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  1. Still here and open to reasonable offers / trades.
  2. Whilst main prompt for selling is Nik's Sub 5, will consider trades / cash either way for a fretted 5.
  3. JD1

    EQ Problems

    I tend to generally boost the mids althouh maybe a slight cut around 800Hz to remove "boxiness" from the sound. I cut the really low frequencies and I find a boost around 5K is good for scratchy finger noise. Tone is a never ending quest mate! Even when I've had an amp, cab, bass and eq set up I've loved, eventually I start looking for a change.
  4. Immaculate condition. With Fender hard case. As a long term 5 string player I've wrestled with this for a while now, but I can't get used to going back to a 4, which (along with the Stingray Sub 5 on sale here) is why I'm selling. I have a 5 string fretless, so this has been a back up only and not been gigged. Any offers?
  5. Seriously interested in this. Looks great. I love the look of the Stingray, but can't get away with the vast scratchplate and bevelled edges on the 5. Why they couldn't just make the 5 look like a 4 (like this) I don't know. However I'll need to sell a Jazz fretless first (and there's one here already not shifting) so no doubt this will have gone.
  6. I had a NSCR5 the same colour - as far as I can tell no different to this one unless the circuit is different. Really nice bass. Only changed it as I had a hankering to return to Fender and got a MM5. Love the Fender, but I miss the Spector though. I would have been interested in a trade as I have a 4 string US Fender Jazz fretless which is immaculate and is mainly used as a back up, but my Pedulla 5 fretless was recently damaged and so I need the Jazz for the moment.
  7. I agree - never seen the point of bulky combos. Head and cab way to go - especially if light weight neo's. Not sure I agree with argh about sound of SWR though. As always, personal preference and playing style etc. but I did a gig recently with a hired SWR SM500 and a 4 ohm Goliath 4x10. SWR one of the few brands I haven't used before and I was well impressed. Really suited my playing style. So much so I'm seriously considering changing rigs. Is the Black Beauty a 15" driver? If so I guess choice depends on speaker preference. 2X10 Redhead for me.
  8. Thanks. I'm aware of the respective cost / used value for these amps. I would have been thinking along the lines of a cash adjustment - wouldn't have expected a straight swap.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  10. Gallien Krueger 1001RBII (3 months old - still have tha box) maybe...
  11. JD1

    Schroeder Cabs

    Been using a 1210. Impressed. Not as hi fi as my EA cabs but punchy and loud. Also one less trip to the car at the end of the night. Been standing it vertically and it means I'm getting the 10 pointing more or less at me.
  12. I'm sure Alain Caron slaps an F Bass with 2 P PUPS but bridge PUP maybe not as close to the bridge as that one.
  13. +1 BigRed. A good luthier should be able to steer you through the maze of options - tone woods (and their different properties), figured tops, different finishes, scale length, neck configuration, pick ups and pick up configurations, pre-amps, hardware, string spacing, neck dimensions etc etc. The options available are staggering. You therefore need to do as much research as you can in terms of what you really want - sound, appearance, playability (and not least your budget) to help them build you want you want.
  14. Yep. Ready Freddie. There was an article and transcription in one of the bass magazines I seem to recall.
  15. Cheers. Really interesting this. Just bought one of these a few weeks back and I'm really pleased with it. Took the bloody pick up cover off though - like trying to eat a sweet with the paper on. I agree with the comments about the neck radius - very comfortable and really nice to play. The stuff about the bridge is interesting. The cynic in me thought Fender were just pinching pennies by not putting a Badass on but it seems I was wrong. Jury is out on the pre-amp. I'm OK with the treble voicing I think - not too sizzly and in keeping with the bass really. However, I find 40hz a bit rumbly. I didn't think I would ever be totally happy with the scratch plate, but its growing on me.
  16. Yeah - tried a couple of sets of the coated ones. Sounded great (and looked fab it has to be said) but they just didn't last and they were more expensive than Elixirs, which takes some doing. I think the problem is they coat the winding before they wind it - had the same problem with D'addario EXP's and the Warwick one's as well. Whereas Elixirs coat it afterwards so you get less build up of crap in between the windings.
  17. I'm toying with one of the 4 ohm Tech cabs to replace my two EA cabs. I have a CXL112 and an old VL110 that are very compact. Not the heaviest but not the lightest either and one less trip to the car appeals. Does anyone know who sells the Tech cabs?
  18. Andy I seriously had a look at one of these as a back up. Cracking value. In the past, Sound Control here in Newcastle have generally tried to price match with SoundsLive who have their shop just round the corner - and vice versa. Won't do any harm to ask if they will price match - if they don't I'll be surprised if you don't at least some money off. Nowt to lose. John
  19. Prefer Elixirs. DR's possibly had the edge sound wise but not by much. However, durability and feel of the Elixirs swing it for me. DR's went off much quiker.
  20. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  21. Best of luck matey - I'm sure you'll nail it.
  22. Awesome. For me, what bass playing is all about. Holds it down, but every now and then there is a really original fill or run - often up the dusty end of the neck that really adds to the song. Listening to some of the stuff in depth at the moment for a production of We Will Rock You in August. Another One Bites the Dust is hard to beat for a combination of impact and simplicity.
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