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  1. Is it the sub n up mini or normal? I have a Valeton I'm doing nowt with 🙂
  2. Great sound and playing? What bass guitar is that?
  3. Thanks man 🙂 that's the model I've been drooling over... now if I can just find a 2nd hand one!!!
  4. Hi 🙂 Wondering if anyone has played one of these and how you found them? A long shot but anyone know how it compares to an Ibanez edb600 in terms of neck, sound, and weight? thanks, Jonathan
  5. Tim sold me his SA Orbital. I received it very quickly as he sent it 1st class. Whole deal was easy and interaction very good. A good guy, you can rest assured in your dealings with him! 🙂
  6. No prizes for tidiness but here's my messy but fun pedal board!
  7. Sounds phat @Al Krow I sometimes use the Q tron type patch on B3 which is decent
  8. @Quatschmacher Great sounds! I like number 2 best personally
  9. MXR Vintage : So you're saying it tracks better than the Octavbre, what about the tone difference? Does it lose any volume when just on -1 Octave?
  10. I found the MXR BOD didn't track as well as my BOSS OC 2. Valeton OC 10 tracked similar, just didn't sound quite as full and warm (very slight difference). I've settled on Octavbre Mini... I haven't AB'ed with OC2/OC10 yet but from memory I'd say it tracks slightly less better than the OC2. It does have the extra volume and tone control which won me over. I seem to remember the Digitech BSW having fantastic tracking on the octave setting.... can't remember the tone now.. any confirmation on this anyone?
  11. I've found the OC10 and OC2 to be below my clean level in volume when using solo'ed 1 octave down. It's for this reason I switched to the Ocatvbre Mini...extra volume to get level back to neutral and also nice synthy tone as you turn the tone knob clockwise. I haven't tried a Cog T16 v2 but would like to at some point.
  12. Ok, thanks @Japhet I'm going to wait and see if I can get a cheap second hand time core I reckon
  13. Ok, thanks @skidder652003 I almost got one today on ebay but backed out when it went above £50
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