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  1. I've used shipito.com to buy pedals from US makers that didn't want to ship overseas. Set up a free account, you get a US address to give to Broughton, once Shipito receive it you'll get an alert and a choice of delivery options, they only charge a couple of dollars on top.
  2. If you can find one used, the VLE is basically an LPF:
  3. I think the Stingray would've done a much better job wearing flats and a less scooped EQ. The Joe Dart MusicMan bass for example!
  4. I don't know of any other Parapedal clones. But the mini AMT Alien Girl wah has a frequency selector that gets very deep, that would be worth checking out. I'd like a mini Freaker myself, having had both the Freaker and Parachute in the past! http://wilsoneffects.com/MiniFreakerWah.html
  5. Not tried it yet, I completely forgot I had it until now! 🤣
  6. I've seen a few demos of 60s vs 70s on YouTube and I prefer the sound with both pickups blended on the 60s, hands down.
  7. Entwistle PBX or PBX-N: https://www.allegromusic.co.uk/shop/pickups/entwistle-pbx-p-bass-nickel-pole-piece-pickup https://reverb.com/item/32797971-alan-entwistle-pbxn-neodymium-black
  8. That diagram says they have different wire coating, wrap material and DC resistance, so not entirely the same. They could well sound identical though for all I know!
  9. It can be an issue, especially if using mild overdrive that doesn't differ that much from your clean sound. Mixing a sound with a delayed copy of itself is a bit like applying an EQ with a bunch of notches like this: No problem using an LS-2 with analog pedals, just when mixing an analog signal path with a delayed digital signal. I don't think anyone tries to get comb filtering deliberately when bi-amping... Often that'll be done entirely analog (e.g. DP3-X, or 2 amps) or with both high and lows going through the same digital processor (e.g. a Helix). But even if you put just your highs though a digital pedal, you wouldn''t get much in the way of comb filtering since the 2 signals would be so different that they wouldn't interfere that much with each other. A different kind of latency. The comb filter effect comes from very short delay times due to the basic analog/digital conversion, which is normally so quick as to be imperceptible. Pitch algorithms have a much larger latency that's very noticeable because they need to slice up and analyse the incoming signal. You'd get comb filtering if you had the dry signal dialled up on the Zoom and then mixed that with analog dry signal via the LS-2 though.
  10. @Al Krow putting digital FX in a blender can be a bad idea. A few ms delay blended back on itself will produce a comb filtering effect - think of the sound a flanger would make with the sweep frozen in time. Try setting up an empty patch (not sure if it still goes though the digital conversion when in bypass mode) and then adjusting the blend to see if you can hear any difference!
  11. Source Audio Manta /Spectrum / C4 EHX Enigma Stone Deaf PDF-2 (although needs an expression pedal, no envelope) Red Ripper and Prunes & Custard sound very similar, but if you're checking those out you should also look into the TWA Dynamorph.
  12. That's my point, perhaps that's just the new price now, and the black and teal are cheaper because they're old stock.
  13. I'm not sure it is, their BB735A is over £1K! Maybe prices are shooting up as they replace the stock, some colours are much cheaper than others. Just as well they offer a price match!
  14. Orange Terror Bass and Aguilar TH series are great for that. The Quilter Bass Block too, or so I hear!
  15. I'm with you apart from 'responsive tone controls'! Glorious amps. The 500W was benchmarked by BassGearMag and it actually maxed out at around the 900W range! Certainly more poke than any other 500W Class D head I've used. VT500 has an awesome preamp, cos it's basically a VTDI with an added mid shift. But it struggled volume wise for me and lacked that elusive 'heft'!
  16. It's supposed to be a true bypass pedal, so it should be fine when bypassed. If the pedal is fine in front of the amp, this might suggest a problem with the amp or cables. The patch cables you were using - try each of them directly in the send/return to see if one of the cables is the cause?
  17. Is the signal fine when the pedal is bypassed? If you turn it on but have the mix control all the way off, does turning the pedal on drop the volume and distort the signal? If so, then it's likely to be overloading the pedal. If it's a hum, like you might get from half unplugging a cable, then it might be something else.
  18. Have you got any kind of audio interface? Or raw recordings of your bass? If so you can download a 2 week trial of Helix Native and try it out for yourself. The Helix will definitely let you pull off those studio tricks in one box though, e.g. splitting the signal, highpass into distortion, blended with clean lowpassed/compressed bass.
  19. Do both. Just get a cheap used Squier etc to start with and you won't have to worry too much about investing in gear.
  20. How old is the Terror Bass head? I have one of the originals, and the DI output as well as the FX loop is hot as hell, far too much signal for most devices. Pedals are less likely to respond well to hot signals than rack units also. I believe they sorted the gain levels out on the newer ones (even before they discontinued them and then came out with a new model).
  21. I like the idea of a smaller body and slimmer neck, but Sterling's don't quite sound the same.
  22. Those Schecter bridge humbuckers are closer to a beefed up Jazz pickup than an MM. I've never seen a P/MM with the MM close to the Stingray sweet spot except my modded Westone Thunder that has an MM pickup almost touching the P. The pickups don't sound that great combined due to the proximity I guess, but there's 2 classic bass sounds you can easily flick between!
  23. That's a much better demo! Sounds great there. Orange should hire these guys next time, both their original demos in this thread put me off ever wanting to try one!
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