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  1. I had to have the coating removed from my Pentabuzz as the fingerboard needed dressing. The guys at overwater did it for me. Have to say very little difference in tone. Certainly no less sustain / mwah - maybe a tiny bit of top end lost but hardly noticeable and easily compensated by the eq on the bass and / or amp.
  2. The sound engineer at the Greyhound recorded a couple of tracks - top man. OK vid res not great but the sound not bad considering he mixed it while we were packing our gear up! [url="http://youtu.be/vzviUYnFW-k"]http://youtu.be/vzviUYnFW-k[/url]
  3. Hi Johna - just sent you a PM. Yes I also play with the Russ Tippins Electric Band - just got back from a gig with Russ in Cheltenham last night in fact. Thanks for the kind words on the DeeExpus stuff. Some of it is a bit of a challenge - odd measures etc. Hopefully the fact that Mark Kelly from Marillion is in the band will help the album sell. Its being distributed via the Marillion site which is also a help. Only one gig in for now but its a good one: Rosfest in Gettysburg May 4th next year! Regards J
  4. I've been recording bass on a new album due out 5th December if anyone is interested - [url="http://deeexpus.com/news.aspx"]http://deeexpus.com/news.aspx[/url] Sort of prog in the Porcupine Tree mould with Marillion and Dream Theatre influences. Did I say Marillion? Well we do have Mark Kelly on keys! Cheers John
  5. Having secured a visa to escape the North East temporarily I'm gigging at the following locations this weekend if anyone is at a loose end: Thursday: Chorley - BJ's Blues Club Friday: Nottingham - Greyhound Beeston Saturday: Oxford - The New Inn Witney playing some blues / rock with these guys: [url="http://russtippins.com/index.html"]http://russtippins.com/index.html[/url] Be great to see you! John
  6. Hi Matt - I PM'd you but not had a response - did you get it?
  7. Hey mate - I wasn't having a go at you with my comment. Really should have added one of these I'm not really bothered about other peoples opinions on EMG's - I like them and that's good enough for me.
  8. I would say the quality of the Euro versus a US EBMM is comparable based on my experience - but both Spectors I've had have been older CR models. I should have mentioned the price aspect in my earlier post - Yamahas and TRB's especially are amazing value used and the new TRB's look like a lot of bass for the money. I really can't understand why they don't hold their used values better.
  9. I've got a Spector Euro5 (albeit an older solid maple one) and a Stingray 5 Classic (and I've owned a TRB5 - albeit a jap one). Different beasts really. Stingray does what it does and I've not heard anything replicate it. Its weakness I suppose is a relative lack of versatility in comparison to my Spector - but Its certainly not a one trick pony. I've also had a Stingray 5 HH which is undoubtedly more versatile - but I prefer a pup blend rather than switching on two pup basses. Also there isn't much room to pop when slapping as the front pup is close to the neck. An HS config might be better if you feel the urge to slap. Spector with its EMG's is a bit more more hi-fi / clinical than the Ray and has less of a scooped basic sound - with a more forceful mid voice. It also has a thicker neck. Both have powerful EQ's. The TRB was more nuetral sounding with less character than the other two (who, to be fair have fairly strong personalities) - but still a great bass and very versatile. Build quality on all three excellent. A lot will depend on what type(s) of music you will be playing. You really need to try all three.
  10. I had a Pentabuzz and it was excellent. Really singing fretless tone with loads of mwah and sustain. Nicely voiced eq as well. Only got rid of it as I wasn't using fretless much at the time. The polished fingerboard is a bit of a moot point. Mine needed to have the fingerboard dressed and I got the guys at Overwater to do it - but that meant the epoxy type stuff had to come off. I thought about having it re-coated but to be honest I didn't notice any massive difference in sound (maybe lost a little bit of high top end) so I didn't bother. Big thumbs up for the GWB35 as well - I've got one and they are a bargain. Great fretless tone. Not as nice as the Pedulla but great for the price and for how often I needed a fretless. Very light too. Narrow string spacing tho and now I'm using fretless a lot more I'm hankering for something else with a bit more room.
  11. Hi - looking to trade my Ibanez GWB35 for another, upgraded 5 string fretless with cash and / or my Epi UL310 cab (see other ad) on top. The Ibanez is in good condition - no dings etc. Its a great bass and has served me well for the last few years when I've needed a fretless. However a new project means I'll be playing more fretless and I'd like something with more room on the fingerboard. I picked this up in a trade with Shockwave a few years back in precisely the opposite situation I find myself in now where I downgraded from my Pedulla Pentabuzz as I wasn't using the fretless so much but still wanted one for the odd fretless call - which the GWB35 was ideal for. So if anyone has a 5 string fretless collecting dust and fancies a trade, let me know what you have got. Needs to be lined with a wider string spacing than the GWB. 35" or 36" scale would be good as well but not essential. I'll sort out pics asap. Thanks
  12. Back to the top - with trade options
  13. Would really like this - and I'm local! Timing not great though!
  14. A "cheers Charla - thanks for kind words" type bump!
  15. Other stuff long gone, but surprisingly this still here.
  16. JD1


    My first bass too. £46.00 from Paul Garvey Music Haymarket Newcastle. Circa 1979. Wont hear a word said against them.
  17. Yes - not exactly inundated Gig was last night and it was very good. Nice appreciative punters. We'll be back I think.
  18. Hi all - rare gig outside my native north east this Thursday 23rd at BB's Blues Club / Alexanders in Chester. Anyone played it? Cheers John
  19. JD1

    Recording on a PC

    Thanks folks that's helpful! Regards J
  20. JD1

    Recording on a PC

    So instead of being asked to turn up to a session, I've been asked to record some stuff at home on my PC. May as well have been asked to knock up a Large Hadron Collider in the shed. Got a desk with a USB out - what else do I need? Can anyone point me in the right direction? Any threads for numpties on here? Any help appreciated! Cheers John
  21. Bump - £400 ONO. Happy to drive for an hour or so if it makes a collection easier. That would put me around North Yorkshire, Carlisle or the Scottish borders. Cheers John
  22. Bump. I should add I'm happy to drive for an hour or so if it makes a collection easier. That would put me around North Yorkshire, Carlisle or the Scottish borders. Cheers John
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