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  1. Hi folks PJB Suitcase for sale / trade. This was brand new and boxed when I got it from Giblett123. Since then its been used once for a theatre show where it stayed in the pit and some home teaching, so its immaculate. It performed brilliantly, easily keeping up with drums, twin guitars and keyboards on a rock show - without an extension cab. Sounded great and didn't break up in the slightest even when driven quite hard and I received compliments all round on the sound. It has an excellent compressor on it, and the twin eq's / channels were quite useful for different basses as I was using fretless on a couple of songs - consequently it would also suit anyone who doubles. I'm only getting rid as I've just got a Carvin BX500 because I wanted a more flexible eq. I plan to partner this with a 1x12 for future theatre gigs. Therefore interested in trades or p/ex (with cash my way) for a good quality 1x12. Would also consider cash offers. Will sort out pics asap. In the meantime, heres the PJB link: [url="http://www.philjonespuresound.com/PJWeb11_Suitcase.aspx"]http://www.philjonespuresound.com/PJWeb11_Suitcase.aspx[/url] Not into posting it. Based in the North East but I get around a bit. Cheers John
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    S5 love

    I've had a few over the years. Keep getting drawn back to them. Last one I had was an HH and had a great slap tone with all coils selected. Never liked the pickguards on them or the bevelled edges though - why oh why couldn't they just make the 5 look klike the 4?. Sterling 5 HS for me if I go back to a Musicman.
  3. Gutted I had a gig on Saturday. To rub salt in the wound it was a stones throw away at the Baltic!
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  5. Keyboard player I know had a couple of Martin wedges - sounded awesome. Also I did We Will Rock You at Durham Gala Theatre a couple of years ago and they hired in a load of Martin gear - again top notch.
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  7. I don't have the patience / tolerance to do the schmoozing with the bride / groom and / or their parents. The guy who runs the band will try and steer them in the right direction with regards to timings and choice of material. Based on the number of functions we've done, generally we know best but you do get the odd one where they have been on the phone dozens of times in the run up and are adamant they know best. Ultimately its their night and the customer is always right I think one couple printed off the set list and proceeded to cross off the songs they didn't want (without thinking what the guests would like). Decimated it. I think we had 5 songs left. We've also had examples of blowing peoples heads off at 8:00 when they are still on the sweet course. I've had my fill of function work and will be packing it in at the end of this year. That said, when you compare the venues, people and food to the north east (or any for that matter ) club circuit, functions bands have a lot going for them!
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  11. I'm surprised there's not been more Sterling 5's over here by now - does anyone know if there are any shops stocking them? I'd really like to try one.
  12. I remember seeing those in the 80's. There was a shop here in Whitley Bay called Backline and they were the only place that seemed to have them. Fretless was big at the time with Pino all over the place (no change there then) and I always thought the idea of the persussive plates was a great one. Has anyone had any experience of these - how well do they work?
  13. Just yesterday tried my suitcase out at some show rehearsals with a full band (in a sports centre) for the first time. I had to drive it quite hard but it was loud enough with some in reserve and with no sign of breaking up. I don't think it would hack it for higher volume stuff though, but as Alex points out that's not its forte. The compressor is very good and there was a surprising amount of bottom end for the size of it. Sound is very clear. Twin channels with separate gain and EQ are really useful as there are some fretless tunes in the show and some quick changes are needed. Downside its a bit weighty for the size (although its very well made) and I'm not sure about the voicing on some of the graphic pre-sets (although that's probably just me and I'm sure there is some science to the chosen frequencies). Mute switch(es) would be nice and a DI level. Despite that (and its early days), I'm quite impressed - at least for theatre work and lower volume applications.
  14. A few years ago we were doing a run of Xmas gigs and the gear was left set up. After we had gone apparently someone was swinging on the lighting pole, pulled it over and it landed on someone. They subsequantly made a claim - for quite a bit. I wasn't directly involved so don't know all the details, but I think the venue had insurance and they covered this but at one point the injured party was making a claim against the owner of the pole and it was serious s%@$t. We have played there many times since and needless to say they are very keen to see confirmation of PLI in advance - for the whole band.
  15. Well done! Try not to over analyse what you did or didn't do. It's too late to do anything about it. If I remember you get most marks for the performance bits anyway, so you should be OK.
  16. Yes that was a pain. I had to get it repaired by Chris and the guys at Overwater. They had it months and I have to say they did an absolutely fantastic job on it. (Dave still has the Soldano).
  17. Another face to a name! Its not Mike, its John - and I wish I still had that Green Spector. It was an NS5CR, solid flame maple and sounded great. For what it's worth I've always found the guys in Guitar Guitar fine to deal with and the stock of bass gear (incl amps) is usually pretty good - at least for a non-specialist local shop. As Marcus said, Steve seems to know his stuff. Sounds Live very good too and its good to see Tommy (and John?) are still in business. They only have limited space in there for bass stuff but I'm sure they would be able to get stuff in from their warehouse to try if required.
  18. JD1


    When I'm at Overwater I usually try a few of the basses out - as you do. Without fail the the ones with cocobolo tops sound great. If I was getting a bass made I'd definitely have that as the top. I tried this one - and whilst it was a bit bling for me it sounded and played brilliantly. [url="http://www.overwaterbasses.com/pro00004.htm"]http://www.overwaterbasses.com/pro00004.htm[/url]
  19. I spent nearly 25 years using my lugs - and I've not been short of work. Its only during the last 5 or so years of mid life crisis I decided to try and improve my reading and theory. I could have quite easily carried on in that vein and been quite happy, but its nice to have another string to my bow - albeit one thats not as taut yet!
  20. Yes - but suppose you are at an audition, jam or a recording session and someone hands you a chord chart containing the afore-mentioned F#7b5b9 and asks you to put a bass line to it - you'd have more options than just using your ears. OK its unlikely, and I'd probably hit an F# (at least 1st time around), but being able to hit some of the hot notes rather than the root could make all the difference.
  21. For me it has improved my playing and knowledge. By having the discipline of an exam it made me learn all sorts of stuff I wouldn't have bothered with. At the end of the day the certificate is just a piece of paper. OK its useful to show to parents / students if you want to teach but its not going to get you gigs on its own. However if you become a better player / musician as a result of your study, then that's a different matter. There is an awful lot more work, experience and fun to be had outside the world of record deals and flavour of the month bands.
  22. I'm not sure if there is a best one as such. I did the RGT / London College ones as they were the only ones I knew about but I don't know if they carry any more weight than the Rockschool ones. I would guess they will all be much of a muchness.
  23. I would have really been interested in this - as I have been the other times its been on here. I much prefer the look of a 4 string ray to a 5. However this bass is destined not to be mine as it always comes up at the wrong time - and this time is no exception. Sorry mate - have a bump!
  24. I seem to recall a good review of a Blueshift in an 80's guitar mag - single pick up thing with angular horns - is that the one?
  25. Glide is good as you have slap and chords / double stops. Try and vary the feel. You could maybe segue it with some other funky stuff for fingerstyle - off the top of my head: Good Times or Rhythm Stick etc. Best of luck - I'm sure you will nail it!
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