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  1. Jonathan Bee

    EHX Blurst

    One man's meat. .. etc! Glad you're enjoying it though @HazBeen !
  2. Jonathan Bee

    EHX Blurst

    I did have one too for a while.. I loved the look of it (I know some don't!) but I sold it in the end as I didn't think it could do anything my SA Manta couldn't
  3. No, your speakers will handle it! 🙂
  4. Thanks Folks 🙂 Took the shim out earlier and managed to get the action a little lower, feeling nicer to play now. How I get on with it over the next days will determine whether I take it to a Luthier. I'm still getting used to the different sound of a jazz bass compared to my Ibanez EDB600 I've played for years, but that's a whole other thing!!!!!
  5. Thanks @Cuzzie for your helpful advice. Yes, I'm having to have the saddles pretty darn high to not get buzz above the 12th. I like playing some 10th chords up in that area in the 3 piece funk/fusion project I'm in. For me the bandit country is messing around with the bass itself in terms of shims and truss rods!!!! But can't enjoy the bass with it's present 'kung fu work out' high action!
  6. thanks @Cuzzie Rod and saddles yes, but nut grooves no... they look low if anything anyway. At the moment the action is not so low.. say about 4mm, and I do like to venture above the 12th on occasions!
  7. Hi learned brethren 🙂 neck is pretty straight on my bass but having to have saddles really high so doesn't catch frets above 12th. I've noticed there's a shim under the join of the neck (can see from underside). Any danger in removing it? Any experience with such a thing anyone? Thanks, Jonathan
  8. Alex bought my SA OFD from me... friendly guy, good communicator and prompt payer! A pleasure doing business with you Alex! 🙂 Thanks, Jonathan
  9. Price includes UK postage. In good condition, but without original box or power supply (runs off standard 9V DC). I got this to delve into overdrive and distortion but just end up using the gated fuzz, and my Mastotron has that covered.
  10. Hi 🙂 If you go to the patch and press the 'total' button, it will bring up a 'balance' level (as well as a level'). Put this to '100' and it should be 100% wet i.e just the affected signal and no dry. Hope that works!
  11. Woolly mammoth clone. Good condition, only good with passive basses
  12. Mooer bass fog in good condition with box. Price includes UK postage
  13. I got a Marshall Regenerator recently.. good for chorus, phaser and flange.. was only £20 2nd hand
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