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  1. I had a red Rebop 5DLX for literally 6 weeks when we played that gig (25th Sept 2009), that's what made me want a Euro neck through with black hardware (and proper EMG's to boot). Ended up selling it back to the guy I bought it off as he had made a mistake, went back to my green fretless NS5JHCM (which I sorely miss as I sold it to a young lad in California) until this bad boy arrived. I also sold my REX 2000/5 to someone off here, he was from the north east somewhere and I met him in Leeds train station - I often wonder about the fate of that bass as well. I remember that gig well as a load of people from all over the north came to watch it, Paul from Dawn of Chaos was there as were a few others!.A Turkish guy tried to buy a load of our merch with a £50 note and nearly gave me a heart attack as I was running around Leeds trying to get change. Good times! I'd gladly buy it back but I have to move house in 6 weeks so am absolutely on my derrière cash wise!
  2. I'm still here, I just lurk though! I bought this in 2009 direct from Spector as Sound Control had gone bump and there was no UK distro at the time. I was a sponsored artist, hence why I was allowed to have the black hardware on this bass. I actually ordered it in Black Cherry but as it turns out it was more Cherry Red when it arrived, I wasn't bothered. I still remember the smell of the lacquer when I opened the case for the first time. I sold the Tonepump on here and replaced the bass/treble knobs with gromets, I just wanted the pickups into my Bass 400+ and 6x10" Mesa cab and it sounded huge. Growliest thing ever, although it had some really nice low end with the alder back. I used it to record half the songs on our 3rd album, "The Spire of Sins" which got a half-hearted release in 2010/2011. Nailed split/fizzled in 2010 when I started working full time and the drummer Garth had a second kid. I went on to sell all my bass gear and play guitar in The Leviathan with Jim, the guitarist from Nailed - we released an album in 2013 but have fizzled out as our drummer quit playing and our bassist now helms I Saw The World Burn (who I recently played bass for until November of last year). Mass and Garth from Nailed joined Narcotic Death which split up later, and Mass then went on to re-form his band Blasphemer who are still going strong. Garth now plays in Dychosis as well. The first and only gig I ever played with this bass was the Mountains of Death festival in Muotathal, Switzerland on 20th August 2010. That was the last ever Nailed gig. The dent you can see in the case I think is from the flight back to the UK. Here is the bass during our set: If you want links to music, see below: Nailed - A Pure World is a Dead World ( Full Album 2003) (Youtube) Nailed - Hatred, Failure & the Extinction of Mankind 2007 Full Album (Youtube) I haven't got our 3rd album uploaded online yet, I need to get Mass to do it. Facebook Links: https://www.facebook.com/theleviathanuk/ https://www.facebook.com/dychosis/ https://www.facebook.com/BlasphemerUK666/ I'm glad to see this bass got so much great usage over the years, I barely used it, and it will go for many years longer. It's a mega, mega instrument!
  3. For sale is this lovely Engl Savage 120. I've owned it for about 3 years but it's only been used 10 or 20 times and isn't getting the use it needs, so I am selling to fund a Kemper which I can use at home and if necessary for rehearsing/gigs. It's a 4-channel amp, with a very distinct dry character, and surprisingly a really pleasing rock crunch tone on channel 2?!. It's not as gainy and compressed as a Powerball, immaculate engineering as you would expect from Engl as always, and surprisingly versatile. Excellent clean tone as well. Collection preffered due to size and weight of item (Manchester), however I am sure something could be arranged, meeting buyer half way for example if required. Cab not included in sale FYI.
  4. TW's are coil tappable CS's, ceramic so a little warmer and smoother than the DC's - makes the whole bass a little less aggressive. Great bass for a good price!
  5. Interesting that this has the TW EMG's, are the volumes push-pull to allow coil tapping? If so you can get a Jazz bass on roids sound out of this (I had the TW in my old NSJH5 bridge position).
