17. I'm surprised they are heavier than the pedaltrain, looks like a lot less metal there? Looks like it was inspired by the £10 laptop stand from IKEA!
  18. dannybuoy

    BDDI Harshness

    Sounds like you’re reluctant to cut the treble? Set the knobs where it sounds best, don’t worry about the o’clock positions visually. Also worth noting, I think the presence control is before the overdrive, so you can boost that and cut treble to change the character of the overdrive. A bit like the character control on the VT, but affecting a higher frequency.
  19. A new 32” ‘51 Precision style bass from Chowny:
  20. New prices jumped up quite a bit, so used prices have done the same, albeit with a year or two delay since often people will sell a bass for what they thought it was worth without checking market rates.
  21. That model is like rocking horse poop, I lusted after the same one upon release and struggled to find anywhere stocking it. I think most places were still struggling to offload the 2017 versions as they were discounted heavily!
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