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  1. Just an update, in case there's anyone out there who finds themselves in the same position, I went for the Roland Cube RX. That plus a Kala U-bass is perfect for playing along side guitar, violin, whistle, mando and bohdran. Incredibly portable setup too!
  2. In great condition, with a few modifications. I removed the original feet and re-drilled the frame to add larger feet, this gave me enough clearance to put a Power Plant Jr. underneath. It's worked a treat, but I'm using one pedal to cover all my needs now so it's no longer needed. Comes with bag and with velcro already applied. The Power Plant is included and comes with all the extra leads that came with it. It was bought from Thomann.de so has a euro plug. I've been using a travel adapter, but you could easily throw on a new plug (one of those jobs I never got round to). Check the photos in case I haven't explained myself properly! Item is in North Wales, but I'm happy to post at buyers expense. Many thanks!
  3. Bought this on the back of the Ovni Labs review ([url="http://www.ovnilab.com/reviews/duncan.shtml"]http://www.ovnilab.c...ws/duncan.shtml[/url]). I was very happy with it, it's served me well but I now have a one pedal solution so it's no longer needed. In good cosmetic condition and perfect working order. Original box included. Item is in North Wales but I'm happy to post at buyers expense. Many thanks! [attachment=185249:doubleback.jpg]
  4. Great tuner. No longer needed as I have a one pedal solution now. Good condition, couple of scuffs but nothing major - perfect working order. Item is in North Wales but will post at buyers expenses. Many thanks!
  5. ***NOW SOLD*** Had these knocking about for a while, maybe they could be of use to someone as part of a new build? Pickup £20 Bridge £8 Located in North Wales, but I can post at buyers expenses (not likely to be much 2nd class). Thanks!
  6. Originally posted this in the wrong forum, apologies! [url="http://www.bossus.com/products/me-20b/"]http://www.bossus.com/products/me-20b/[/url] Willing to post, could also meet within reason. I'm in North Wales and regularly travel along the coast and the opposite direction into Cheshire. In excellent condition though it has no box or adapter (takes a standard Boss 9v or batteries). EDIT: Dropped price a little to bring it in line with what others seems to be selling for. I'm also interested in trades. I'm after a good bass or acoustic D.I., something like a Fishman and preferably with a parametric EQ. Cheers!
  7. That Behringer looks interesting. If I had the money I'd certainly go for the Markbass or similar, but I just can't justify the amount for something that's going to gather dust 11 months of the year. The Behringer is 150w verses the 10w-20w bass combos that are a similar price. Is 20w going to hold it's own against acoustic instruments? My backline is a 750w Gallien-Krueger rig so I've got no way of referencing.
  8. Hey guys, I'm not in a position to try a whole bunch of amps so I'm asked for some help in narrowing down my selection. I'll give you a little background first so you can understand what it is in after. I play in an Irish folk band, the line up is 2x vocals, guitar (electro acoustic), fiddle, mandolin, whistle and bodhran. It's not typical trad stuff, we like to thrash things out and have a bit of a party. Most gigs we run our own PA and I have a decent backline which I run my Fender P through, but last year we did a tour for the armed forces playing everywhere from Greenland to the Bahamas, we had an awesome sound guy and a decent setup at the bases so we were more than happy. I decided to take my electro acoustic as we played some impromptu acoustic sets on our off days in Miami and in the mess halls, unfortunately it didn't hold up,it was fine through the PA but it could compete during the acoustic sets. Basically, I'm after an amp to take that will give me just little bit more volume, but it must be portable. It's gonna have to go in my suitcase. I've been looking at the Roland Cubes and the Vox Pathfinders. I believe Warwick have a single 8inch combo too. I've also considered those cheap Harley Benton amps that Thomann sell. I don't need a huge volume boost and it's only going to get used for two weeks out of the year so I don't want to break the bank. Does anyone have any experience with any of those models? Am I being too optimistic, will I need to spend more? It's worth mentioning that when we play acoustic none of the other instruments or voices are amped. Thanks.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  10. No worries, I understand what you mean about contributing more with a melodic instrument but we don't all have defined roles within the band. The drum, guitar and bass all switch between lead and support over the course of the set so there's a nice bit if variation. I'm going to plod on with Precision for now, but it's more than likely going to be the Kala U-bass. I'd love to try the Epiphone Zenith too but the music shops in North Wales aren't likely to have one in stock.
  11. Ok, thanks for the advice. In the band we have bass, bodhran, guitar, fiddle and then a fella who alternates between whistle, harmonica and mandolin. So I'm not likely to find an acoustic bass that can compete with that lot? It's also worth noting that we don't do many slow airs. It's mostly played at pace and the guitar playing is furious, start fast and end faster is our moto.
  12. Many thanks for the replies. I'm torn between the U-bass or a Crafter BA400 fretless. I had the opportunity to play a Kala (we played at a folk festival in Uttoxeter and there was a Kala stand there) but I doubt I'd get a chance to try the Crafter before I buy. I'm swaying towards the Crafter as the Kala is pretty useless with out an amp. There's been a fair few occasions when we've been at festivals or abroad where we've popped into a local pub after the gig and played a session for some food/booze.
  13. Any opinions on fretless electro acoustics? I've seen a nice Crafter one. An acoustic would also keep with the aesthetic of the band.
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