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  1. A long long bump but this is still for sale. Any offers welcome!
  2. Bump - make me an offer for a great sounding cab
  3. Price drop bump again to £275. This is a great sounding cabinet, grab yourself a bargain!
  4. Price drop to £300. Make me an offer
  5. Price drop bump to £275. Make me an offer
  6. Thanks! I'm open to offers folks - do get in touch if you fancy a bargain for a vintage bass with great tone and action.
  7. Saturday bump! I'm open to offers.
  8. Saturday bump! Thanks for the kind messages folks - I'm open to offers.
  9. Hello all, As well as my other bass gear, I'm selling this powerful little 500W bass head. It used to be my main amp for playing live, hence a few knocks. But it is perfect working condition, just tried it out and it is in fine working condition. Find out more details here [url="http://www.markbass.it/product-detail/little-mark-ii/"]http://www.markbass....little-mark-ii/[/url] Comes with original carry case. Pick up from my home in London (N7) or my office (SE1). Happy to ship to the rest of the UK insured for £20. [b]UPDATE: Now down to £275[/b]
  10. Hello all, I am loathed put this up for sale because it has been very special to me. I used play this live regularly (see my profile picture) but I have fallen out of playing it of late and my Fender Jaguar has become my main bass instead. Circumstances mean I need to find it a good new home for it. I purchased this from a friend who told me the body was an early 1980s StingRay (see picture of the neck plate) with the neck of a MusicMan Sabre, which is a little thinner than the usual StingRay of that age. With the two band EQ, the end result is a bass that sounds fantastic, plays like a dream and has seen me through many a good gig. I have no real idea how much this bass is worth, given that it is of vintage stock yet is made of bits. So I'm putting it up exactly what I paid for it: £850. Since then, it has had a setup and a clean up operation and plays better than ever. Come with black Rockbase hard case. Pick up from my home in London (N7) or from my office (SE1). Happy to ship to the rest of the UK for £25. Let me know if you have any questions.
  11. Hello all, Selling my TC Electronics bass cabinet due to lack of use. I've owned this for several years and used to play live extensively with it. It therefore has a couple of knocks and scratches but nothing that affects its operation. Just tested it out and it is working perfectly fine. These go for close to £700 brand new, so grab yourself a bargain! Find out more details here [url="http://www.tcelectronic.com/rs212/"]http://www.tcelectronic.com/rs212/[/url] Collection from my home in London (N7) or my office (SE1). I can look into shipping to the UK but will be expensive! [b]UPDATE: Now £255[/b]
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