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  1. Hi folks. I p/ex'd this from Shockwave recently. But I've decided to move it on. Its a really nice bass - and (apart from a little buckle rash) you can see it is in excellent condition. It also comes with a Status / Hiscox hard case. But, having A/B'd it with my Sandberg PM5 on a variety of gigs it doesn't really bring anything new to the table for me. Ordinarily I would keep it as a back up fretted but at the moment I need a smaller amp / cab or combo for some theatre work I have coming up (past experience has told me my GK and EPI UL310 are a bit much - both in terms of size and power). Also I could do with something for home practice and teaching. Therefore, if anyone is interested in a P/ex or swap - I'm looking for some small / lightweight amp / cab / combo options. It will need to be compact and (if a combo) have 150w minimum. I've an open mind, but off the top of my head: GKMB or other combos, GB Shuttles or otherwise, Hartke Hydrive Combos, Ashdown LG, Markbass, Aguilar (GS112), Warwick / Ampeg / EA spring spring to mind. If anyone is interested in buyng the bass outright let me know. I'll need to have a think about a cash price but it will be somewhere near Rob's valuation. Rob's post is fairly recent, but let me know if you would like me to post some pics. Also - not into postage at all. Based in the north east - but I do get about a bit so reasonable travel considered. Cheers John [url="http://basschat.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=44241&hl=status+s1"]http://basschat.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=...mp;hl=status+s1[/url]
  2. From my experience its quite difficult to mess up the sound on a GK and very easy to get a good sound. In terms of volume, my 1001RBII is seriously loud. I use it through an Epi UL310 and it cuts through anything. I [u]never[/u] have to push it and it just seems to have loads more grunt than other amps I've had over the years. For example it has more volume and punch than the SWR750x and EA iAmp800 I had.
  3. I'm with Alex on this. Awesome amount of amp for the money. I had the 1 x 12 DB 500 and that punched way above its weight so God only knows what this will bring to the table.
  4. Played 5's from around 89/90. I was playing the working mens clubs and a lot of the covers at that time were synth bass so I needed the bottom B. I had no problem adjusting to the extra string however I'd struggle to go back to a 4 now. I love the extended low range and a 4 seems like a pencil. Also my bearings go skew on a 4 now. I tried a 6 - on the basis that I'd made the transition from 4 to 5 OK but never got to grips with it (expensive experiment by the way).
  5. They were also heavy beasties for their size. I guess as a result of the all the transmission line gubbins. Sounded great though.
  6. Bill - Slightly off topic so apologies, but why were the VL's so power hungry? I had a VL110 and 210 and you really needed a big amp to drive them.
  7. He is a great player - but I just got a bit fed up with that thuddy style he used on Everything Must Go and most of Two Against Nature. Pete - that Nearly Dan must be a great bass gig - very envious! I will definitely get along to the Sage if I don't get a gig in.
  8. Sandberg? I'm currently using a PM5. Can run it passive and just use the neck pup. Great P vibe - maybe a bit tighter sound - with a J profile neck. Depends on your budget...
  9. Yep - Gary is top notch. Drop him a line.
  10. Yeah - got this when it came out and played it to death. Brite Nightgown is lesson in laying down a minimilistic groove.
  11. The top horn is deeper / thicker than it looks. This bass will be immaculate and I can vouch for the fact its been hardly used - despite me nagging him to play it more. Can also verify the delivery date as Bow ordered it after he played mine.
  12. I've had a love hate relationship with them as well. They look great and are really nice to play, but for finger style they lack too much mid to my ears - and the mid control on the 3 band isn't enough to compensate. If you have an amp with a lot of eq options you could maybe plug the gap... Having said all that I know I'll have another one sometime.
  13. JD1

    Is this rig loud?

    GK1001 well loud even into 8 ohms.
  14. JD1


    +1 on Mark's comments. You need to try a few as the different woods really make a difference. My experience is that sometimes it is the less bling one sitting in the corner not attracting too much attention that can sound the best. They all feel and play great. They usually have a few there you can try. They are top blokes and know their stuff.
  15. Sold Phil a Schroeder cab. Absolutely great chap to deal with - went like clockwork.
  16. I've had H and HH variations over the years. HH was [u]much[/u] more versatile. If you are a slapper there's not much room because of the neck pup placement though. I still might go for a Sterling 5 at some point and if I do it will probably be an HS as there is a tad more room. Build quality on every one I've had has been superb - bomb proof and the natural finish on the back of the neck is ace. Great basses.
  17. Put a straight edge on the fingerboard at the dusty end of the neck. Often the truss rod doesnt work much past 12th fret. The neck might have too much relief up there in which case you might need some work on the frets.
  18. Could you not borrow a Line 6 Variax - I tried one a couple of years ago and the upright model sounded very good. Failing that then flats.
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  20. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  21. One of my heroes and a big influence when I was learning.
  22. JD1

    Spector 5 String

    Its a Legend if its the same one I tried. Was in there before Christmas trying out a GK Fusion and it was the only 5 they had in so I used it. It needed setting up a bit - but looked and sounded great. A lot of bass for the money.
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