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  1. Had one for a few years. Sounded great with a brilliant eq. I had some reliability issues though. Have to say Overwater were brilliant each time but in the end I wanted something more reliable. Might have just been a one off though as I've not heard of many other issues with them.
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  4. Can't recall the exact process but at some point it tells you how much it will be in total, in Sterling - before you commit.
  5. I got a Carvin BX500 direct a couple of months ago. Came in at £340 all in. Took less than a week to be delivered. 1st one was faulty but they sent a new one and its fine. Great eq and very punchy. Small and light. Bit of a bargain really.
  6. Bump. Open to offers. Still got GAS for something with valves (not helped by playing through a SVT house rig on Sunday night).
  7. Keith Carlock Dennis Chambers Thomas Lang
  8. Should have added there's some live sound clips at dwband.co.uk. Mind you its DI'd off the desk and I've more top and mid boosted than I'd normally like - to try and cut through all the the keys, brass and guitar. Nonetheless might give you an idea. Most is fingerstyle favouring the bridge pup. Slap is 50/50 and the couple where I'm using a pick (Malice and Riot) are 2/3 neck pup.
  9. I've a PM 5. The P bass sound is quite close - maybe a bit tighter but not quite as fat. MM sound slightly less so - its less agressive and more burpy for figerstyle - but hints at a MM tone. Proably a combination of the bridge pup being being further back than on a MM and the Glock pre amp instead of the MM one. Nonetheless good sounds and versatile.
  10. That looks like the one leprechaun had as its an unusual pup config for Overwater. If it is then its a helluva bass. I borrowed it for some gigs a couple of years ago and it sounded / played great.
  11. I had this one for a while and its a lovely bass. Great neck. It was a toss up whether I kept this or a Sandberg PM5. In the end my Sanberg got the vote as its a bit more versatile - but it was close. As I recall the bass is in splendid condition - with just the afore-mentioned (very small) patch of buckle rash on the back.
  12. Cheers folks. As usual for BC different ends of the spectrum represented! Must admit in the past I've been a bit old school and sceptical of modelling - and despite the demo on the Line 6 site (which is very impressive) I remain somewhat sceptical. Basspod XT is a curveball - food for thought...
  13. Has anyone had any experience of the Line 6 Lowdown heads yet? I'm toying with getting a valve amp for rock gigs - something I can drive hard and clip (nicely). However I've had an SVT in the past and I think I'm looking through rose coloured glasses regarding the weight. Looking at alternatives I arrived at the Line 6 website. Do these things sound like that in real life? And if they do, how easy are they to use? I remain to be convinced I could call up that synth sound from the website audio tour at a gig.
  14. Seems a bit steep for a starting point compared to other luthiers. These are bolt on construction as well aren't they? Still I'm really pleased to see them back in production.
  15. Bump for pics. Price wise looking at £500 collected. NB - Not looking for a 1x12 now, but interested in amps of a valve persuasion e.g. a Marshall VBA or with a valve gain stage e.g. a Warwick Tubepath if any one interested in a trade / p/ex of some description. Just to confirm the amp is in brand new condition, boxed with the manual / allen keys etc. Cheers John
  16. Hey Ba55me15ter Just noticed you are based in Newcastle. If you fancy a drive down to the coast I'll stick the kettle on. Also, can you say hello to Smidge? I played at his wedding. Regards John
  17. Woah call off the hounds. Happy to talk numbers if you want to PM. Blimey.
  18. Hi folks PJB Suitcase for sale / trade. This was brand new and boxed when I got it from Giblett123. Since then its been used once for a theatre show where it stayed in the pit and some home teaching, so its immaculate. It performed brilliantly, easily keeping up with drums, twin guitars and keyboards on a rock show - without an extension cab. Sounded great and didn't break up in the slightest even when driven quite hard and I received compliments all round on the sound. It has an excellent compressor on it, and the twin eq's / channels were quite useful for different basses as I was using fretless on a couple of songs - consequently it would also suit anyone who doubles. I'm only getting rid as I've just got a Carvin BX500 because I wanted a more flexible eq. I plan to partner this with a 1x12 for future theatre gigs. Therefore interested in trades or p/ex (with cash my way) for a good quality 1x12. Would also consider cash offers. Will sort out pics asap. In the meantime, heres the PJB link: [url="http://www.philjonespuresound.com/PJWeb11_Suitcase.aspx"]http://www.philjonespuresound.com/PJWeb11_Suitcase.aspx[/url] Not into posting it. Based in the North East but I get around a bit. Cheers John
  19. JD1

    S5 love

    I've had a few over the years. Keep getting drawn back to them. Last one I had was an HH and had a great slap tone with all coils selected. Never liked the pickguards on them or the bevelled edges though - why oh why couldn't they just make the 5 look klike the 4?. Sterling 5 HS for me if I go back to a Musicman.
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