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  1. Hi all, after about a year of more-or-less retirement from playing bass I've decided to get back into it good and proper, due to needing to eat and other such financial dire straits I've sold of alot of the gear I previously owned (namely a Mesa Walkabout Scout, lots of pedals and a Musicman SUB) but I'm left with two basses I'm very fond of (fender jazz and a warwick streamer std) and have recently unearthed my very first and very rubbish bass amp.... a Laney R5! I played it through for around three hours a few days ago and when I next went to turn it on ( I live in student accommodation so frequently play unamplified) there was just nothing, the light seemed to flicker for a second and then die and now it simply won't turn on! Without sounding like the most general annoying request ever, does anyone have any ideas? I've got a soldering iron and plenty of spare caps, resistors and whatnot lying around on my course if anything needs replacing, anyone had such simmilar things happen before? Any suggestions at all would be most welcome. I know the amp's a bit rubbish but anything'd be cool at the moment! Hope everyone's having a great new year. Thanks for reading.
  2. Should have probably mentioned, I live in the centre of Birmingham but would be willing to arrange either a collection or delivery depending on whatever's easiest for you =)
  3. [attachment=28048:30062009146.jpg]Hey all =) First of all, I really don't want to sell this thing but am currently a student in dire straits! I know there are a few others on this forum that already have this amp and love it so I'll chime in with my two cents aswell! I think it's an amazingly versatile beast with more than enough volume to keep up with a really loud drummer and then the head is totally removable and able to be plugged into whichever cab combination you desire, there's two valves in the preamp which can dial in an awesome amount of vintage style growl, which can be perfect for hard rock and blues type sounds! with the gain kept low, real bright and funky sounds are more than possible! Again, I've never owned a bit of gear I've loved so much and if there were ANY other option I wouldn't be doing this. It's around 8 months old and has never been gigged or really taken out of my flat, I've just used it for a bit of recording as I never got around to joining a uni band! Comes with its original gig bag and AC lead with a cool mesa tag on it =) As well as the original factory tag left on to prove it's still in warranty direct from them. Just like to see what could be offered for it really, I'm open to anything reasonable... I paid £1300 for it when I bought it but £700 would be cool =) Sorry for the rubbish pics, will take more when it's light tomorrow! Thanks for reading guys! Any questions left I'll answer asap =) Take care.[attachment=28049:30062009147.jpg][attachment=28048:30062009146.jpg]
  4. I say, if it's making you happy... then it's NEVER possible to have too many! Surely we all work too hard in jobs we either tolerate or dislike, isn't life about the moments when we can devote time and attention to our art and the tools thereof! The basses in your collection (and in previous collections) sound utterly stunning and I hope you're happy with the many more you pick up along the way! I am alas only on my 4th bass as I'm a poor student but I've loved them all and wish I still had some... I went from a cheap Westfield Jazz bass copy (which was dire.. but 1st bass and all the rest!) to a Fender Jazz 24 in Cherryburst (which I still have and love!) then ended up with a Musicman SUB which is my greatest regret that I sold and finally I have a Warwick Streamer STD which is a dream come true! It's all played out of a Mesa Walkabout Scout which is my favourite piece of gear I've ever owned but is having to leave my grasp soon as I'm in dire straits! here's to MORE ridiculous basses on all our behalfs!
