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  1. Alex bought my SA OFD from me... friendly guy, good communicator and prompt payer! A pleasure doing business with you Alex! 🙂 Thanks, Jonathan
  2. Price includes UK postage. In good condition, but without original box or power supply (runs off standard 9V DC). I got this to delve into overdrive and distortion but just end up using the gated fuzz, and my Mastotron has that covered.
  3. Hi 🙂 If you go to the patch and press the 'total' button, it will bring up a 'balance' level (as well as a level'). Put this to '100' and it should be 100% wet i.e just the affected signal and no dry. Hope that works!
  4. Woolly mammoth clone. Good condition, only good with passive basses
  5. Mooer bass fog in good condition with box. Price includes UK postage
  6. I got a Marshall Regenerator recently.. good for chorus, phaser and flange.. was only £20 2nd hand
  7. Thanks @jrixn1 'What do you mean by a "jazz bass" - the body shape?' Yes
  8. Any recommendations for the above please? Ideally £400 ish brand new or £300 2nd hand.. thanks 🙂
  9. If you can deal with the volume drop of the solo'ed lower octave, the Valeton is great, other wise I reckon the Octavbre is the daddy!
  10. Ok @stewblack wanna trade? My Valeton works fine, comes with original box... few tiny scratches... have took close up pics so you can see and decide!
  11. Is it the sub n up mini or normal? I have a Valeton I'm doing nowt with 🙂
  12. Great sound and playing? What bass guitar is that?
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