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  1. I'd never heard of Keb Mo until I searched for demos of the Godin A4 (which I ended up buying) and found this cover: https://youtu.be/9Q2ru-mXTg8
  2. That chrome really shows off the difference in the forearm contour on the Japanese models - it’s more of a straight line on the 1024X, like the natural BB next to it.
  3. Tuberdrive, with a picture of a potato on it for good measure. Or Tüberdrive, because adding an umlaut makes any word sound heavier.
  4. Sounds good, I don't think the Darkglass amp is contributing much to it as it's set flat and hopefully with the overdrive off!
  5. I've not tried many Bartolini-equipped basses, but the ones I did left me cold. Whereas every demo I've seen of the Nord Big Singles has sounded really lively and growly. Some of these new finishes are amazing too! I'd go for this out of the headless lineup at Andertons: But love the finish on this SR too:
  6. Good to see a few more models with the Nordstrands. Was tempted by one of their previous multi scale efforts but put off by the Bartolinis.
  7. I was expecting it to be Mel C and just thought she'd let herself go!
  8. No idea which is which, but I preferred the first! I'd guess the C4 was the 2nd one.
  9. dannybuoy


    I have a full size one for sale! Also handily doubles up as an aircraft carrier.
  10. There was a 2nd version of the Two10 that let you switch between 4 and 12 ohm impedance, but that won't apply to the single One10.
  11. My Godin A4 Ultra is the best of both worlds - unlined but with side lines. It looks unlined to the audience but lined when you're playing it!
  12. Difficult to say because there was never a truly nailed down price for the 2024/2025! I had my eye on them since they came out when they could be found around the £1600 mark, although Yamaha store in London currently have a BB2025X up for £3296!!!
  13. IRA = vibration treatment ARE = heat treatment They no longer do ARE to the P34/P35 like they did to the 2024/2025. I expect it would make quite a difference to the wood, roasted maple necks are very popular these days.
  14. Heat and vibration treatment. They are supposed to have the same hardware but the pickups do have different part numbers if you try to order them as spares! The body contouring is supposed too be subtly sleeker on the Japanese one but I haven't held them side by side to verify for myself. The neck definitely feels more luxurious though, with a rubbed oil finish and smoother edges around the fingerboard and headstock.
  15. The drive section on the Fly Rig is modelled after the VT Bass, and there's a few comparisons between the VT and BDDI on Youtube. You lose the blend on the Fly Rig, which might be a deal breaker to some. Also in my opinion the quality of the other effects is not great, I'd opt for adding separates instead.
  16. My BB415 was crazy light compared to my BB1025X. Unfortunately I never weighed it before I sold it on!
  17. These are supposed to be good: https://www.eyguitarmusic.com/Thunderbird-Bass-Pickup-Vintage-Style-for-GibsonChromeNickel_p_2287.html https://www.mojopickups.co.uk/product/thunderbird-bass/
  18. Cheers, original embedded image no longer working I see! Thinking of taking out the Seymour Duncans to sell separately (when I find the time) to lower the price into bargain territory!
  19. Dunlop Super Brights had a very floppy low B, I've tried a few different sets but keep coming back to D'Addario nickels. Although I'll be trying their NYXLs next.
  20. Plenty of hits searching for 'right angle DC extension 2.1mm', although most seem to be 1m or 10m long which may be excessive!
  21. If going Zoom, the B1Four is the newer generation, only sightly more expensive but a better sounding selection of amps and distortions! Alternative option is to get a small mixer, e.g. the Behringer MA400 and plug the XLR out from your amp to the XLR input of that.
  22. The pickup position is the main factor in play, rather than the fact it's a J pickup, methinks. Al, have you ever tried a Stingray style bass, one with the MM pickup in the typical Stingray position rather than pushed back towards the bridge like on your old Sandberg?
  23. The DP-3X rolls off the treble on the DI out, therefore putting out a brighter sound from the main output. This works well for me playing a Terror Bass into tweeterless cabs, but I could very well see it being too bright into a more hifi amp and/or full range cab. If you're using tweeters, have you tried rolling them all the way off?
  24. Glockenklang I believe: http://bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/Glockenklang_preamps.html
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