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  1. Why on Earth is this still here? I feel like driving from Whitley Bay to get it.
  2. JD1

    Roger Mayer SVT DI

    Anyone used one of these? I’m getting decent results straight into the interface and using the Logic amp designer stuff but looking at Other options for an external DI / amp sim. Any other options out there?
  3. Ha I should read things properly! Yes it was mine. Great cab. I only sold it as I was down-sizing. I have a tie-in with Hartke now or I’d have had it back. NB if you have been running it with the tweeter turned completely off apparently it doesn’t like that and can cause the tweeter to blow. It happened once before and I remember having an exchange with Tommy about it. This is a great cab for not a lot of cash.
  4. I had one of these for years and loved it. I thought this was mine until you mentioned you got it from Walshy. There’s not many of these around. Mine was actually a H115 (although it has S115 on the back for some reason). It was a prototype H115 I borrowed from Water of Tyne and I liked it so much I asked Tommy if I could buy it. He changed the design soon afterward to a smaller cab. One of the best 15’s I’ve ever had. Responsive to eq - especially mids and for a 15, very quick - and with the horn a great one cab solution.
  5. Thanks Pete. Not sure tbh. The mid pot doesn’t have a distinct 2/3 position feel - just a centre detent like the cut and boost on the treble and bass pots. I may have a tweak one day when I have time and report back!
  6. Couple of other pics. The “Slap contour”, recessed jack and interestingly carved back. And the control cavity. Any help welcome! 😀
  7. Thanks Al / Pete. I’ll sort out pics. She’s a beaut. I’ve had a look in the control cavity and there are a couple of trim pots and dip switches etc. but hard to make out from the manual what’s what. I’ll just leave it since it sounds canny the way it is. Not sure how to upload pics on here - been a member from the start but not been on much in years.
  8. JD1

    Yamaha BBNE1

    Yamaha Nathan East Mk.1. Just acquired one of these. Just wondering if anyone has any info on the model - when they were made, spec, reviews etc? There doesn’t seem to be much info out there especially after the NE2 come out (mind you my Google / research skills are poor and I admit this is the lazy option!). I just remember when they came out along with the first John Patitucci model and them being reviewed in the bass mags - wanted one then but couldn’t afford. I’ve not looked in the control cavity yet but I seem to recall the TRB’s had selectable frequencies on the eq. Any info would be welcome! (Love it by the way).
  9. Seen / played this. It’s fab. Great condition and playability. As for the light show it is indeed very impressive! Even if you don’t go for the full on audio / visual extravaganza you still have the option of top and / or side LED’s.
  10. It’s a great cab and works fab as a stand-alone. It’s very quick / sensitive and responsive to eq - especially mids.
  11. This looks like my old cab. I only just sold it - It’s changed hands quickly! It’s a great cab. Changed my perception of what a 15 can do. It’s actually a prototype H115 and one of the first in the UK.
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