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  1. One of the best basslines on TV, it's Go Jetters!
  2. There's no simple answer to that I'm afraid. I first played it in a band setting about 6 years ago. I've been noodling on it on and off ever since as I find it an excellent exercise especially for the right hand. I've been playing in total for around 37 years!
  3. It's a BB1500A. Don't see many of them about!
  4. My second play-along a I muck about with a new channel. Not sure where it's going yet but I'm having fun upping the production values inbetween homeschooling!
  5. Cheapest way to get 'Kontakt': http://thesamplecast.com/cheapest-way-to-get-kontakt-6/
  6. If you can beg steal or borrow enough to get hold of Kontakt full version (look for second-hand licences too), that will open-up a whole world of fantastic instruments, including a good many free ones, eg. via https://www.pianobook.co.uk/ In the meantime, this should keep you busy: https://www.spitfireaudio.com/labs/
  7. I just took delivery of mine. I'm impressed with the cleanness of the preamp and headphone output. Sounds great even with a cheapie passive bass - plenty of gain available. Perfect portable setup for learning songs and practice. Potential for use in a makeshift wired IEM setup too. Only minor quibble is batteries only, no power input socket.
  8. Still using my Cobra 1x15 cab, albeit with a TE / Celestion driver in it now. It's a really well-built cab!
  9. The CCA C10 is pretty much identical to the ZS10 no? Same driver config. I have them and am well impressed, but haven't tried them live with bass yet. https://www.thephonograph.net/cca-c10-review/
  10. PM me your email and I'll wetransfer it to you
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