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  1. Bump. Price drop to £400. If it doesn't go, it's going to eBay.
  2. Fender Mark Hoppus bass. Nearly new, still has original soft case and box, never left the house. Finished in white with Tort guard. Precision neck, Jazz body, reverse precision Pick up. Only selling as I don't need it, it's not being used. I need to make this clear though, I tour for a living and as such, I'm rarely around for somebody to come and view/ try the bass. It also means I can only post things between tours, which could be 5/6 weeks from when it's sold. I've learnt my lesson about letting my house mates deal with that stuff, it doesn't go well. So please bare this in mind. If you're interested in purchasing the bass, please email me at prbctours[at]gmail[dot]com - I'm usually out of the country and email is the best way to contact me. I'd consider trades for super cool/ useful stuff, I don't need more basses though. Anyone getting rid of laptops or sets of microphones...? Anyway, (hopefully) some pics below. I'll try to take better ones when I'm home in a week or two, if it hasn't sold already. Cheers
  3. BUMP Microsynth is now £120. Has to go.
  4. No longer for sale, apologies.
  5. Oc2 and muff now sold. Microsynth reduced to £130. Need to sell ASAP, landlord is on a mad one.
  6. BUMP. Oc2 is now sold Micro synth and big muff still available but I've had a few enquiries about both. [email protected]
  7. It's the new version of the microsynth. Can't work out how to upload pics anymore...
  8. Crikey!


    Sorry everyone, this went ages ago for far too little money, i forgot to update this post. apologies.
  9. SYB-5 Sold pending. Knockout available again. £20.
  10. Last bump before ebay. SYB-5 still available, £50 posted.
  11. BUMP. price drop to £80. Huge case, ideal for venues/ touring. Bargain price.
  12. Crikey!


    Last bump before ebay. I've been recording with this all week and really reluctant to let it go but I need the funds.
  13. around 1000... My main band i know for sure has done 800+. We did 180 gigs in our first year as a band.. plus other bands over the years. 5 years of gigging. I couldn't count the amount of gigs i've worked in some capacity. Either playing, promoting, engineering or tour managing. Over the last 5 years i've averaged about 6 months a year on tour. Which is why I have to replace my gear so often...
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