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  1. Bump. I should add I'm happy to drive for an hour or so if it makes a collection easier. That would put me around North Yorkshire, Carlisle or the Scottish borders. Cheers John
  2. I gig regularly across the north east so there would be scope to meet if anyone was interested - but it doesn't generally stretch to Wales I'm afraid!
  3. Just a reminder how versatile these are. Its a lot of amp for the money.
  4. Well its the one piece of kit I've stuck with - and considering I change gear more frequently than underwear thats saying something. If it wasn't for a tie-in with another company I would be keeping it. As for the price - well yes I think its fair - but then again I would! When I got it, because of the (deserved) reputation and the fact they're quite scarce there wasn't much scope for anything off the list price and I'm guessing that's still the case.
  5. Well its priced to reflect (lack of) use and as new condition. If you want to make an offer, hit me - what's the worst that can happen ;-) NB - I'm in Skegness next weekend. OK not on your doorstep but a bit closer than Whitley Bay.
  6. Thanks Chris! No this one's not exactly local for you either.
  7. Clearing out my rig to make way for a new one. Next up: Orange SP212 cab. 2x12 cab rated at 600w. Very compact. As new condition - bought in December and used a handful of times. I got this for theatre pit work, small stages and rehearsals because of its very small footprint. Great sound - especially for rock / blues. Amazing bottom end for the size of it. Will sort out pics asap - but you know what these look like. Looking for £425 - collection only from the north east. Thanks.
  8. Next up clearing the decks: Epifani UL310 Series 2. Good condition - no major marks or dings despite being well used. Always travels with me in the car and not seen the back of a van. 750w power handling. Compact and very light (one hand carry) and an excellent light weight one cab solution. Superb hi-fi sound and I've never had the sound break up on me - even with low B abuse. Will sort out pics asap. Looking for £400 - collection only from the north east. Thanks EDIT I'm now looking to upgrade my current fretless (Ibanez GWB35) as a new project will involve a lot more live fretless playing and I'd like something with wider string spacing. Therefore looking at trades for my Epi cab - with cash (and / or the Ibanez) if appropriate for a better 5 string fretless (lined please!). Not sure what I'm after or whats out there, so just a feeler for now. I'll advertise the Ibanez separately when I get time. Thanks
  9. Line 6 Lowdown HD750 amp head. Excellent condition, just under 12 months old. Very loud with tons of headroom and very flexible. Does a range of clean and overdriven tones, built in compression, effects (chorus, octaver and envelope filter), bass synth and tuner. Has patches for 4 individual sounds / settings that can be recalled via a FBV Express pedal board (also included). The Board also includes a volume / wah pedal and the onboard tuner can be accessed via the board also. Excellent condition and both come with original box etc. Will sort out pics asap, but it looks like this: [url="http://www.soundslive.co.uk/product~name~Line-6-Lowdown-HD750~ID~8917.asp"]http://www.soundslive.co.uk/product~name~L...750~ID~8917.asp[/url] There are some sound clips here: [url="http://russtippins.com/"]http://russtippins.com/[/url] - just click on the album and Youtube links. Looking for £250.00 for the amp and the pedal board. Collection only and I'm based in the north east. Thanks [attachment=78987:100_0208.JPG]
  10. Definitely dont underestimate the hassle of dealing with the punters. If its a wedding (and most of the functions I've done over the last 10 years or so have been weddings) then there can be months of dialogue, negotiation, reassurance and schmoozing. Some people are happy to let you do what you do, but most aren't - particularly the parents of the happy couple. And some brides can be control freaks from hell. Everyone seems to know best and the fact that you have done hundreds of weddings and know what works often doesn't cut any ice. And from the punters perspective why not? Its their big day and their money. I've always preferred the arrangement of being a hired hand. I turn up at the alloted time (after the PA, lights and drummer), set my gear up, do the gig, pack my gear up, take my wage and I'm usually home with a beer before the PA has been torn down. Happy days.
  11. I've had an HD750 for nearly a year now. Its not missed a beat and sounds great. Tend to use the Ampeg and Eden models depending on the gig. Sometimes use a bit of onboard compression, chorus and octaver. Built in tuner spot on as well. Have to say I'm quite impressed in terms of bang for buck. Only downside is its not a digital skinny minnie - but the other side of that is it has plenty grunt. I used to record an album: [url="http://russtippins.com/album.html"]http://russtippins.com/album.html[/url] Used the Ampeg "Rock" model with varying eq and drive levels depending on the song. Recorded DI and Mic and was pleased with the results. Will be moving it on shortly (possible endorsement deal, not because I don't like it).
  12. +1 on the crap reviews. When BGM kicked off I really though they improved the reviews compared to Bassist. But they've steadily gone downhill. The latest review of the Reflex tells me nowt. Oh and while I'm putting pen to paper - what's with the editors bit? Its just another contents page. I know the USA mag Bass Pamphlet used to get a bit up their own in the editorial but at least they tried to say something.
  13. I've had a UL310 Series 2 for a few years now and I love it. Normally I change gear with ridiculous regularity - but I've never thought of changing this, so that's high praise from me. Very light (one hand carry) and punches way above its weight. Nice warm tone. Doesn't break up under severe 5 string slap fest abuse, punchy mids and a sweet top. Also louder and less power hungry than the EA cabs I had previously and a nicer tone than a Schroeder 1210.
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