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  1. I sometimes pair my MBE combo (which has one 12 and no horn) with my GK Neo 210. Generally stack these vertically. Sounds great and easily keeps up with loud drums and guitar. The Micro Bass combo is only rated at 150w into 4 ohms with the extension cab but I've found over the years that GK stuff tends to be conservatively rated in terms of watts v volume.
  2. I'm with Chris 2112. Janek and some of the other guys mentioned in this thread are supposed to be the "top" players - operating on a different level to mere mortals like me. They've found their "voice" etc. (don't get me started on the beanie hats and the ramps though). But none of them are really making a massive impact or raising the bar and making a benchmark recording. I've not heard his latest album and I don't intend to - but an improvised jam???? Come on Janek (and the others) lets have a proper statement worthy of your talent.
  3. Still here and open to sensible offers
  4. The two bands I'm involved with at the moment are: [b]DeeExpus[/b] - modern prog rock with Porcupine Tree / Dream Theatre influences. Just realeased an album called the King of Number 33 and currently in rehearsals for a few UK gigs this month (Durham, Maltby and Kingston) and a festival in the US (Rosfest) early next month. http://deeexpus.com/live.aspx [b]Russ Tippins Electric Band[/b] - blues / classic rock originals and covers. Mainly north east based although we have a few gigs further afield this year including the Hebden Bridge and Maryport Blues festivals. http://russtippins.com
  5. Plenty views but not a lotta luv. Open to [u]sensible[/u] offers folks. Also, if anyone has an Aguilar Tonehammer DI or EBS Micro Amp II I would offset against. Only trade / p/ex I'd be interested in would be in the unlikely event of a a Spector lined fretless 5.
  6. Thanks! Yes it is lovely - but I suppose I would say that. I really must do some more photos as these don't do it justice. Back up.
  7. Its scary how quickly stuff moves down on here thesedays - type bump!
  8. Hi - thanks yes it is but I would say that! And yes it is a MM5 in the background. Great bass to play but struggled with the pre-amp on it.
  9. Welcome to pop in for a cuppa - if you can live with the danger Yes the Sandberg was nice. A PM5. Very similar to the Ray - maybe a bit more polite sounding and can't cop the top end agression that a Ray is capable of. Its owned by fellow Basschatter Charla now.
  10. It is Alan - but its not the bass you can hear - that was a Sandberg
  11. For sale, my Musicman Stingray 5 Classic. Just under two years old. Excellent condition - no dings / marks etc. Lovely tobacco sunburst finish and maple fingerboard. The neck is nicely figured birdseye - its not what I would call AAAAA tarts handbag bling but nice figuring nonetheless (that my photography fails to capture spectacularly). This was one of the first 5 strings in the UK as I had pre-ordered. I was so delighted when EB brought out a 5 that looked like a 4 - i.e. oval pick guard etc. that I ordered one as soon as they were announced. However its not been used much over the last year or so as I've been favouring my Spector - which is more suited to the current projects I'm involved with. Its therefore collecting dust and needs to make way for another Spector. Comes complete with EB hard case and a new set of Pro-Steels. £1400 ONO No trades and collection only (North East / Newcastle area) - although I'll consider travelling a reasonable distance to meet up. Thanks [attachment=100868:100_0278.JPG] [attachment=100869:100_0274.JPG] [attachment=100870:100_0277.JPG] [attachment=100872:100_0273.JPG] [attachment=100873:100_0275.JPG] [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bjHZHX_0Qss[/media] [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZGzNX0Zcx0&feature=related[/media]
  12. I made the transition to a 5 about 20 years ago. I adapted quite quickly and I've never looked back. Can't contemplate going back to a 4 ever. Even if you don't use the notes on the B much they are always there if you need them. Go for it I say!
  13. Thank you very much! I've just got a couple left with Russ this year - Ashington on 2nd December and a support slot with Dr Feelgood at Ferry Hill on the 10th. Gigs coming for next year thick and fast though so keep checking [url="http://russtippins.com/index.html"]http://russtippins.com/index.html[/url] maybe Russ might get round to updating the gigs page sometime soon!
  14. Terror Bass 500 very very loud and a great basic sound. I found it a little too gritty at times though and I prefer a more flexible eq. Also you need an attenuator for the DI (plenty other posts on that). +1 on the GK recommendations. I'm using a Fusion 550 and love it.
  15. I know its trendy to slag them off regarding their post Moving Pictures output but I genuinely shifted away from them after that and I've struggled to get back since - and I've tried. Its actually more Alex Lifeson (and the material / direction) than Geddy I think. I got a bit of a good vibe from S&A but it didn't last long.
  16. I posted this link in the gigs section but probably more appropriate here. Video footage not great but the chap doing in house sound did a great job and this was a "rough" 10 min mix while we were packing up. Headphones recommended! If anyone is playing the Greyhound in Beeston Nottingham I recommend you ask about recording the gig. We only asked him to record a couple of songs - wished we had stumped up the £150 he wanted to record and mix the whole gig properly. Next time we play there we will. [media]http://youtu.be/vzviUYnFW-k[/media] John
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