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  1. Would that be Mr Watts or Mr Whiffin? Either way I assume the feedback was all bad! Although now looking at your links, it was Dave as he has mentioned you as well. Will have to get down to the Maggie to see you some time...
  2. Hope you had a good one. Say hello to Smidge from me. Our last one at the Assembly Rooms last night (phew) and possibly Mr Watt's last gig with us. At least until we need him back as a dep. Regards John www.wwbigband.com
  3. Great bass line, great "P" sound (and a great player). I know there is another thread on this, but whether you like Jamoricky or not (generally I do) IMO I think its a nice change to have stuff like this in the public eye and on the radio where there is such a good groove, with the bass at the forefront and well up in the mix. In a similar way to the different bassists who brought different things to the table for Steely Dan and Donald Fagen on the Nightfly, the different players JK has used have done the same. Stuart Zender had some great (if a bit quirky) grooves, Nick Fyffe had more of an effects / synth vibe, whereas Paul Turner (and some of the guys used on the last album) have a more precise, "polished" funk / disco thing going on. I know JK and Stuart had a falling out of some description, but I wonder what happened to Nick?
  4. Bass x 2 in Ritter Double gig bag. Cab x 1 (Schroeder). Amp (GK) and tuner in rack together with lead, power leads and speaker cable (or EA amp and gubbins below in a bag). Spare strap, strings, lead, speaker lead, power lead, tuner, batteries, a few tools, fold away stand etc. all stuffed in various pockets of gig bag. Two trips to / from the car. Only use hard cases if they are going in the van. I might get an F1 or similar in the future to keep as a back up amp, but only once has an amp let me down. Got through by using DI box straight into the rig and into a powered monitor. Could hardly hear myself, but the punters didn't notice.
  5. Trevor - no thanks on the Yamaha - not really what I'm looking for. Great basses though - I had matching fretted and fretless 5's about 10 years ago. Peter - thanks but I've already got a Pentabuzz (although its currently getting repaired by Overwater when Chris gets his finger out). Mark - I did have a hankering for a more vintage Fendery tone, which is why I originally went for it. It's great for the rock trio stuff I do but less so for the function stuff. Ideally I'd keep it, but I can't afford to keep it and get something else.
  6. Thanks Mark! Was going to wait until I finish my run of Christmas gigs but thought there was no harm in testing the water. After the gig tonight I'm still hedging towards a change. The mid voicing doesn't appeal to me - although it sits well in the mix and cuts through fine enough. For the function band (which is >80% of my work) I found the combination of a Spector NS5CR and an EA rig sat better and gave me a better balance between fingerstyle and slap tone. Mike - yes its MIA. I was slightly put out at the price hike for an extra string when I got it!
  7. Feeler - anyone interested in a trade for another 5 string of similar value or agree a cash adjustment up to the value of mine? It's under a year old, Nat finish with an Audere pre-amp (I still have the original circuit as well). I've had to scratch a Jazz Bass itch a couple of times in recent years, but I keep wanting to return to a fatter soap-bar / humbucker sound. I really like the playability of this bass, the neck / fingerboard are fab and the B is nice and tight. However the sound just isn't right for me. I tried the Audere, and it has improved the sound and variety of tones available no question, however I'm still hedging towards a change. (Mind you I'm having a bit of a tone crisis and I think my whole rig might be getting changed as well). Its just really a feeler at this stage to see if there is any interest and what is out there. I will sort out photos asap, but its not marked and I guess you know what they look like. Off the top of my head I'd be interested in a Stingray V HH or HS or perhaps going back to a Spector NS5CR, but I'm open minded. Thanks John
  8. Lemonheads - Mrs Robinson - was that a P with a pick?
  9. I've had a couple of these over the years. Real workhorse and sound great. A pig to carry - but an acceptable compromise given the price.
  10. Keep your powder dry - then when you do say something it will have more impact. I've always though John Deacon was a master at that. Also, don't think too much - go with the groove, use your ears and let anything you play go with the flow.
  11. JD1

    New bass time

    I had a Sandberg California PM5 for a while. Nice bass, well made with a versatile, quiet and well voiced eq - but it couldn't do the "Musicman sound" for all the tea in China.
  12. Not sure - but would they just ship it with Fender strings?
  13. Mark - Typo on the H. (Anyway, its not the light one). That said I can schlep it one-handed. Its rated at 850W / 4 ohm. I'd consider selling just not sure on the value. Make me an offer... BB - PM'd.
  14. Anyone interested in a trade? Maybe SWR Goliath or whatever? Preferably 4ohm. I'll sort out photos asap. Its in good condition - with a cover.
  15. Just got an SWR 750x and A/B'd it with my GK through the 1210. SWR definitely not as good a match with the Schro as the GK. The GK colours the sound more and offsets the inherent mid of the cab a bit. The SWR is a bit too dry for the cab and the Aural Enhancer didn't warm it up enough on its own. I can use the para mid on the 750 to smooth the mid bump out a bit, but unless I use a separate EQ I can't selectively boost or cut any other mids. An SM500 or 900 might work better. If I keep the 750 I'll probably need to get rid of the Schroeder.
  16. Try "The Art of Walking Bass - a method for acoustic or electric bass" by Bob Magnusson
  17. I've been using a Gallien Krueger 1001RBII with a 1210 and it's a good match - portable, punchy and very loud. That said I'm thinking about getting a different amp - just for a change more than anything else.
  18. What were the lyrics to Warriors of Gengis Khan again - something about burning, shooting raping and looting I think?
  19. John - just back from my hols and I would have had it as well.
  20. Has anyone tried the Mark King head? I'd be interested to hear if it is a different beast to the ABM - or just an ABM with a graphic in a red party frock.
  21. Yep - still being carted around in my gig bag not being used.
  22. When I was playing the clubs with one band I had the dubious honour of sticking the backdrop up - risking life and limb trying to balance on Leslie Speakers, Hammond Organs, Bingo machines etc while stapling my fingers to the wall. Horrible memory - shudder. I thought I was over it, but...
  23. Yeah - first saw it in Bass Player and was looking forward to trying one. They've been like hens teeth though. Maybe they've had teething problems? I asked Sounds Live and they said Beyer were quoting 6 - 8 weeks delivery.
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