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  1. I'm loving this! Feel like I'm understanding it's capabilities more now... looking forward to having a good play around with the C4 tomorrow 🙂
  2. Wow, yes... I wonder whether he did it as a tongue in cheek homage?
  3. Rob Wright of 'Nomeansno'.. check the second song
  4. That is cheap! How does it's upper octave compare to Sub'n' Up and Micropog?
  5. I got a cheap one, about £20 from ebay) when I first started getting into effects that sounds like the one you're describing..I think the fault is on the designers! There is no logic to the feet being on the deeper part abd also the wrong part of the velcro was in the lid! In the end I got a second hand gator one that is a huge sturdy board in a carry case that, although heavy, had served my needs since
  6. Jonathan Bee


    Many an hour lost lurched over pedals, tweakin and a freakin (sonically)
  7. Thanks man! 🙂 no, didn't see any deals.. looking forward to havinog it in my mitts tomorrow and having a day of bass business!
  8. I'll give myself a slight Chinese burn if there are black Friday deals on the C4! 🙂
  9. I've just ordered one through Rich Tone music... should be here Saturday! 🙂
  10. @Quatschmacher Thanks for that very thorough response!
  11. Hi guys 🙂 what are the octave down capabilities like compared to solo'ed OC2 etc and the envelope filter capabilities compared to the Manta? I'm very near to getting one from Santa! (as in not quite decided yet) Many thanks, JB
  12. I've settled on the 3 leaf Octavbre... no volume drop, and had added tone control, but tracks no quite so good as OC2/OC10 I think
  13. @GisserD Can the Manta do things that the C4 can't? Or is it just easier to edit on the fly?
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