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  1. Bump for tournesol and W&T - great guy to deal with and great basses too!
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  3. Gorgeous gorgeous bass. Sounds and plays amazingly. The next owner of this is getting a beast of a bass!
  4. Great boards and cases. Just put together a board for a customer on a Pedaltrain PT-Pro and the hard case in particular on all those models is just superb. Really top notch.
  5. I love pedals. Love the whole philosophy. For me I like simplicity, so it all starts with the guitar and the amp. Once I've got that right, and the interaction dialled in, I can start layering on pedals. Again, for me it's all about complementing that interaction rather than being an obtrusive *thang* that lives on my pedalboard. I generally run subtle compression as a tonal shaper, a clean boost to give me *more* of my amp, a programmable delay (or one or two choice delay pedals), and occasionally a reverb. I intentionally don't use dirt pedals (other than fuzzes) as I find they mess with the sound of my amp more than I'd like. I generally want my pedals to only ever bring out MORE of what was already there, rather than take away from it, hence subtle compression, a clean boost, and a programmable delay to preserve whatever is going on.
  6. Utterly stunning. Love that blue headstock.
  7. I was just chatting about this with another friend, and we've both decided we're each happy leaving gigging behind for the foreseeable future. Not necessarily through being disenfranchised by it all, but just that our first love is making music, and that the act of gigging is a bonus that falls much further down the list than just having time to make music and enjoy making it in the first place. It's a cultural lie that unless you're out there 'doing it' then you shouldn't be doing it, or that you're wasting your time, and this is particularly prevalent in music. Personally, I just want time to make music and fiddle with musical notes, and I want some nice instruments to do it on. It's no different than those who like cycling having a nice bike and going on daily/weekly rides... it doesn't make them any less of a cyclist just because they don't compete in competitions or do regular group cycles. Both of us are around 30, so not exactly pushing retirement, but I know we are both feeling pretty released from the perceived 'pressure' we were putting ourselves under to 'get out there and do it!'. It's just so nice to make music for no other reason than i like doing it!
  8. To the OP, I totally agree. The majority of music stores are becoming more and more hassle than they are worth. My personal props goes to Guitar Guitar for being the best guitar store I've ever used or visited. So helpful and so polite, always loads of time for every customer. Bass-wise, Bassdirect is excellent, and now they have two in-store staff the customer service is far more attentive and helpful. Re: customer service - No-one likes people being rude or unhelpful, but that's nothing new to encounter from shop assistants/stores. The thing that irks me is the default trying-to-be-helpful-but-really-isn't [i]'no we don't have it in but we can order it in for you'[/i]... ...except that I can do exactly the same thing for myself, get it delivered to my home, and therefore wouldn't have to make another trip into a store. There is very little helpful about that approach. In fact, on anything moderately expensive or stuff other than standard stock items, the stores often make you pay up-front for the item they are ordering in, so there's not even the advantage of them ordering something with no cost to you. I understand the reasoning, but there is absolutely zero incentive for me to pull the trigger on something like that. I get that if they don't have it then what else can they say, but there must be something that can step above the mark. e.g. 'We don't have it in stock, but we could order it to an address you prefer, e.g. home, work. You'll have to pay for because it's not a stock item, but we'll price match as per online, AND we'll cover shipping to say sorry for not being able to oblige here in store, and if you're not happy with it, just return it to our store or via post as per returns policies for a full refund'. Maybe I'm being too optimistic, or not acknowledging logistical issues there, but THAT sort of customer service wouldn't be THAT difficult to do (it's basically providing an online service in store) and would certainly make people who want to support their local store more inclined to keep going back.
  9. [quote name='xilddx' timestamp='1395248700' post='2400218'] My last gig with Kit tomorrow night. The band's been dissolved due to lack of any real commercial progress or interest, it's expensive, and Kit's going to reinvent herself and [b]probably do some solo electro[/b]. [/quote] Sorry to hear that Nige. It is tough out there. On a side note re: the reinventing as electropop - It's quite astounding how many singers are re-inventing themselves as solo electro/dance acts. I don't really get it myself, both the genre and that there would be demand for that sort of thing... though I guess Daft Punk and the general popularity of dance helps!... but it is certainly sad to see people having to opt for something lesser than their ideal just to get out there doing stuff. Best of luck to you and Kit to find something new to pursue!
  10. Telecasters are great guitars. It's a guitar that ALWAYS delivers. It's the uber-solid robustness and stripped-back physicality that tips it over a Strat or LP/ES for me. I only Esquire'd mine to get it even more stripped down and utilitarian.
  11. I'd only feel I'd wussed out if I felt it was the worse bass. My favourite guitar for the last year is my Squier Telecaster, and given I own guitars costing 20-30 times more, that's saying something! If it's a good instrument, it's a good instrument - end of! Don't feel bad, just enjoy your new bass!
  12. Nice little trick there! There's bound to be some players who want that neck+bridge sound and are willing to forego an in-between sound, though I get the feeling those guys should just go buy a Tele and be done with it if they don't want an in-between sound [quote name='Kiwi' timestamp='1393277962' post='2378267'] No need to buy a tele when I have a Yammie MSG with coil taps. [/quote] Nice too! I Esquire'd my tele a while back, and I absolutely LOVE the one pickup simplicity. Even removed the three-way so it's just volume, tone, bridge pickup, out. Sounds HUGE and rings so clearly. Proper beater.
  13. From a beginner's standpoint, that sort of viewpoint is helpful. It means you don't have to stress about playing the 'right' E, but that any one you find in the right octave on any string will work. As you get better though, you may find that you prefer the colour of particular notes when played in a particular place, e.g. playing the octave 12 frets up rather than 2 frets up 2 strings up, or vice versa. They have (IMO) very distinct tonal attributes that mean they belong in certain parts of certain songs... however it can fry your brain trying to tackle this level of choice too early.
  14. Crazy price! But it'll still sell, cos it's got Metheny's name on it!
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