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  1. Sorry Stevie I haven't got a scanner. Can anyone else help out?
  2. Got it. (By the way, Andrew Levy on the cover sporting a rather splendid shirt).
  3. Thanks Guys It's notation rather than tab I'm after. I've got about 95% of the Bassist magazines (not stored in date order I hasten to add). Any ideas who was on the front cover?
  4. Hi Folks Anyone got a transcription for Stormin Norman's 16th fest? Alternatively I'm sure it has been covered in one of the bass mags over the years and I still got most of them - anyone point me in the right direction? Cheers John
  5. Hey mate Listen to horn players. Or, try singing the notes - within the scale you are working with (or not). Your imagination will help you come up with melodies and take your fingers away from the patterns they have been programmed with. Also, get Band in a Box, and practice playing along with the chords. Start off with the root on each chord, then start playing the 3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th, 9th etc. Then start joining them up with passing notes That will also give you some good ideas for melody and also help you nail your fingerboard navigation. I'm crap at doing all of this by the way but apparently its good advice! John
  6. Hi Rog Probably not - although its a great looking bass - lovely bit of birdseye. Pleased to see the pics though after the saga of the last thread! John
  7. Hi Kev Yes there would be a bit of a clash if we are talking about your avatar. I don't even use the hard case as its too nice - I use a Hiscox. Ridiculous really. It is lovely - if a little bit bling. I really like Stingrays. Had a few over the years although this is my first HH. A little bit tight space-wise between the neck and the neck pup for slapping at first but I got used to it. HH (and I guess HS) pup configs are a great enhancement to what is already a great bass. Just wish they had stuck with an oval pick guard like the new Sterling 5 though. I'm really happy with it for rock (espcially with a pick) and slap with both pups. Problem is just don't get the burp that I want when playing fingerstyle.
  8. Yes I think its fair to say its sumptuously appointed.
  9. That's a splendid vision! Up to the top once folks to see if there is anything else out there. Thanks John
  10. Hi Dougal Thanks but not really. Not sure how the Bongo compares with the Ray for sound but I'm wanting to move away from the MusicMan sound. John
  11. Hi Looking for trades on my Stingray 5 HH. I traded this on here about 6 months ago and I've been mulling over whether it's a keeper or not. However, two gigs this weekend have made my mind up. Great rock and slap bass but for fingerstyle its just not my cup of tea. Looking for 5 strings only. Maybe a Spector, Sandberg or Lakland but not limited to these. Also, probably looking at something with soapbars / humbuckers rather than a J type but again I'm open minded. Its in great condition with a matching LE06 hard case and recently set up by Chris May at Overwater. Ideally I'd have liked to keep it for rock gigs and look for a second bass with a different sound for functions etc. however I can't really justify the outlay. Therefore looking at a swap for something of the same value (or less with cash my way). Thanks John
  12. If your time is tight and you can only manage one band then I reckon look for something else as life is too short - but speak to the guys first and let them know your concerns. If they value you as a person and a player then they won't want to lose you. However, if you can I would try and play with as many people as possible. As well as meeting and learning from other musicians you are making connections and networking. You never know you might get a call from one of them in the future.
  13. Was it Marcus Miller on Walk the Dinosaur - sure I read somewhere that it was.
  14. Is the pre-amp "master built" as the one in mine wasn't.
  15. Was talking with Chris May at Overwater the other day when they had just received a batch of the new EA micro thingies (which by the way are tiny). He had seen the Ashdowns in Frankfurt and apparently they look quite small face-on but are much longer / deeper than the EA and Markbass offerings. Not a mjor issue I guess, but size seems everything these days!
  16. Cheers mate - thanks for the help. Yeah - open strings are getting a bit more of a look in on this than they would on electric! Half an hour on this and then when I pick up the electric I feel like I'm going to crush the neck. I've been practicing some of the "big-band" numbers I sometimes do in a function band - It Had To Be You, Fly Me To The Moon, Lets Face The Music and Dance etc. 15 minutes of Me and Mrs Jones and my left hand was really giving me gip. I don't have the biggest hands and I've struggled in the past with extended scale basses. However, like I said I'm going to stick at it as it sounds so good. I'm used to playing fretless and fingerstyle, so those aspects aren't so much of a worry, but because of the scale length I'm struggling to get my bearings intonation wise - and the "challenging" action and tension just add to the fun (as does the ensuing wrestling match when I want to go up to the dusty end of the neck!) I toyed with getting an electric upright as a transition, but I thought no I would jump straight in. A good friend (who I'm hoping for a few lessons from) let me have the bass at a good price and that helped the decision process as well. Let me know how you get on and I'll keep you posted with my progress, although I fear gigs with it are a long way off for me! Regards John
  17. Thanks for the advice folks. I guess my stamina will develop alongside my technique and intonation - all of which will need a shed load of work before I would feel confident enough to gig with it. Going to stick at it though.
  18. 30 years on electric bass. Just bought a double bass (it's looming over my shoulder as I type). Blimey, it's a bit physical isn't it?
  19. Fair do's. I can't for the life of me understand why you've struggled to shift this last bu%@er. If I was an Ashdown fan I'd have had your arm off.
  20. JD1


    I can confirm this bass is un-gigged and immaculate. Bow bought this having tried my Pentabuzz and it is under 2 years old. I've told him not to sell it but he's not having it - he now has 2 border collies to support! I'm not sure it's essential to be an established part of the community to sell on here - I've seen a fair few newbies selling stuff - but for what it's worth I can vouch for Bow.
  21. And replied. Probably looking at cash now as seriously considering an Epi UL 3 or 410 having tried one.
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