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  1. Yes this is basically sold. Just waiting for Collection/Payment.
  2. £600 is a little low. I dont want to drop much below £700, im not in a rush to sell it as you may have noticed. thanks for the interest anyway
  3. Im going to put this up on ebay quite soon, One went for £775 on there not long ago. Dont make me put it on there.
  4. £700 and this beautiful bass could be yours.
  5. [quote name='Shockwave' post='29339' date='Jul 9 2007, 08:52 PM']Check the for sale forum. Do you think i have £700 Theres no one buying right now! No sell, no buy! Im just waiting for Beedsters GAS to crack and the whole market will restart, Hes the catalyst.[/quote] hah, ok. let's hope his GAS gets too much for him soon then. i have changed my mind, it doesnt have to be strictly a fretless jazz, just some fretless 4 stringer.
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