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  1. I'm currently using a Carvin BX500 as a back up - more EQ (including a switchable graphic) than you can shake a stick at. Small, light, loud and cheap - mine came in at £340 delivered direct.
  2. I use one of the Markbass jobbies all the time. I got sick of trailing round for crates and chairs etc. My Epi UL310 is quite deep so often chairs weren't big enough. For what it is its expensive, but it folds flat and the velcro sticks to the carpet covering on my cab so it stays in place. I prefer it to raising the cab - especially in confined spaces. Best compromise for hearing yourself and retaining some floor contact and bottom end.
  3. Just a heads up folks. Gigging with Russ this Saturday if anyone is interested in seeing the Terror Bass getting a work over. An eclectic mix of material including Zep, AC/DC and Rory Gallagher.
  4. Thanks Joao / folks. Purchased said 40 db attenuator from Studio Spares. Used it at a gig tonight and worked a treat. John
  5. I'm the opposite Kev. The original 4 string design is spot on, and clearly lends itself to the 5 string format, so why not simply have a 5 string version as Fender have done with the Jazz and (eventually) the Precision? In fact I'd like to see a 5 string version of the Jaguar as well. I don't dislike the SR5. They sound great, are well made and look good (and I've had a few over the years), but I prefer the orignal design of the 4 - my main gripe with the SR5 being the expanse of pick guard.
  6. Been waiting a long time for a "proper" Stingray 5. I was on the verge of getting a new Sterling 5- not sure now.
  7. Be great to see you WOT! Yes Stewart, I'm inclined to agree it might be useful to have one of these attenuators in my back pocket anyway.
  8. On the actual gig I had the gain way back at about 9:00 and the sound remained relatively clean even when digging in - and volume was still impressive. See related thread under amps and cabs on the DI. NB - up to now all playing done through an Epi UL310 series 2.
  9. Anyone got a view on what attenuator to get?
  10. Cheers for the advice folks. The NYE gig in question was just a small desk and a couple of tops for vocals and keys - and the operative in question despite being a fantastic musician is to my knowledge not known to be an experienced sound engineer Furthermore it was a very quick test before we put the punters off their starters. I have a rock gig on Friday with a proper rig, and the chap knows his stuff (WOT - you know Dave and its at the Maggie if you're at a loose end) so we should get to the bottom of it. I'll have my GK as a back up and if it transpires I need an attenuator for future gigs with the Orange then it's not going to break the bank. On the GK, I've always run the DI level at or around 12:00 (I think it's -15dB) (generally post eq) and never had any complaints. I'm assuming that turning the DI level on the GK fully clockwise would give me the equivalent of line level? If so, does that mean that should I need an attenuator, then one rated at anything between 10 and 20 dB would be OK? Thanks again!
  11. Yes - my main gigging amp for the last few years is a GK so I've not had any problems DI related or otherwise. Still got the GK but got the Orange for a grittier tone for rock gigs.
  12. Thanks folks - not sure what channel / line he put me into - tried various and they ranged from hot to hotter I'll look into this a bit further and maybe try and contact Orange - however those attenuators look like a quick fix. I just can't understand why companies like Warwick and Orange could get this wrong - do they not test stuff?
  13. Hi Not a repair issue as such, but mods, please feel free to move to the repairs / technical if you fell it sits better in there. This is related to something that cropped in the reviews. First gig with the Orange on new years eve. It was a relatively low volume restaurant gig so I didn't need to DI. However just out of curiosity I checked the DI during the sound check and the signal was really hot - i.e. desk was clipping with the gain set very low. I really want to use this at bigger gigs where I'll be going through the rig and don't want to faff on with a mic. Is there any way I can attenuate the signal? E.g. would a DI box help - and if so, which one? I'd appreciate any advice folks. Cheers John
  14. Just used it for a new years eve gig rehearsal. Totally different to the last time I used it (heavy rock trio). This one is a jazz / swing type affair. Backed the gain off for a cleaner sound - still plenty of volume but still a bit of grit when I dug in. Eude - you would be smitten as it was still fat and slightly argumentative! (You really need to have a night out in Newcastle mate). Not a problem (actually really nice) but based on my initial forays, totally clean isn't this amp's forte. I'm concerned about the related thread on the DI being too hot though - can anyone shed any more light on this?
  15. Used it at a rehearsal for the first time last night. Impressed. Quite fat and growly - not unlike the person playing it, so we should get on well.
  16. Been using them for years. 1st class always. Next day, free of charge, without fail. Never thanked them though - perhaps I should have!
  17. Yes Doc - I remember Tommy and John working there don't know why I thought they owned it. I certainly do remember White amps. They came out with these black and red bass heads with a graphic - sounded great. I think everyone had them. Not sure how reliable they were though - certainly don't see many about now!
  18. Just picked one up. Yet to use it at gig volume but it is scary loud. Definitely some nice gnarly sounds with the gain at 1:00 onwards - although not at low volume! Yet to fathom out this passive tone mullarkey though. Putting it through an Epi UL310 @ 5.3 ohms - I'm assuming I select 4 ohms not 8 - any advice folks?
  19. Got my first bass from Paul Garvey. Horrible short scale Sattelite thing - but it was cheap (£44). He had this little unit in the Haymarket next to the Farmers rest over the road from the Percy Arms - before he moved to Eldon Square. (I believe he was a drummer ). Windows was quite good for stock once upon a time - but never the friendliest. Got my first decent bass there - a white P fretless from an unsmiliing chap that resembled Lurch. Rock City was probably the best shop - I think owned by the afore-mentioned Tommy and John who have Sounds Live now.
  20. You would need to stretch your budget, but a s/h Epifani UL310 is a great one cab solution. Really punchy and a one hand carry. Not quite 4ohm but not far off.
  21. A "Shrek" green Spector NS5CR p/ex'd at Guitar Guitar in Newcastle. Wouldn't care but they had it in for absolutely ages and moved it to one of their other shops where it eventually sold. If anyone north of the border knows of its whereabouts I'd love to get it back. (1cm Circular chip directly above the pup where my scredriver slipped when adjusting it - so quite noticeable unless its been repaired).
  22. No I take my "PJB laptop" - to annoy the bloke sitting opposite.
  23. Unfortunately not. Yorkshire sometimes, Shropshire sometimes and Hampshire once in a while but not London very often - and if I do its usually on the train.
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