  5. [quote name='bassman2790' post='268397' date='Aug 23 2008, 10:45 AM']How are you getting on with your GT-6B? I have had an on/off relationship with mine since buying it about 6 months ago. Sometimes it comes to gigs with me, sometimes it doesn't. Most of the factory presets are unusable twonk (Pedal Ringer springs to mind).[/quote] I think it's okay, I think the compressors would be good if they didn't leach all of my tone... some of the distortions and choruses aren't bad.... Although it has made me realise that I only like a tiny but of distortion once in a while and even then I would probablly never use that in a band situation. I just tend to use it for the tuner and rubbish looper thing.... it's just made me want to get a real looper though, shame about their prices! I think once I'm settled in uni (after sept.) I'll sell it on and pick up a tuner, compressor and looper when I've got the cash =)
  6. Hi there, I currently own a Boss GT6B and play it straight into a Mesa Boogie Walkabout Scout (as in I go directly out the output of the pedal into the normal guitar input of the amp) and have noticed that when I play with the pedal as opposed to without out, I lose alot of my tone from the amp. From my understanding the Boss is supposed to be true bypass so this shouldn't happen? Am I just going mad? Furthermore, should I be plugging the Boss into the FX loop of the amp, I'm really unsure as to what an FX loop actually is, if anyone could inform me on this... it would be greatly appreciated. I also wish to purchase an Alesis drum machine which I understand has two phono outputs on it, is there anyway I could run this into my amp so that I could play along with it? Once again I Apologise for my tremendous technical ignorance and really appreciate any replies to this. Thanks all!
  7. I have seen more than one of these floating around in the music shops over here (Cologne, Germany) but I'm sure they are quite rare and not sure how difficult it would be to order from them. On a side note, I really don't understand the appeal of these things as I've just found them the heaviest and uncomfortable basses that I've ever worn... The sound also seems a bit one-trick-pony but maybe thats part of the charm? [on another side note, swear I saw one in Denmark St last time I was there.... although surely nothings worth the hassle of going to that dreaded place?)
  8. Hey everyone. I have a Laney R5 300w 2x10 bass combo that I'm willing to sell for the first reasonable offer I'm given. Whatever anyone thinks is fair? I could only do pick up only as I no longer have the box for the amp/ one big enough. The amp itself is around three years old and has been gigged lightly (less than fifteen times) No real visible marks or scratches. Good honest combo. I'm based in Telford in Shropshire (west midlands area) Thanks alot! I'll put some pics up in a few days.
  9. The nicest thing I've read it in ages =) Thankyou for sharing it with us. Ty.
  10. Just adding to all the Mesa love in here but isn't it cool how crazily responsive the eq controls are?? Like on my old laney there was less difference in a whole revolution of the 'bass' knob than there is in a tiny increment on the mesa. Also, I have the 40hm one and read in the manual they will run at 2ohms with a cab? In order to do this would I need to add another 4 or 8ohm cab? Cheers guys! Incidentally anyone know if the Mpulse is a much different type of sound?
  11. Just a quick note to say, I bought the amp today! I'm now the proud owner of my own Scout! Damn it's good! I haven't used many different amps and such before but this is easily the best tone I've ever heard! Thanks for all the advice guys, I couldn't be more pleased!
  12. Thanks guys! That's been really informative. I rarely play to more than a hundred people (biggest gig I've ever done was barely over 200, so I'm VERY small-fry compared to some guys on here!) There's generally always been PA support, I love the idea of the removable head as I do a lot of recording the idea of using it as a high-quality studio preamp just sounds so good! How does it fare against most drummers? PS: its a newer model and its new
  13. Hi all. Just about to take the plunge on paying just over a grand on a new Mesa/boogie Walkabout scout (12" 4ohm version) and whilst I'm 98% sure I'm doing the right thing, I'd just be interested in anyone elses learned opinion on the forum? As I'm off to a music course in at uni in September I felt that my current combo (a Laney R5) wasnt really cutting it tonally or voume wise at recent gigs and so felt the need to upgrade. Various devouring of the amps and cabs forums here has lead to me to the opinion that as far as lightweight great sounding combos go, the mesa is pretty good. Am I doing the right thing? I'd love to hear what people reckon to their own or if they've played them and what their like with the head on their own, hooked up to various cabs or just on their lonesome? Thanks everyone. (Just out of interest I play mostly fingerstyle funk, jazz and some rocky stuff with a Warwick Streamer STD and a Jazz Bass 24)
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