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  1. Seen / played this. It’s fab. Great condition and playability. As for the light show it is indeed very impressive! Even if you don’t go for the full on audio / visual extravaganza you still have the option of top and / or side LED’s.
  2. It’s a great cab and works fab as a stand-alone. It’s very quick / sensitive and responsive to eq - especially mids.
  3. This looks like my old cab. I only just sold it - It’s changed hands quickly! It’s a great cab. Changed my perception of what a 15 can do. It’s actually a prototype H115 and one of the first in the UK.
  4. Thanks - will check the East out. I have a love hate thing with Stingrays. Love the look, playability and build quality but the eq / preamps I've never been 100% on. This is my second Classic and I knew I wouldn't get on with the preamp. Just too much extreme low end and high boost that isn't really usable (at least for me) and I like my mids!
  5. GK RB1001's have serious grunt. I had one for years and sounded fab through an Epifani UL310. Two 2x10's is also a good option. One for smaller gigs and both for bigger. More flexible and easier to hump than a 4x10. As long as you don't drive the amp too hard one will be fine. I would echo the previous comments about maxing the bass on your Stingray. They have a big boost in low end and can easily make the amp or cab clip (although in my experience the RB had a pretty robust front end).
  6. Any suggestions to upgrade a SR Classic 5 preamp? Ideally no mods so would need to fit in the existing cavity (I've not looked yet but I'm guessing it will be tight) and be a three pot config (e.g. stacked treble n bass and mid + vol). Obvious choice would be an Aguilar OBP3 but I'm not sure it would fit. Just wondering if anyone has any experience of this. Cheers.
  7. Not weighed it but its definitely north of 10lbs. Got a wide padded strap but its still a struggle for a whole set. If they're all 10lb+ I wont be getting a fretted!
  8. Not been on here for years so apologies if this has already been discussed but what is the general view of the weight of these? I recently bought a Fretless 5 (swamp ash). Great tone and playability but blimey its heavy! Not an issue as I'll only be using on the odd track / session but I was thinking of pulling the trigger on a fretted 5 and that will get more use. Has anyone else had issues with the weight of these or is mine a one off? Also, will an Alder one likely to be lighter than swamp ash?
  9. Thought I'd give a quick heads up on the H115 as I've been using one extensively for a few months now. Its probably one of the best cabs I've ever had, It was originally one of the demonstrators and WoT kindly helped out when I needed a cab. I liked it so much I bought it. Tommy was great to deal with and mailed me a new grille and badge (and even screws) as the ones on the demonstrator were not up to scratch as it is a prototype. So what about the cab. Well its rated at 450w / 8 ohm. Very light (surprisingly so) and an easy one hand carry, Its a great shape / footprint and fits perfectly in my Golf. Its a great sounding cab on its own and changed my views on 15's. It has a big sound but it is very tight and focussed. Mine has a horn and sounds great slapped and is fast and responsive. I've used it in a few different blues, rock, funk and function bands with a range of heads and always had positive feedback on the tone - and its never broken sweat. The thing that stands out for me is its responsiveness to eq - especially mids, which can really cut through the mix if you want them to. I've changed my view on 15's because of this cab. I use it regularly on its own but sounds immense paired with my Aguilar GS112 (which because of the H115's shape it places the top cab at a great height), Its a shame this one is being discontinued in favour of the smaller version. If anyone is interested in one you might also want to check with WoT and Conan who have both also used it.
  10. Used the H115 last night and was really impressed. One hand carry. I used a GK MB Fusion 500 with it. Big sound but focussed. Tight, smooth lows, assertive mids and you can slap it! Very sensitive to eq changes and loud. Last night was a dep gig and it handled a quieter first half with fretless (my Ibanez GWB35 - sounded really warm and drew compliments from the band) and a louder second (with me whacking a Spector 5) easily with no hint of complaint. My regular gigs are blues rock and funk and I think this cab will cover all bases.
  11. This looks like it was mine. If so it was one of the first Classic 5's in the UK as I pre-ordered it.
  12. PJ very helpful! As for the playability, if you are used to more Fenderish design they may take a wee bit getting used to (ergonomics and neck etc,) but not too bad - certainly not as much as say a Warwick Thumb. Sound wise I find them easy to move quickly from fingerstyle burp to a kller slap tone via the pups - so should be right up your street Conan!
  13. I had both the amp and cab. Couldn't really fault the amp once I got an attenuator for the DI. Only gripe is the lack of flexibility in the eq but the basic tone is excellent. No reliability issues and incredibly loud. Cab less impressive. I'd only recommend if space is a problem as they are very compact. However they are quite heavy, top end is a bit shy and it grumbled a bit when I pushed it - despite the power rating (not an expert but I guess thats down to the size of the thing).
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  15. You'd love them mate - great slap tone! Welcome to pop round anytime for a go. I converted Dave Anderson, which reminds me I must speak to PJ about some commission.
  16. I use mine through GK amps as well (Fusion 550 and MB Fusion thru Neo 210's) and its a great combination.
  17. Awesome basses. Build quality, tone, versatility etc. Neck profile more "P" than "J" but very comfy and the necks are very stable. I'm very lucky to be a Spector endorsee and I only sought that having used a Spector for a number of years. Currently alternating between a Euro 5 LX (an earlier solid maple one with an EMG circuit) and a US Bolt On. Each has their own voice but the Euro definitely holds its own. Can't rate them too highly.
  18. Hi folks Recording a blues/rock album next month. Looking for a DI / overdrive / valve emulation pedal that I can use to have a seperate channel with some grit / top end gnarl (definitely not fuzz) to blend with a clean signal from my GK rig. Tried a Sansamp BDDI previously but not keen on the mid scoop. I've used a Line 6 amp previously and quite liked the Ampeg model. Do the pod's have the same models? Are the Behringer V amps comparable? EBS Micro II looks like it would do the trick and Sansamp Para Driver too but both pricey and I probably wont use it live so reluctant to shell out that much. The Aguilar tonehammer looks like a possibility but read mixed reviews on the AGS. Then I remembered the Hartke VXL. Anyone had experience of these? Do they have a dry / flat out to go to the amp as well as a post eq/effect signal for the desk? Any other suggestions? Many thanks for your help - sorry for so many questions! Cheers John
  19. You know it makes sense! Be rude not to.
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