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  1. Insanely good talk boxing here:
  2. My favourite octave pedal so far! Gives extra volume over OC 2 so takes the title for me for that sound. Just got gas for something I already have.. cash back! Good luck to seller and buyer too!!! 🙂
  3. Very trippy... from early morning bird song to the afore mentioned space whale song!
  4. ha ha! great way of describing the sound!!!! 🙂
  5. Took off the Line 6 M9 and replaced with EHX Grand canyon and Zoom B3 ( a trusty old friend!). Here are some sounds of that with parallel SA C4. Simple playing, just mucking around with textures..only scratched the very surface of the Grand Can! Listen with headphones and you'll hear some spatial elements 🙂 JB C4 and the Grand Can.mp3
  6. Doug Wimbush heavy synthy sounds! Pretty intense but some interesting parts... I like the whammy stuff! Whole thing got a kind of 'Sabotage' vibe 🙂
  7. C4 envelope filter with gated fuzz, plus expression pedal sweeping a second filter... phatness! Octavbre added on last part 🙂 JB C4 Synthy Filter.mp3
  8. Some late night spooky bass sounds ... signal split with LS2: 1) C4 Chordially Invited patch by @Quatschmacher with 2) octave up (Ehx Epitome) into Octo reverb (M9) and Univibe ( Boss V Wah). Later 1) goes into C4 envelope filter with gated fuzz, and expression pedal sweeping filter frequency, into chorus ( Marshall Regenerator) and delay ( Nux Timecore) .. clip coming....
  9. ps I love the sound of the pog in this at 6.15! The whole piece is great, and his bass sound and the joy he puts into his playing is lush 🙂
  10. Thanks so much @Al Krow 🙂 Very generous and thorough of you! I agree the mosaic sounds better on single lines, but on chords I thought it sounded a bit muddy, where as the Helix sounded bright and clear... with a bit of reverb and eq or filtering could sound sweet I reckon. For single lines I prefer the sound of the micropog so far. I don't think I'll be departing from it yet.
  11. How is the octave up on this? I currently use the micro pog circuit built into the EHX Epitome but wondering whether I could replace this and my M9 with the HX? The octave up on the M9 is not contender!
  12. I know! It's a steal at this price!!!!
  13. Price drop! Mastotron now £80 inc P&P, Wahoo £100 inc P&P
  14. Digitech Bass Synth Wah now sold elsewhere
  15. I'll give a blast later, thanks man 🙂
  16. I've been messing around with sending an octave up signal using the 'polyphonic' setting out of output 2 to be separately effected from the lower octave signal I'm sending to output 1, thinking I could do away with my EHX Epitome which usually provides my octave up with it's micro pog circuit. There seems to be a 'warble' on the octave up signal even though envelope/filter/distortion and tremolo are all off. Any ideas why this might be @Quatschmacher?
  17. thanks @GisserD! Like the gif there!! 🙂 Manta now sold
  18. After falling head over heals for the C4, I have a few pedals for sale. Zvex Mastotron: original volume knob replaced (see pics) £80 Inc post Any questions, just ask!
  19. Being able to store more than 6 presets, starting to tweak with the editor, and being able to use the expression pedal now through the hub have really made this pedal 'pop' for me! Also being able to load other peoples patches from the cloud is ace, many of mine are from @Quatschmacher... thanks again! It's replaced my Mastotron, Manta, and Sonuus Wahoo... will most likely be selling these soon 🙂
  20. That's wicked! Will be able to do it with the hub set up I'm using?
  21. @Quatschmacher I love your 'Chordially Invited' patch! Getting a Kamaal Williams vibe with it...Very cool! Ps I'm playing the Octavbre Sub octave only through it...phat and fruity!!!!
  22. After much faffing I've found I can use the Soundblox Hub with the Neuro Editor (rather than the hub editor) and store presets straight from the cloud to the hub. I couldn't find a way of transferring presets from the C4 to the hub. I'm out of my depth tried to understand how to send midi commands! Either way, now I can use the midi mouse to flick through the presets in the hub. Hub-a-dub-dub! 🙂
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