  6. Bump - still available with price drop to £650.
  7. Selling this for my housemate - it's the Periphery guitarist's signature model. It's been played maybe a dozen times, but try as he might my housemate just can't get on with the neck. It is around 5 months old and these sell for about £950 in the shops, not including hardcase - however this one [i][b]does [/b][/i]come with a hardcase as part of the price. [i][b]Specs:[/b][/i] Wizard III 3pc Maple neck Maple top/Mahogany body Bound Rosewood fretboard w/JBM special inlay on 12th fret Jumbo frets Edge-Zero II tremolo bridge DiMarzio® Titan™ (H) neck pickup (Passive/Ceramic) DiMarzio® Titan™ (H) bridge pickup (Passive/Ceramic) hardware color Black Scale : 648mm/25.5" a : Width 43mm at NUT b : Width 58mm at 24F c : Thickness 19mm at 1F d : Thickness 21mm at 12F Radius : 400mmR Guitar is currently based in Manchester but could be shipped for approximately £30.
  8. Bump - should have made clear that I'm not really after any trades on this one!
  9. Well, with a heavy heart this is being moved on. It's been sat around in a studio getting used maybe 3x per year for recording and is woefully underappreciated. I am now using a Sansamp for live work and this amp deserves to be used more than this, and I can use the cash for a really nice power amp and towards a new bass. I bought this on Ebay a few years back and it turns out it was imported over from California in the early 2000's, and converted to UK voltage at a Mesa service centre. I bought a full Mesa retube kit from Eurotubes, which was expensive, but this means you won't have to do it as the entire power and preamp section has maybe 20 hours of playtime through it and they are really really sweet now. You even get a free sticker on front of the amp! The amp is heavy, but not as heavy as an SVT2 or SVT Classic, and it comes in a Gator 6U rack case with a vented 2U blank panel above the amp where I used to run a tuner. I have also soldered holes in the case to maximize air flow across the power section. The case has the old Nailed logo sprayed on it with acrylic paint which can be removed. Cosmetically it's in great condition, the graphic EQ is a little loose but still works, I think the lid needs taking off and the screw tightening, but I only ever used the tone knobs so it didn't bother me. Also, this thing is loud. Crushingly loud. I can't bear to turn it over 6 on the master. A quick final word on the inputs, there are two, I used to run a Y cable to push both, with input 2 being higher gain, to get a blended grit out of the tone. Note that I installed a 12AU7 in the preamp section for this input, so it only breaks up around 8. On a 12AX7 you'd get some real grind out of this input. Input 1 is clean as a whistle. Amp is currently located in Manchester at my flat - shipping is obviously a bit of an issue so collection preferred or we can meet halfway perhaps. In summary, this is one of the best bass amps in history, and when you play it, you know you're playing something special. It inspires you to play when you are plugged in, and that doesn't happen often.
  10. Selling this wonderful 1x15 cab, because I am back properly playing bass again, but using a GK 4x10 for everything when I have to provide a cab. This cab is in great condition, despite my best attempts to take rubbish pictures, and has casters. It's a one man lift, tweeter works fine (I turn it off as I use a distortion) and I run the amp in full-range but if you have a GK head the bi-amp feature still works very well. Specs below: 400W RMS @ 8 Ohms 18.5" x 26.5" x 23.5" 30kg / 66lbs Ceramic 1x15" Speaker [b] [url="http://www.gallien-krueger.com/115-rbh-specs"]http://www.gallien-k...m/115-rbh-specs[/url][/b] Cab is based in Eccleshall at my guitarist's rehearsal space so you can go there to demo & collect, he drives so can meet you with the item anywhere around Stoke/Stafford area if that is easier. Shipping obviously not a real option! Thanks for reading.
  11. I just bought a Warwick Thumb 5 from Rory. He had made some mods to the bass, all of which were clearly communicated and for the better. He was easy to get hold of, extremely helpful and the communication was spot on. He also packed the bass exceptionally well, and threw in a hardcase and strap gratis. In fact, he was better to deal with than most music shops, they could learn a thing or two, especially the packaging side! 100% confidence in dealing with him again and couldn't be happier. Great seller.
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